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Why Are Mastiffs So Expensive? (Important Facts)

Mastiffs are undisputedly known as the million-dollar dogs due to their high cost. So it wouldn’t be a matter of surprise if your eyes roll up after knowing their purchasing price.

Therefore, you might feel inquisitive to learn the factors behind why Mastiffs dogs of different breeds are so expensive. 

And to quench your thirst for knowing the reasons, let’s find out the rationales regarding this hot topic. 

Why Are Mastiffs So Expensive?

Complications in breeding Mastiffs due to their rarity is the major reason that makes Mastiffs so expensive. Besides, bloodline, breeder’s reputation, breed popularity and rarity, age, and unique coat color and markings on Mastiffs are the other main causes behind Mastiffs being so expensive.

To make you learn about the reasons why each and every Mastiff dog breed is expensive, here explanations over the most popular Mastiff dog breeds and the reasons that make them expensive have been provided.  

Tibetan Mastiff: 


Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the rarest Mastiff dog breeds as well. It’s because the female Tibetan Mastiffs enter oestrus only every year, which means the Tibetan Mastiffs have a slow reproduction rate.

As a result, the breeder needs to plan very carefully to get his hands on Tibetan Mastiff puppies. Therefore, the scarcity of Tibetan Mastiff dogs in the Mastiff dog world made them the costliest. 


Due to rarity, Tibetan Mastiff dogs are always in high demand among buyers. And as it’s known that the higher the demand, the more the price and it makes Tibetan Mastiffs such an expensive dog breed.


Tibetan Mastiffs are mostly purebred Mastiff dogs, so they are the highest quality dogs among all Mastiffs. Due to their purebred bloodline, the price of Tibetan Mastiffs is substantially the highest. 


Origin And Destination:

The origin where a Bullmastiff is born and the destination where a Bullmastiff will be sent to for selling purposes is a primary reason that makes a Bullmastiff costly.

For instance, if a Bullmastiff pup is born in England, the price of its will not be low if it’s about to be sent to another country. 


Gender is the next reason. People usually prefer female Bullmastiffs, especially if they have any intention of mix breeding. So the demand for female Bullmastiffs is higher which makes them expensive. 

Purpose Of Petting: 

Bullmastiffs are widely used for competition and so if a Bullmastiff puppy’s parents have a reputation of being athletes, the puppies will be expensive. As those pups contain athletic genes. 

English Mastiff: 


Most pet owners prefer to adopt an English Mastiff puppy rather than an older one so that they can make that pup acclimatize to training and home environment quickly.

Therefore, age plays an important role in increasing the price of English Mastiff puppies. 

Breeders Reputation And Location: 

If you want to get an English Mastiff puppy from a reputable breeder who breeds pups from purebred and AKC-certified parent dogs, the pup will be costlier than a non-reputable breeder.

Also, if your dog’s breeder location is far away from your home or you are bringing an English Mastiff pup from outside your country, the dog will cost more. 


When the English Mastiff dog is a purebred one, born of two purebred English Mastiff parents, the price is automatically higher due to their authentic genes. 

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Fully Registered Parent Dogs: 

Neapolitan Mastiffs are either fully registered (allowed for breeding) or limited registered (allowed as a pet).

So the Neo offspring born of fully registered Neapolitan Mastiff parents are the costliest and it’s one of the main reasons that makes Neo Mastiffs expensive. 

Premium Bloodline: 

Bloodline is another main factor. Neo puppies born of purebred fully registered Neapolitan parents are always expensive due to their pure Neapolitan genes. 


Purebred Neapolitan Mastiffs are mainly born in Italy. So if you want to bring your Neo pup from there, it will increase the cost of the dog making it expensive. 

French Mastiff 


The French Mastiffs/ Dogue De Bordeaux is a very popular Mastiff breed, especially in the UK. In 2017, the French Mastiffs were the 27th most popular dog breed that clearly signifies that because of their high popularity, the French Mastiffs are expensive.


The French Mastiffs are giant dogs. And large dog breeds are naturally costly because the breeder has to spend more money on them to raise them, feed them, and provide necessary health treatment since their birth. 


Purebred French Mastiffs are rare ones. So the rarity made purebred French Mastiffs one of the costliest among all Mastiff dog breeds. 

Italian Mastiff: 


Italian Mastiff or better known as Cane Corso’s high cost is greatly dependent on the pedigree.

If the Italian Mastiff is bred by AKC certified breeders and breeding stock, a high price is automatically added to the cost tag. As pups from AKC certified breeding stock is always the highest quality one. 

Coat Color: 

If the Italian Mastiff has a rare coat color such as chocolate, liver, straw, etc. Naturally, the price will be higher as these coat colors are rarely seen among Italian Mastiffs and they have high demand. 

Training & Socialization: 

Some breeders train their Italian Mastiff pups before they sell them. So the well-trained and socialized Mastiffs are the costliest because the owner cuts the charge of training them from the total selling price. 

Pyrenean Mastiff: 

Large Size: 

Pyrenean Mastiffs are born to be large as their forefathers were a large breed of dogs as well.

Due to their large size, breeders need to spend more money in taking care, treating, and feeding them. Therefore, the cost of raising up automatically adds to the selling price. 

