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Do Cockapoos Pee a Lot? (Explained for Owners!)

The Cockapoo, a lovely, small dog with a funny demeanor, is probably the first of the mix breed designer dogs. The earliest evidence of a cockapoo can be traced back to the 1960s, as opposed to other mixed breeds that are nowhere near as old.

Cockapoos are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Bladder control and peeing is a serious concern among general dog owners. But when it comes to the cockapoo there’s much to be discussed. So let’s get started.

Do cockapoos pee a lot?

Cockapoos like any other breed need to pee early in the morning, after eating or drinking and after it wakes up from a nap. However, some cockapoos can pee a lot because of various physical and mental conditions. Generally, a cockapoo pup can hold its pee for as many hours as its age up to 9 months.

How often do Cockapoos pee?

How often a Cockapoo would pee depends on the age as well as its physical condition. If your cockapoo is healthy, then like all the other dogs, it would pee after waking up from sleep, eating, drinking, and playing.

So generally they’d need to pee every other hour depending on the schedule.

When the cockapoos are young they pee much frequently. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a cockapoo pup would be able to hold its bladder as many hours as its age. So, if your cockapoo is 7 months old, it would need to pee 7 times a day.

But this rule only applies till the first 9 months. After that various other factors affect the bladder control of the cockapoo. Some cockapoos with health conditions may need to pee every 10 minutes or so. 

Why does my cockapoo pee so much?

Peeing so much basically depends on the various physical and mental conditions of your Cockapoo. Such as –

Ectopic uterus:

An ectopic ureter is a urethral entrance that is not normal. This is more prevalent in female dogs, and a good number of dog breeds are prone to it.

This causes urinary incontinence which in simpler terms means your cockapoo is likely to urinate without even knowing.

Decrease in urethral closure pressure:

This can also cause urinary incontinence. A comprehensive neurological evaluation is usually necessary as a result of neurological disorders.

The prevalence, duration, and degree of urine incontinence will vary for such medical issues.

Infection in the bladder:

A bladder infection is not genuine incontinence as the pet is aware of urinating, but it manifests similarly. A bladder infection either increases your pet’s desire to pee or wounds the bladder so that it cannot contain urine.

Urethra blockage: 

Sometimes because of the blockage cockapoos are unable to release the urine. This builds up pressure and causes leakage in unwanted situations for both the dog and the owner.

Hormone-related incontinence:

This is more frequent in female dogs, although it can also happen in male neutered dogs. This occurs after your cockapoo has been neutered and might occur months or years later. It is more frequent in bigger dog breeds.

Urinary tract infection:

UTI is one of the most common diseases for dogs. This causes excessive pain during urination at the same time it also impacts bladder control. Urinary tract infection is easily treatable through proper medication.

Is it normal for a cockapoo puppy to pee every few minutes?

Puppies, in general, have poor bladder control and a much smaller bladder compared to mature dogs which cause them to pee frequently. However, if your cockapoo puppy needs to pee every few minutes then your pup might be suffering from health issues.

Most bladder-related issues are easily treatable, so you shouldn’t worry.

Cockapoo puppies will generally need to pee 20-30 minutes after it drinks water or gets its stomach full. A rule of thumb provided by the AKC is puppies need to urinate every hour as their age in months (applicable till 9 months).

So if you see any exception to this, you should consult a vet.

Through proper medication, any sort of urinary issue can be treated. But you will need to recognize the symptoms early to start the medication.

Do Cockapoos pee when excited?

Cockapoos are known for peeing whenever they get excited. Especially if a guest or a family member comes over, cockapoos are likely to get excited and pee near the person.

Whenever Cockapoos get excited, they feel pressure on their bladder and that leads to unwanted urination.

This could happen anywhere. Even when you’re taking a stroll in the street, if a stranger starts petting your cockapoo, it may get all happy and excited and urinate then and there. But there’s no ill intent behind it.

Most cockapoos outgrow this stage through proper training and guidance. You will need to learn how to control your cockapoo’s excitement to help him overcome this.

