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Why is My Mastiff so Scared? (Explained for Owners!)

Mastiffs are one of the best family dogs. Moreover, they are so gentle and affectionate that people love to have them in their houses. Generally, Mastiffs are large dogs with a lot of energy and courage.

But sometimes, you might see some strange behavior of Mastiffs. For example, they can be scared. So, let’s find out what could be the reasons behind Mastiff being so scared.

Why is my mastiff so scared?

Mastiffs might be scared sometimes. They can be scared of their children because of trauma or anxiety. Moreover, Mastiffs can be scared when they are stressed or face separation anxiety. Sometimes, Mastiffs face fear or pain. Fear and pain might be the reasons why Mastiff is so scared.

Mastiffs can get scared because of different reasons like other dogs. If you want to make your Mastiff scare-free and energetic, you have to know the reasons first. So, here are some reasons why your Mastiff is so scared.

Lack of Socialization:

Generally, we train the Mastiffs when they are ready to learn. Socialization training is pretty effective for the growth of Mastiffs both physically and mentally.

But if you don’t provide your Mastiff socialization training, they can get feared for a strange environment.


Sometimes, we bring Mastiffs when they are at their puppy age. So, being in a new place, they often get separation anxiety. So, they might get scared because of strange things and the environment.


Mastiffs can face both physical and mental pain. They behave differently when they are in pain. So, some Mastiffs might behave scared when they are in pain.


Sometimes, Mastiffs can face trauma for different reasons. They might recall this traumatic incident and get scared. So, they might have the memory of a traumatic past that can be responsible for their fear.


Nervousness can also be a reason why your Mastiff is so scared. Mastiffs can get nervous for different reasons. But they can show behavior like they are scared of something when they are nervous.

Do all mastiffs get scared?

Mastiffs are confident and courageous dogs most of the time. But sometimes they might get scared for different reasons. These reasons might attack all types of Mastiffs to be scared.

But we have to know the breeds of Mastiffs that are most likely to get scared. So, let’s see whether all Mastiffs get scared or not.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan Mastiffs are generally fearless and don’t get scared so much. But if you notice your Tibetan Mastiff getting scared, he might be nervous or lack socialization.


Bullmastiffs are large and fearless dogs. They don’t get scared so much. They are protective and confident dogs. But they can get scared if they have traumatic problems or pain.

English Mastiff:

Generally, English Mastiffs are well-mannered and gentle. They are good family dogs. So, they might get scared sometimes because of fear, nervousness, and anxiety.

Moreover, if they don’t get enough socialization training, they can get scared for different reasons.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan Mastiffs can get scared if they are in pain or trauma. They might recall their traumatic past and get scared. Moreover, a Neapolitan Mastiff might get scared without training.  

French Mastiff:

French Mastiffs are one of the gentlest Mastiffs. But when you bring them into your house, they might face separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be a reason why your Mastiff is so scared.

Italian Mastiff:

Like the French Mastiffs, Italian Mastiffs are also pretty gentle. They can also be scared when they have trauma, anxiety, stress, pain, etc.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Pyrenean Mastiffs are pretty sensitive. Even their feelings can be hurt if you talk to them harshly. So, without training, Pyrenean Mastiffs can get scared.

Can a fearful mastiff be cured?

Yes, you can cure a fearful Mastiff. A fearful Mastiff can be cured by behavior modification and training. Socializing training can be the most effective way. If you train your fearful Mastiff socially, he can improve his fear.

Moreover, socialization will help them keep calm when they see strangers or strange things. Moreover, encouraging a fearful dog can help him get over the situation.

How do you make your mastiff stop being scared?

Scared Mastiff can behave differently that might be sad for you. Moreover, the Mastiff also faces difficulties when he is scared. So, you can stop your Mastiff from being scared. Let’s see how you can do it.

  • You can give your Mastiff socialization training right after adopting.
  • Expose your Mastiff to the outside environment and with new people.
  • Encourage your Mastiff with positive behavior and treat him well.
  • Don’t force your Mastiff to do anything if he is scared.
  • Don’t give the Mastiff any negative punishment.
  • You can give the Mastiff an opportunity for entertainment.

Why do mastiffs have red eyes?

Like many other dogs, Mastiffs can also have red eyes. Generally, dogs have a third eyelid. So, Mastiffs also have third eyelids. This eyelid contains glands that have water. Sometimes, these glands are infected or swollen. So, the eyes of the Mastiff become red.

Moreover, infection, injury, allergy, etc., might be causes of the Mastiff’s red eyes. Besides, foreign particles can go into the Mastiff’s eyes. So, the Mastiff can have red eyes for these reasons.

How to tape mastiff ears?

Tapping the ears of Mastiffs is done for straightening and positioning the Mastiff’s ears. So, if you want to tape Mastiff ears, you have to tape the ears carefully.

You have to clean the ears of the Mastiff first. Then you have to stick the tapes on the ears according to the shape you are preferring.

You have to keep the keep on your Mastiff ears for 7 to 10 days. If you want to bathe or clean the Mastiff, you have to avoid the taping area from the water. Otherwise, the glue on the tape will be removed. After 7 to 10 days, you can remove the tape and clean the area.

Final Thoughts:

Mastiffs are confident and fearless dogs. They don’t get scared easily. But sometimes, you might notice your Mastiff being scared. Your Mastiff might have anxiety, stress, pain, trauma, etc., problems behind getting scared. So, you have to take steps to keep your Mastiff away from getting scared.

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