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Why Does My Mastiff Smell So Bad? (Explained for Owners!)

Mastiffs are large and affectionate breed dogs. They are one of the gentle and confident dogs. Initially, Mastiffs were war dogs. But gradually, people discovered their affection and loyalty. So, they started to adopt them in their houses.

But when it comes to bringing Mastiff in the house, you might be thinking about whether Mastiffs smell or not. Sometimes, the Mastiff can smell bad suddenly.

So, you might be confused about the reasons behind it. You have to know the possible reasons why your Mastiff smells so bad to remove the smell.

Why does my mastiff smell so bad?

Mastiff’s smell might be related to medical issues or cleanliness. Sometimes, your mastiff might smell bad for having dirt and lack of grooming. Some medical problems might also be responsible for spreading smell. Moreover, sweating, infections, etc., can be the reasons behind the smell.

Some basic reasons might be responsible for why your Mastiff is smelling so bad. So, here is a list of reasons behind Mastiff smells so bad.

Lack of grooming:

Grooming is essential for both the cleanliness and wellbeing of your Mastiff. Grooming keeps your Mastiff away from odor and dirt. So, if you don’t groom your Mastiff or groom them irregularly, the Mastiff can smell bad.

Ear Infection:

An ear infection is one of the common reasons why your Mastiff smells bad. It can spread a bad odor from the ears of the Mastiff. If you don’t treat your Mastiff ears, the infection will spread to other areas and create more odor.

Skin problems:

Sometimes, Mastiff faces some skin problems. Allergies and fungal infections are the two common skin problems of Mastiffs. These problems can cause bad smells to spread from Mastiff’s body. So, skin problems might also be the reasons behind a bad odor.

Dental issues:

Mastiffs also suffer from dental issues sometimes. Like many other dogs, they can also have plaque build-up in their teeth. Moreover, other dental issues might cause a bad smell coming out from your Mastiff.

Dental issues are the most common problem of bad breath.


Bathing your Mastiff might not be always possible. When your Mastiff plays, he might sweat. This sweat might cause smelling from the skin of your Mastiff. So, sweating is another reason for bad odor.

Wet Mastiff:

Most dogs smell when they are wet. The wet smell is pretty common in dogs. So, after bathing or wiping your Mastiff, he can smell bad.

Other medical issues:

Your Mastiff might face other medical issues. For example, anal gland problems, gas problems, urinary tract infections, etc. can be responsible for spreading a bad smell from your Mastiff. If you don’t treat your Mastiff after noticing these issues, the problem might increase and spread more smell.

Do mastiffs smell bad?

Yes, Mastiffs can smell bad. Like other dogs, Mastiffs are also prone to develop a bad smell. The reasons might be different for different types of Mastiffs. So, let’s see which Mastiffs smell bad.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Generally, Tibetan Mastiffs don’t spread a bad smell. They smell a little. But sometimes, they might face some problems related to cleanliness. Moreover, if they suffer from skin diseases, they might have a bad smell.


Like most other Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs are also clean. Generally, they don’t get the bad smell. But when they play outside, they might smell bad being sweaty. Sometimes, some medical issues can cause bad odor in Bullmastiffs.

English Mastiff:

If the English Mastiff gets regular grooming and baths, he doesn’t get the bad smell. Like other dogs, English Mastiffs can grow a bad odor when they are wet. Generally, wet dogs smell naturally.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Generally, Neapolitan Mastiffs have short coats. So, they don’t smell so bad. But if you notice the Neapolitan Mastiff is spreading bad odor, he might get skin problems. They can even get skin infections that can cause a bad smell.

French Mastiff:

French Mastiffs are clean most times. Without a natural dog-like smell, they don’t cause such a bad smell. But sometimes, they can face dental issues, anal gland problems, gas problems, etc. So, these reasons can cause a bad smell in your French Mastiff.

Italian Mastiff:

Italian Mastiff drools regularly. So, when drools are stuck on the Italian Mastiff, they can smell so bad. So, you need to clean the Italian Mastiff regularly.

Moreover, Italian Mastiffs can have bad breath problems. Besides, sweaty smell and ear infection smell can also be responsible.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Pyrenean Mastiffs can smell. Sometimes, Pyrenean Mastiffs can cause a regular natural dog-like smell. Moreover, lack of cleanliness, other medical issues can cause a bad smell in Pyrenean Mastiffs.

