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Why Do Cockapoos Lick So Much? (With Solutions)

It’s common to see every dog lick themselves and their owners’ hands or feet, and Cockapoos are no exception so they will be seen too to lick. As long as Cockapoos are licking only a few times in a day, it is normal.

But when they start licking too much, it can be a problematic issue too. Therefore, if your Cockapoo is licking so much, you may want to learn the reasons behind such licking behavior.

So, without thinking about this topic anymore, let’s find out the justified explanations.

Why Do Cockapoos Lick So Much?

When Cockapoos really cherish their owners’ company, they lick so much and express their affection towards their owner. Also, to show empathy and comfort to their owners, Cockapoo licks them. However, Cockapoos’ excessive licking can also indicate boredom, stress, allergies, and physical discomfort.

Do Cockapoos Lick A Lot?

Most of the happy and healthy Cockapoos lick a lot but for a few times in a day, their licking habit doesn’t go to an extreme level.

Affection is the keynote of Cockapoos’ characteristics, therefore, they tend to be extremely affectionate towards their owners and other family members.

To show their admiration and affection, they lick their owners’ hands and feet. Also, to identify their master and to grab attention, Cockapoos can lick a lot.

Besides, stressed, sick, injured Cockapoos also lick incessantly to comfort themselves or to clean a wound.

Why Does My Cockapoo Lick Me So Much?

Several reasons can make your Cockapoo lick you so much, therefore, to give you an insight into these reasons all the main reasons have been explained below.

Feeling Of Reassurance:

Like every other dog, your Cockapoo will lick you so much to feel reassured. Because through licking Cockapoos release endorphin hormones which are commonly known as “happy hormones”.

Endorphin hormone allows him to calm down and offers a feeling of reassurance.

To Show Affection:

If your Cockapoo is extremely attached to you and enjoys your company, to show admiration he will lick your hands and feet so much. Many dog owners have addressed this behavior as a Cockapoo kiss.

Wants Attention:

Cockapoos can do pretty much any act to draw their master’s attention. So if you are paying attention to someone else or something instead of your Cockapoo, he instantly will start licking you so much to grab attention from him again.

To Taste You:

Our skin tastes salty and dogs like that taste. And it can be another reason that can make your Cockapoo lick you too much. Besides, after having a meal hands and mouth can be left with unseen particles of spices, Cockapoos can smell those spices.

Therefore to taste them your Cockapoo will lick your feet, hands, and sometimes mouth too much.

To Show Their Submission:

Your Cockapoo also can lick you so much to express that he has understood your given order. It’s a way of showing their submission and respect towards you.

Why Does My Cockapoo Keep Licking His Paws?

The most apparent reasons that can trigger your Cockapoo to lick his paws have been explained and listed below.


Cockapoos are most likely to get affected by bacterial and yeast infections in their feet and such infections can cause skin irritation.

So, if you notice your Cockapoo’s paw pads are pinkish and he is licking his paws on a concerning level, know that infection is the reason and he is trying to alleviate the irritation by saliva.


The most usual reason that can trigger your Cockapoo to lick his paws is allergy. If your Cockapoo has the wrong food that he is allergic to or has come in contact with flowers, grass, pollen, dust, etc. that causes environmental allergy, he will extremely lick his paws.

Because allergy makes his paw itchy and your Cockapoo is trying to get relief from that itchiness by licking.


Cockapoos are intelligent playful dogs that like to keep engaged with games and activities.

So if your Cockapoo doesn’t get anything intriguing to do or play with, he will get bored easily, he will lick his paws to pass time. But this paw licking isn’t on an extreme level.


It must be known to you that Cockapoos are prone to separation anxiety. So if your Cockapoo is going through separation anxiety which is causing them stress and uncertainty, he will lick his paws.

Because in the case of dogs they lick paws to mentally stimulate themselves so that they can calm down.


Paw licking can be a result of a newly formed habit. If your Cockapoo had gone through any kind of soreness, paw burning, allergies, or stress that had made him lick his paws incessantly during that time can develop this habit.

So, even after your Cockapoo has recovered fully, you may notice him licking his paws all time.

