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Are Mastiffs High Energy or Lazy Dogs? (Quick Answers)

If you’re looking for a low-energy dog who’ll snuggle up to you on a cozy evening, Mastiffs must be the right dog breed for you. Also, you don’t have to bother exercising your dog frequently, as Mastiffs require very little physical exercise.

Are mastiffs high-energy or lazy dogs? 

Mastiffs are not considered high-energy dogs as puppy mastiffs will play a lot, but adult mastiffs will remain active for two hours and be done for the day. Hence, you cannot call them lazy dogs either. Usually, mastiffs have a moderate energy level and require a certain amount of exercise daily.

Are mastiffs lazy dogs?

Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan Mastiffs are huge guardian dogs found in Tibet by the Europeans. They had to hunt for their survival hence, they’re not lazy. However, Tibetan Mastiffs are not suitable for apartment living. They need their fair share of exercise to remain healthy.


Bullmastiffs tend to become lazy when overfed and don’t get sufficient exercise. They will remain inactive for hours indoors. As a result, you must make sure your bullmastiff is getting adequate exercise and a healthy diet.

English Mastiff:

English Mastiffs are the most playful and adventurous of all the Mastiffs. However, do not let their cheerful nature fool you as they also get laid back at times. Plus, they will start passing their day simply by laying around on the couch with you.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan Mastiffs are also prone to being lazy when they don’t receive a substantial amount of exercise. They’re notoriously big cuddlers and will snuggle up around you all day long.

They literally look for the coziest place at your house and curl up there and simply lie down if not sleeping.

However, Neapolitan will surprise you with their energy when given the proper attention, and exercise. They tend to be clingy and are often seen to fall asleep on your lap.

French Mastiff:

French Mastiffs can get lazy if the diet is not correct and with a lack of exercise. Look out for they are heat sensitive and might get sick in both extreme hot and cold weather.

Italian Mastiff:

The Italian Mastiffs are also related to the Cane Corso dog breed found in Italy. The Mastiffs are not necessarily lazy dogs but powerful dogs.

Moreover, they’re very protective of their family and possession. Hence, they can be amazing guard dogs and protect your family.

Cane Corso Italian Mastiffs have moderate to higher energy levels and they need a fair share of exercise to remain fit and healthy.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

The Pyrenean Mastiff breed is notoriously lazy. You will face a hard time making them run or exercise. They need an adequate amount of exercise for the sake of their mental and physical health nevertheless.

Are mastiffs high energy? 

According to the American Kennel Club, Mastiffs are considered to have low to moderate energy levels. They don’t have as much energy as the German Shepherds or the Golden retrievers. However, they will need regular exercise to be physically healthy.

Mastiffs are not high energy dogs, they like to play and do outdoor activities for a certain time. They will also go on a walk with you two times a day and rest for the day.

Mastiffs don’t need a lot of exercises to burn energy. Regular walking, playing, and light exercise will be enough.

Do mastiffs have a lot of energy? 

Mastiffs are recognized as the low energy breed by the AKC and they don’t have a lot of energy. However, they may seem intimidating with large heads and enormous bodies. Mastiffs are well known as family dogs, companion dogs, and guard dogs.

With a moderate energy level, mastiffs can go out running but are most likely not to continue running for a longer period.

They have lower endurance levels but are very protective and possessive of their family. Hence, mastiffs will react and protect if they sense any danger to the family.

Are mastiff puppies lazy? 

To your surprise Mastiff puppies are not lazy and they’re much more active than adult mastiffs. Mastiff puppies love to run around the house and play with you and your little kids. But don’t forget laziness is one of the characteristics of the Mastiff breed.

And there is nothing to worry about if your Mastiff puppy is being lazy and not playing like other puppies.

However, it is common for Mastiff dogs to play fetch and war of tugs with you. After playing they’re likely to take short naps throughout the day. If your puppy is not playful like others, it’s completely fine as well. Every dog is different.

Moreover, you may notice the laid-back nature in your Mastiff since his puppyhood. Therefore, it is important that you understand your puppy and don’t forget despite being lazy, they need their fair share of exercise to remain healthy.