Why do cockapoos pee when excited?

Cockapoos can pee when they are excited due to several physical and mental issues. Such as –

Submissive urination:

When a Cockapoo is enthusiastic, he or she will most likely wag its tail. They may also leave a tiny puddle of urine behind. Submissive urination is an instinctive, bodily response that is common in young cockapoos.

This is common among rescued cockapoos as well as shy dogs.

Uncontrollable excitement:

When your Cockapoo has a full bladder, the pressure to pee already builds up in its urinary tract. The moment it starts getting excited, the cockapoo loses its bladder control and urinates without realizing it.

Probable health issues:

With proper training, your cockapoo should outgrow this habit with time. But if it still urinates after growing up, then there might be some health implications which is causing the urination.

A variety of health issues are related to urinary incontinence, so you should consult a vet right away.


Infections, especially UTI can cause your cockapoo to pee whenever it gets excited. Since excitement peeing is common for cockapoos, it’s tough to specify the exact reason without a proper diagnosis.

Force of habit:

Dogs, in general, are prone to their habits. If your dog hasn’t received proper training then it will stay with him even when he gets older. With a bit of care and training, they will eventually outgrow this.

How to train a Cockapoo to pee outside?

You can train your Cockapoo to pee outside in various manners. Such as –

Give rewards:

Give him as many chances as needed for it to get it right properly. It truly is that easy! The more times she is rewarded for using the correct toilet area, the faster she will learn.

Never punish your Cockapoo:

It is also critical that you never scold him for any mistakes he makes during the learning period. If he believes you are going to punish him, he will get confused and scared, and the training will take much longer.

Provide a safe place:

Find a safe area to put your cockapoo where it is OK for probable accidents to occur, but only when you are unable to oversee him during training. You can use an interior kennel or box, or a sectioned-off area in the kitchen.

It has to be a tiny space as it will prevent him from using it as a toilet.

Make it a habit:

Take your Cockapoo outdoors first thing in the morning, stand with him, and wait for him to go to the bathroom. After she is done, give her plenty of praise and a treat as she finishes.

Wait for her to perform both as she would need to pee and poo.

Being attentive:

You will need to take your cockapoo out every other hour to let her relieve herself. After she plays, exercises or eats, you will need to take her out as well.

How to get a cockapoo puppy to pee on a potty pad?

You can train your Cockapoo pup to pee on a potty pad by following a few simple steps. Such as –

Restricting free access in the house:

You will need to restrict your cockapoo walking all around the house using a leash. When you think she is about to pee or defecate, shout potty or any other word and swiftly take her to her pad.

After she’s done, praise her and give a tiny reward.

No punishments:

Even if your cockapoo pees somewhere else, don’t punish or shout at her. Rather take her to the potty pad and wait there. This will help her to slowly realize where she should pee.

Maintain a schedule:

You will need to train her to eat whenever you provide the food, no matter how much or how little she eats. This will allow you to schedule her peeing and potty pattern.


Take her to the potty pad regularly and wait for her to complete. You should take her every two to three hours, as well as after periods of sleep, play, and eating. When she’s done, treat her handsomely 

How long can a cockapoo hold its bladder?

A normal healthy adult cockapoo should be able to hold its bladder for five to eight hours depending on its sleeping and eating pattern. If your cockapoo urinates frequently then there might be some health concerns. 

Should I wake my Cockapoo puppy up at night to pee?

You should wake up your Cockapoo at night to help the little fluffy urinate. As puppies have a small bladder and poor bladder control they can’t hold in their pee all night.

After your puppy has slept for a few hours, you should take him outside or to the potty pad.

Are Cockapoos hard to potty train?

Potty training a Cockapoo is not a hard task. Cockapoos can be housetrained in only about two weeks if the owner is disciplined enough to persist with a solid, positive potty training schedule. Some puppies might take longer but you should always remain patient.  

To sum things up, frequent urination is often an indication of health issues for any dog breed. If treated early and trained properly then your cockapoo will be a delight to have around.

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