Health Care Expense: 

Pyrenean Mastiffs are prone to some serious health issues, therefore, since their puppyhood, they need to go through certain vaccinations and must be kept under observation. So the cost of healthcare is a reason that makes Pyreneans extensive. 

How Much Do Mastiffs Cost?

As there are several different breeds of Mastiff dogs, the prices are different as well. Therefore, to give you a clear connection about different and popular breeds of Mastiffs, here standard price range and short explanations are given. 

Tibetan Mastiff: 

Hinging on the breeder’s status, the standard price of Tibetan Mastiff puppies range between $1,700-$7,000.

However, you may get a Tibetan Mastiff pup for just $300 but you better not consider adopting it as it might have a genetic disorder or lack certification issues. 


The price of Bullmastiff puppies differs from breeder to breeder. The average price of a Bullmastiff pup bred by puppy mills or backyard breeders ranges from $2000 to $2400.

And the price of Bullmastiff puppies from reputable breeders is around $2500-$6000 on average. 

English Mastiff: 

English Mastiff puppies with normal genetics have an average price between $1200-$2300. And English Mastiff puppies that are born with exotic genetics, unique features, and eye-catching appearance have a much higher price range between $2300-$6000.

English Mastiff puppies born of champion dog bloodline parents have the highest price. 

Neapolitan Mastiff: 

The cost of Neapolitan Mastiff puppies under 6 months old ramble anywhere between $2500-$4500. But you can expect to get a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy at $3500 on average

However, purebred Neapolitan Mastiff puppies by reputable breeders come with the highest end of price end which is about $5500 for each puppy. 

Neapolitan Mastiff puppies from non-reputable breeders such as puppy mills cost about $500 only.

French Mastiff: 

Generally, a French Mastiff bred by reputable breeders costs roughly $1800-$2500. But if any Dogue De Bordeaux pup is carrying genes of a show-quality dog then the price will be higher due to the high demand and exotic genes.

Therefore, if you want to get a French Mastiff pup, get ready to spend at least $3500 on average. Also, keep in mind that some French Mastiffs can cost like $5000 as well

Italian Mastiff: 

The standard price for getting a quality and healthful Italian Mastiff or Cane Corso pup from a decent breeder is around $1500-$2000.

But if you want an Italian Mastiff pup born with the highest breed lines and an outstanding pedigree, be ready to spend somewhere between $3500-$5500. 

Pyrenean Mastiff:

On average a Pyrenean Mastiff puppy costs about $1500-$3000, if it’s taken from a reputable breeder. However, Pyrenean Mastiff puppies with show quality have a price range between $3000-$5000. 

Price Chart Of Different Mastiff Breeds 

For your convenience, here a detailed chart containing the average price of different breeds of Mastiff dogs depending on their genes, quality, and breeder (reputable and non-reputable breeders) has been given below. 

Breed Average Price
Tibetan Mastiff$1700-$7000
Bullmastiff$2500-$6000 (reputable breeders)$2000-$2400 (non-reputable breeders)
English Mastiff$2300-$6000 (carries exotic genes)$1200-$2300 (carries normal genes)
Neapolitan Mastiff$2500-$4500 ($3500 on average)$5000 (purebred, reputable breeders)
French Mastiff$1800-$2500 (reputable breeders)$3500 (carries exotic genes) 
Italian Mastiff$1500-$2000 (decent breeders)$3000-$5500 (Born of outstanding pedigree) 
Pyrenean Mastiff $1500-$3000 (reputable breeders)$3000-$5000 (show quality pup)

How Much Does A Mastiff Puppy Cost? 

Mastiff puppies bred by reputable breeders of AKC/PuppyFind registered breeders approximately have a cost ranging between $6000-$2000.

You can expect to get a Mastiff puppy under 6 months old and with normal genes at $1200 on average. But those puppies may not be purebred Mastiff dogs. 

However, if you want a purebred Mastiff puppy with exotic genes, show quality, and charming appearance, you must get prepared to spend at least $3500. Some Mastiff puppies may even cost as high as $5000-$7000 depending on the breed and rarity. 

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Mastiff? 

You can anticipate paying nearly $1200-$1600 on feeding your Mastiff dog every year. But know that this estimated total can also vary along with the food quality that you will be purchasing for your Mastiff. 

What Is The Overall, Yearly, And Monthly Cost Of A Mastiff?

The first-year cost after owning a Mastiff puppy will be around $3880. And for the consecutive years, the expense will be nearly $2240/year or $187 per month. 

Through Mastiff’s lifetime, the overall expense is predicted to be $19,560 on average

The First Year Cost Chart Of A Mastiff

The inevitable costs chart of the first year after owning a Mastiff is given here. Later on, costs like training classes, bowls, crates, leash, etc. will be cut down from the next consecutive years’ cost. 

Expense Type  Cost 
Pet Health Insurance $225
Initial Medical Exam$300
Monthly Flea and Heartworm Prevention $240
Bone And Joint Supplement $200
Training Classes $210
Toiletries And Grooming Products $385
Professional Grooming $280
Sturdy Leash and Harness $65
Total $3800

Final Thoughts:

Mastiffs are a rare and massive-sized dog breed, so breeding them is harder than other dog breeds which made them too expensive to own. Moreover, exotic genes, unique coat color and appearance, breeder’s location, age, demand, show quality are the other factors that make Mastiffs a costly dog breed.

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