How do I get rid of the mastiff’s bad smell?

A bad smell can be pretty irritating. So, you have to solve the smelling problem. You can take different steps to reduce or remove bad smells from your Mastiff. So, let’s see how you can get rid of the Mastiff’s bad smell.


Grooming is the most important solution to reduce bad smells. When you groom your Mastiff regularly and bathe them regularly, there is a low chance of spreading bad smells.

You have to groom your Mastiff once a month. Moreover, if the Mastiff gets dirty early, you might have to groom him frequently.

Clean and bathe:

Clean your Mastiff whenever he gets dirty. Sometimes, your Mastiff plays outside and gets dirt, dust, sweat, etc. So, every time he returns home, wipe him well. If he smells so bad, you can bathe him.

While bathing, use a soft brush to brush the coat well. Moreover, use suitable shampoo to bathe your Mastiff.

Moreover, keep your Mastiff clean to reduce the chance of bacterial attack. Besides, you can use deodorizing spray on the Mastiff to improve the smell. 

Dental hygiene:

To reduce bad breath from the Mastiff’s mouth, you need to maintain the dental hygiene of your Mastiff. You have to brush his teeth regularly. Even daily brushing might be needed.


If the Mastiff smells bad for health-related issues, you have to take your Mastiff to the vet. For example, you can’t treat your Mastiff if he has a problem in his anal gland or infection.

So, treatment is necessary to remove bad odor related to medical issues in your Mastiff.

What is the best dog deodorizing spray?

The deodorizing spray is one of the best solutions to make your dog smell good. Generally, most dogs have a natural dog-like smell that can be intense sometimes. So, deodorizing spray can solve the problem.

Currently, Honeydew Lavender Dog Deodorant Spray, Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Dog Deodorant Spray., TropiClean Paraben Free Lime & Coconut Dog Deodorizing Spray, Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne Dog Deodorant Spray, Wahl Cornflower Aloe Dog Deodorizing Spray, etc., are the best dog deodorizing spray.

But if the dog has medical problems behind the bad smell, you need to treat him first.

Do mastiffs drool?

Yes, Mastiffs drool regularly and they are prone to have gassiness. But they try to keep them clean most of the time. The chance of smelling from their drool is low. But sometimes, drool is stuck on them and spreads a bad smell.

If you are irritated by the bad smell of drool, Mastiffs might not be the perfect dog for you. However, Mastiffs drool regularly and the smell of drool might be pretty disturbing for you.

Why do mastiffs fart so much?

You might have noticed that Mastiffs fart so much. Farting is normal for dogs. But if your Mastiff farts so much, you have to be concerned about the fact and find the reasons.

Mastiffs are prone to gas problems. Their gas problems might be related to their digestive system. So, if your Mastiff farts so much, it might be related to gas. Bacterial attack in the intestinal tract might also be the reason why your Mastiff farts so much.

Why are mastiffs so gassy?

Mastiffs are considered gassier than the other dogs. The gas problem might be a sign of a wrong diet. Some specific foods might cause gas in the Mastiffs stomach. Sometimes, the Mastiff can gulp food down super quickly. This can also cause a gas problem in your Mastiff.

Moreover, bacterial growth in the intestinal tract can make the Mastiff gassy. Mastiff gas problems can be the reason for bad smelling in your Mastiff. So, you might need to take him to the vet to reduce gas problems.

Why does my mastiff eat poop?

Eating poop is a habit for dogs sometimes. Like many other dogs, you Mastiff can also have this habit. Generally, when the Mastiff starves for food and doesn’t get any, he might eat poop. Moreover, strong neglect can lead the Mastiff to eat poop.

On the other hand, Mastiffs and many other dogs are evolutionarily adapted to eating stool. Sometimes, a parent Mastiff can eat their baby’s poop to keep him clean.

Why do mastiffs have big jowls?

Generally, Mastiffs have big jowls. Mastiffs are genetically formed in big jowls. Their big jowls help them to trap air that helps them breathe in water.

Moreover, the Mastiff’s big jowls are the folded skins that help them to keep their mouth clean and protect their jowls. Besides, big jowls help them to improve scent detection.

Final Thoughts:

Mastiffs can develop a bad smell in them for various reasons. Some common reasons are lack of cleanliness, lack of grooming and bathing, sweating, allergies, skin disease, dental problems, gas problems, medical issues, etc. But the bad smell can be reduced following some processes.

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