Burnt Paws:

In summer, you may catch sight of your Cockapoo to lick its paws. Because in summer the ground is hot and walking in such hot ground can cause burnt paws. So your Cockapoo will lick his paws to cool them off.

What Does It Mean When A Cockapoo Constantly Licks Their Lips?

The most normal reason behind a Cockapoo licking his lips is, anticipation for food. When a Cockapoo wants food or smelling food, it will lick its lips to express its expectations. Besides, if a Cockapoo has dry lips, he will lick his lips to moisten them.

Moreover, constant lip licking of a Cockapoo can even indicate swelled lips caused by insect bites or bee/wasp stings. Therefore, a Cockapoo feels pain around his mouth and lips so he constantly licks to alleviate the pain.

Or else, if a Cockapoo caught something such as bones, toys, rawhides, etc. known as foreign bodies in his mouth, he will lick lips excessively.

Why Won’t My Cockapoo Stop Licking?

Most normally, your Cockapoo won’t stop lick if licking has turned into his habit. After any medical or mental issue, your Cockapoo can develop a licking habit if it had ignited him licking continuously.

Such can’t be stopped unless you seek professional help you make your Cockapoo get rid of this habit.

And the worst scenario why your Cockapoo won’t stop licking you and other stuff including his paws is stress and separation anxiety. When any of these two mental issues hit your Cockapoo, he will continuously lick you to gain attention and affection from you.

Or else he will lick stuff and himself especially his paws to keep him mentally occupied.

During the time of serious medical issues, your Cockapoo will also persistently lick.

How Do I Stop My Cockapoo From Excessive Licking?

The excessive licking habit of your Cockapoo can turn into an annoying situation that you surely would want to stop. To help you out in that situation, here 5 of the most beneficial ways have been explained.

Change Food:

If your Cockapoo is licking because of a food allergy, immediately change his food by taking advice from the vet and remove that particular food item from his diet. Gradually he will stop licking.

Also, always keep his staying place dust-free and use hypo-allergenic wipes to clean your Cockapoo’s paws every time he returns home from outside.

Eliminate Stressful Situation: 

Since Cockapoos can get affected by separation anxiety, you must recognize this issue in the first place and then have to eliminate all the stressful situations in his life. And to do that you must make your Cockapoo feel secure and loved.

After that, train him for accepting the lonely hours gradually by practicing your signs of leaving the home or making him realize that separation can get him tasty rewards.

Slowly, you will see him not licking you or stuff too much due to an anxiety attack.

Mental Stimulation:

When your Cockapoo is provoked by boredom and licks excessively, you can make him get mentally stimulated to get rid of boredom.

Various games, interacting toys, enough playtime, and increased exercise time will do the job and your Cockapoo will not lick excessively to pass time in boredom.

Consult A Vet:

If any underlying health issue is the root cause that is making your Cockapoo lick excessively, rush to visit a vet.

Because it can develop severe skin and health problems later. And only a vet can guide you to take the necessary steps to cure your Cockapoo’s health issue to make him stop licking.

Are Cockapoo Licks Really Kisses?

Cockapoo licks are not really kissing but there are high chances that your Cockapoo is licking you simply because he is affectionate towards you, cherishes your company, and most obviously loves you dearly.

Therefore, many Cockapoo owners consider licking as Cockapoo smooches.

However, remember that Cockapoo licks can just be a natural action of them too.

Will Vinegar Stop My Cockapoo From Licking?

To a good extent, the mixture of white vinegar and apple cider vinegar can stop your cockapoo from licking. Because it will work as a bitter spray, so your Cockapoo will not lick his paws or himself and even you.

However, before you decide to apply vinegar on your Cockapoo’s skin, consult a vet.

Is Excessive Licking Bad For Cockapoo?

Excessive licking is definitely bad for Cockapoo. As excessive licking can lead to skin infection and open old wounds/sores and sometimes the paws can be affected too badly.

Therefore, excessive licking habits in Cockapoo should be prevented as soon as possible.

Both natural action, affection, and medical issues can make a Cockapoo lick so much. It should be you who must perceive the right meaning of the Cockapoo licking to avoid an unpleasant situation.

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