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Why Are Cockapoos So Clingy? (Explained)

Cockapoos are widely acknowledged as one of the born clingy breeds of dogs because they yearn for human attention all the time. And when you are a Cockapoo owner, you must have encountered such clinginess of your Cockapoo most of the time in a day.

So if you don’t know the exact reasons behind Cockapoos being too clingy, you can be hit with a common question that is, “Why are Cockapoos so clingy?”

Let’s not make further ado and find out the specific answers.

Why Are Cockapoos So Clingy?

Cockapoos were bred as companion dogs, so naturally, they are born clingy because companion dogs tend to be people-oriented and they love staying close to people. Besides, Cockapoos are prone to separation anxiety, so they crave human attention and love all the time which makes them clingy too.

Are Cockapoos Clingy?

Cockapoos are super clingy and sometimes their clinginess can surpass the normal level of a dog being clingy.

Cockapoos are clingy mainly because they were bred for being a human’s best friend which made them wanting for their human’s attention all the time.

Cockapoos prefer staying closest to their family members and owners, so the maximum time they are seen is to sit with them closely or trying to get some cuddle time being all clingy.

Are All Cockapoos Needy?

Most of the Cockapoos are needy because they all share the same outgoing temperament and friendly natured genes. So they are always ready to get petted and loved by their owners/family members.

But the sole reason that makes all Cockapoos needier than any other dog breed is “separation anxiety” which is the most concerning behavioral issue of Cockapoos.

During this phase, Cockapoos suffer from uncertainty and stress which turn them into needy dogs. And they crave human interaction and affection most of the time.

Maximum Cockapoos regardless of age suffer from this disorder and become needy.

4 Reasons Why Are Cockapoos So Clingy

Here the 4 prime reasons have been clarified for you that will explain why Cockapoos are so clingy.

Companion Dogs:

When you’ll be going through the history of Cockapoos, you will see that Cockapoos were bred with the intention to make them the best companion dogs for humans.

And as Cockapoos are companion dogs, they are bound to stay nearer to people to get and give affection which naturally makes them clingy.

Separation Anxiety:

Separation anxiety in Cockapoos is another major reason that makes them super clingy and needy. The majority of Cockapoos are most likely to suffer from separation anxiety if they are left in solitary too often.

Therefore, stress and uncertainty spur them and they turn into clingy dogs. Because during that stressful period, Cockapoos need their owners to stay close to them to feel secure and loved.

Friendly Temperament:

Cockapoos have inherited sweet and friendly temperaments from both of their parent dogs. So, they really have an outgoing personality and get along with anyone.

Therefore, if they even get a slight signal for being cuddly to stay together with their owners or others, they immediately get on the lap and stick to them.

Family Oriented:

Cockapoos are seen to be very family-oriented dogs that love having their family members around them all time. Also, they like to be the center of attention in the family and require an interest in them from family members.

Therefore, Cockapoos act really needy and clingy when they don’t get enough attention from family members.

Do Cockapoos Need A Lot Of Attention?

Cockapoos highly require abundant attention because Cockapoos are energetic dogs and they stay healthy and happy on getting a lot of observation.

Cockapoos’ half genes are from their Poodle parent, so naturally, they are sensible, active, and hospitable dogs. As a result, they need both physical and mental attention.

In terms of physical attention, they will expect you to pay attention to their essential training, regular exercise, walk, playtime, and diet.

Because a healthful Cockapoo is physically well stimulated and tends to be mentally satisfied with its living surroundings too. Cockapoos also demand attention to their grooming to have matt-free coats and medical issues.

And in terms of Cockapoos’ need for mental attention, they seriously want someone to stay with them because they aspire for continuous petting, affection, quality time, and routine life.

Hence, they suffer from behavioral issues, you must consider their need for mental attention more to prevent anxiety in them.

Overall, Cockapoos just thrive on receiving human attention, so if you have welcomed a Cockapoo in your home, you must fulfill his needs for attention.