Why are mastiffs so lazy? 

Generally, Mastiffs are a breed that tends to be lazy when nothing interesting is going on. However, there might be various reasons behind it. 

Five reasons why Mastiffs are so lazy- 

Activity Level:

The amount of sleep and exercise your pup is getting has a lot to do with her laziness. Your Mastiff will spend the day simply snoozing in the corner when there’s no physical activity.

Age of your Mastiff:

Adult mastiffs are likely to be lazier than Mastiff puppies. Your mastiff pup has a higher energy level than a typical adult one.

And she will spend her day running and playing in your house enjoying herself. That being said, she will also need her fair share of rest to recharge.

On the other hand, adult Mastiffs are less likely to participate in physical games and typically like to spend the day simply lying down. This happens when he’s too old to have fun anymore.

Anxiety and depression:

Anxiety and depression are some of the common reasons why your Mastiff is being more lazy than usual. Mastiffs are social dogs and prefer to be around their owners. They can get anxious due to your absence and lose the zeal for everything.

Extreme weather conditions:

Mastiffs are prone to heatstroke and are likely to not be involved in any activity during hot weather. Your pup will avoid physical activity to get rid of the heat.

Moreover, they tend to lay back for the whole day since they release heat through their paws and drooling. This is how Mastiffs cope with hot weather.

What to do when your Mastiff is too lazy? 

 If your Mastiff has become too lazy all of a sudden, it is a matter of concern as she may get obese. Four things you can do when your Mastiff is too lazy-

Take her on a walk:

Walking is a good form of exercise for Mastiffs. Since Mastiffs have low to moderate energy levels, they are not accustomed to tiring physical activities. You can take her out on a walk for 20-30 minutes twice a day.

Arrange a playdate:

Mastiffs are social dogs and will love to play with other dogs. Hence, if your Mastiff has been off lately and is passing the day by laying back, you can arrange a playdate for your furry baby to cheer herself up.

Mastiffs are also very friendly with kids. If you have kids in your house, your pooch is less likely to get lazy.

Proper training:

You can train your Mastiff to get involved in mentally stimulating games to get rid of her boredom. Not to mention, Mastiffs are intelligent dogs and easy to train.

Since, they’ll not go out jogging with you or do extreme physical activities, teaching her new tricks or puzzle-solving games will be a great help for your lazy Mastiff.

Let your Mastiff dig:

You’ll find your Mastiff digging in a yard if they get a sudden chase drive. As mastiffs are natural diggers, digging would be a great alternative for her to engage in activities and not be lazy. You can select a place in your backyard for your furry friend to dig.

Do Mastiffs need a lot of exercises? 

If you’re looking for an indoor dog who doesn’t need a lot of exercise, Mastiffs will be suitable for you. A typical Mastiff has a low to moderate energy level and they only require 20 minutes of walking per day.

However, make sure your Mastiff is getting enough exercise or she might get sick and obese.

Why are Mastiffs so stubborn? 

Mastiffs are smart dogs but sometimes can get a little stubborn. It can happen if she doesn’t acknowledge you as the alpha from an early age. So, you must train your Mastiff properly from a young age and establish that you’re in charge.

You can start your training by keeping her on a leash for instance. Also, provide her with food and water and make sure she knows you have the authority.

Always use the positive reinforcement method in training your pup. Adhesive training can make your furry dog even more stubborn.

Why are Mastiffs so dumb? 

Your large muscular mastiff tends to be dumb as well. Sometimes, he can do dumb things like eating dirt, peeing all over the house, and bark a lot. These incidents may happen if a pup is not trained properly and lacks socialization.

However, you can always curb these behaviors with early socialization and proper training.

Final Thoughts: 

Despite Mastiffs being lazy dogs, they’re very therapeutic, loving, and caring. You’ll find a loyal companion in your Mastiff who’s very protective of you. Moreover, if you have kids, Mastiffs can be the right dog breed. Hence, never let the energy level come in between adopting an adorable Mastiff.

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