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Do Cockapoos Have Docked Tails? (All You Need to Know!)

In the early days, it was believed that docking the tail of a dog will help with their overall strength and increase their speed. Nowadays, the tails are docked so they don’t cause any unwanted injuries to the pup. Though there are no medical backups to tail docking.

A cockapoo is like a mini poodle and is an absolutely adorable dog. The dogs are a bit high maintenance because they are rare and the grooming needs time. They are blessed with a long and beautiful tail.

Do Cockapoos have docked tails?

After birth a cockapoo has its’ tail docked within the first five days. This is done by most experts because they believe that the nervous system of a puppy still needs time to fully develop. At that time it is important for the puppies to have their tails docked. It is a common practice, done with care.

The tail of a newborn cockapoo is usually full length. But most of the time, the breeder has the tail docked. It is found that the nervous system of the dog isn’t entirely developed at birth. So the breeders dock the tail within five days of birth.

Do most Cockapoos have docked tails?

A docked tail in a newborn cockapoo is very much common. But it is not seen in all of the dogs of this breed. This depends on the breeder. As per the breeds’ standard docking, the tail is not necessary for them. So it is a choice.

The cockapoo is yet to be recognized by the major kennel clubs. So the docked tail is not really a standard or any major necessity. Not all have docked tails but most do. Some breeders prefer it because the nervous system of the dog does not develop after birth.

So they dock the tail within the first five days after birth.

Should Cockapoo tails be docked?  

It is not a necessity for cockapoo to have their tails docked. Some breeders prefer it that way because they feel it will be beneficial for the pup. But there are people who are against the practice. So it actually depends on the breeder.

The tails of a cockapoo are docked after a few days of birth. This is a common practice because the nervous system of the dog does not develop entirely during that time. But some people do not support this practice because there is no medical backup behind the practice.

So it is a matter of choice of the breeder. It is not an obligation or a necessity.

Why are Cockapoo tails docked?

After birth, some breeders dock the tails of a cockapoo. This is done after a few days of birth. The docking is not a necessary procedure but most breeders do it and it is a common practice. There are several reasons behind this procedure-

  • It is believed that the nervous system of a cockapoo does not entirely develop right after birth. So when the tails are docked they don’t feel much pain;
  • The cockapoo has a long tail which may cause accidents at an early age. So the tails are docked to make things easier for the puppies;
  • Some breeders do it because it a traditional practice;
  • When a breeder has an intention to compete in a show for the dog, they will dock the tails for better grooming;
  • Traditional breeders believe that a docked tail will increase the strength of the dogs’ back as it grows;
  • Some breeders believe that this procedure helps increase the speed of a dog.

There are many traditional reasons why a breeder chooses to dock the tails of a cockapoo at an early age. This procedure is a preference most of the time. So the reasons vary.

At what age do cockapoos get their tails docked?

Usually, the tails of a cockapoo are docked at a very early age. In fact, the procedure is done right after the birth. Though the days vary but the common time frame is 5 days within the birth of a cockapoo.

During the time, right after the birth, the nervous system of a cockapoo does not develop completely. Some breeders dock the tail during this time because the pup will not feel intense pain in this time. This is a common time frame to dock the tails.

Can you dock a 5-month-old cockapoo puppy’s tail?

It is not healthy or safe to dock the tail of a five-month-old cockapoo. By that time the nerves in the tail develop and it affects their overall health. It is advised not to do this procedure on a 5-month-old puppy.

The docking procedure of a cockapoo should be done within 5 days or a week after birth. Because at that time the nervous system of a dog does not fully develop. So they can’t feel the pain too much.

If anyone wants to do this procedure on a 5-month-old cockapoo they should use anesthesia. Even so, it is not advised.

What is the correct length to dock a cockapoo’s tail?

The most appropriate and safe length to dock the tail of a cockapoo is 4 inches. The tail should not be cut more than 4 inches. an inch or two will make not much difference either. So 4 inches is the best length to dock a cockapoo’s tail.

Any more than 4 inches will damage the nerves of the tail area. It is very risky to cut more than that. It may cause permanent damage. Less than 4 inches will have no visible difference. It won’t have any effect either. So it is best to keep the length at 4 inches.

How to trim a cockapoo’s tail?

As your cockapoo grows up, trimming the tail becomes quite essential. Trimming makes them pretty and keeps them from any unexpected injuries. Trimming the tail of a cockapoo is not too hard if you know the steps properly-

Hold straight:

Hold the tail of your cockapoo straight and comb the tangles.

Comb downwards:

After detangling, comb the tail downwards at the end of the tip.

Cut the tip:

Cut the tip of the tail at an angle to make the tail fluffier. Cut off the excess around the tail fur.

Trim out excess fur:

Holding the tail out trim out any excess fur hanging from the tail. Use trimmers or clippers for this.

Thin out the tail:

Use thinning shears to thin out the tail to your preference.

Use thinning scissors:

Keep the thinning scissors parallel to the tail while holding the tail up and move upward from the bottom to the tip of the tailbone.

Brush the tail:

Give the tail a good brushing from the top of the tailbone to all the way down. See how it looks and adjust any part you feel needs a touchup.

Trimming the tail area properly is very important. A huge part of your dogs’ look depends on how the tail is trimmed and groomed. Sometimes the tail is docked and is groomed while it grows. But for the most part, trimming the tail is not that hard.

Is tail docking necessary for cockapoo?

Tail docking is not entirely necessary. It is a preference of the breeder. As the cockapoo is not yet recognized by the kennel clubs, the docking of their tail is not considered as a standard for the breed.

Because of tradition, some breeders dock the tail of a newborn cockapoo. But this is a choice. There is no obligation or standard to do so. And there is no medical backup in support of the docking. So the procedure is not necessary at all.

Can my older Cockapoos tail be docked?

It is best not to dock the tail of an older cockapoo. The developed nerves near the tail area will cause a lot of pain for the dog. The nerves might be permanently damaged as well. It is best to dock a cockapoos’ tail at a very early age.

Within a few days, preferably 5 to a week, is the best time to dock the tail of a cockapoo. Any pup older than that should not be docked. Even with anesthesia, the risk of severe damage is there.

How to groom a cockapoo tail?

To keep the tail of your cockapoo perfectly neat and thin there are a few tips you can follow when you groom them-

  • Use a large razor to trim the tail;
  • Start from the buttocks and work your way to the end of the tail with a downward motion;
  • Leave the tail hair longer;
  • Use thinning shears to trim the tail hair to your desired shape.

Trimming the tail gets easier if your dog is cooperative. If the dog gets impatient then use scissors to get the job done quickly.

Cockapoos are adorable dogs with a very beautiful coat of hair. They have long tails that add to their beauty. Docking the tails is an age-old tradition that is still practiced on the cockapoos. However, it is not a standard or a must for the dog breed.

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