Do Cockapoos Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

Cockapoos of all ages to a point can suffer from separation anxiety but that does not mean that all Cockapoos undergo such a behavioral issue. However, most of them can develop separation anxiety over the period.

Cockapoos are one of the most social dog breeds that are personable and receptive and prefer having both human and canine company around them. So they barely can tolerate staying alone for a long time.

Therefore, if they get to live unaccompanied, they become sad and it forms separation anxiety.

Besides, Cockapoos are intelligent and require activities to occupy themselves with. When they don’t get any engaging activity, exponentially they get frustrated and push themselves into anxiety that causes separation anxiety in them.

How To Prevent Clingy Behavior And Separation Anxiety?

To prevent Cockapoos’ clingy behavior, try out these 5 effective ways explained below.

Adequate Exercise:

To prevent excessive clinginess in Cockapoos, an adequate amount of exercise works the best. So, provide your highly energetic and active Cockapoo with regular strenuous exercises and daily walks so that he loses extra energy and gets tired.

And with a worked-out body, Cockapoo will not act clingy, rather he would prefer taking rest.

Build Up A Special Spot:

Build your Cockapoo in his special private spot with his favorite toys and bed so that he can go in that place and enjoy himself instead of sticking up with you.

And to execute this strategy successfully, train your Cockapoo to go in his spot with cue words like, “Go to your spot” and when he goes in his place, reward him with treats.

Stimulate Mind:

Try stimulating your Cockapoo’s mind with varieties of interesting games and interacting toys such as dig puzzle game, treat hunting game, companion toy, treat balls, etc.

Games, toys, and regular play sessions with you will keep his mind occupied, therefore, he will not get upset or bored. So rather than being clingy with you, he will play on his own.


Make your Cockapoo realize that detachment has its reward. So first, start training him by leaving him alone for a short time and gradually increase the time and give him treats when you return home. 


If your Cockapoo is about to go into a stressful situation while you leave him alone, counter that situation with his favorite treats in a good amount. Make sure that he knows that you give this treat only for special lessons.

If you give him this treat before leaving him alone, he will start to look forward to the rewards he gets rather than missing you.

Can You Leave A Cockapoo Alone?

You can leave a Cockapoo alone in the home if they are comfortable living in solitary without sinking into separation anxiety.

Also, when a Cockapoo is a grown-up one and has learned to control his bladder for a long period, he can be left alone at home for a long time.

In short, anyone can leave his/her Cockapoo dog alone at home only if he has no behavioral issues, doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety, and is a grown-up dog.

If all these conditions meet, a Cockapoo can stay at home without any companion for about 6-8 hours max.

Are Cockapoos Cuddly?

Cockapoos are unimaginably cuddly. All the time they are ready on their paws to get on the lap as soon as they get any signal or their family members give them attention.

Cockapoos just love getting affection from their owners and others, and cuddling is one of the means of receiving immense affection.

Therefore, you will notice them sitting by leaning on their body, placing their head on their lap, and waiting on the bed to get some bedtime cuddles. 

Why Does My Cockapoo Follow Me Everywhere?

Your Cockapoo can follow you around for two reasons. First, if your Cockapoo is really attached to you and loves being with you, he will follow you here and there to show his affection.

But this following behavior of your Cockapoo will be seen a few times in a day for a short period.

However, the second is serious. If you have got a particularly super clingy Cockapoo that only wants to be with you and suffers from separation anxiety, he will follow you wherever you are in the home.

Do Cockapoos Get Jealous?

Cockapoos do get jealous. Cockapoos are really affectionate towards their owners or a specific person whom they love in the family, so when another pet or even a human takes their attention away from them, they become jealous.

Which Is Better Male Or Female Cockapoo?

There are not many apparent or significant differences between male and female Cockapoos that make them better than each other.

But if you want a more loving and affectionate Cockapoo that gets along more decently with other keys and humans, and that is considerably easy to train then get a male Cockapoo. Because male Cockapoo possesses all these qualities.

Cockapoos’ nature and the anxiety most of them go through have made them clingy dogs. So patiently deal with your Cockapoo’s behavioral issues to handle his clinginess.

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