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Why Are Cockapoos So Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

Cockapoos are an utterly loveable and attractive breed of designer dogs that has the ability to melt anyone’s heart with their companionship and love. So if anyone of you wants to adopt such a doggo friend, you have to be ready to pay thousands of bucks more.

Because puppies of this breed of dogs cost a lot higher than any average breed of dogs. And, such a factor can make you think about the reasons why Cockapoos are so expensive.

Therefore, let us look for the exact reasons behind this topic.

Why Are Cockapoos So Expensive?

Cockapoos are so expensive because they are a versatile designer dog breed that is high in demand among people for their mini size and for being the best companion dogs. Besides, rare coat colors like merle, along with generation, breeder’s reputation are the other factors that make them costly.

Are Cockapoos Expensive?

Cockapoos are truly higher in price because they are not a pedigree breed of dogs. 

Cockapoos were born as a crossbreed of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. And since then they have been considered as one of the most popular and demanding designer dog breeds due to their size, temperament, and adaptability which made them so costly.

Moreover, Cockapoos that are bred by a reputable breeder and have exotic coat colors are two other reasons that made them expensive.

5 Reasons Why Do Cockapoos Cost So Much

There are several main reasons that directly influence the price of Cockapoos and make them one of the costliest breeds of dogs. To convince you, those reasons have been precisely explained below.

High Demand:

Cockapoos are a designer dog breed that was bred for fulfilling people’s demand for companion dogs. Therefore, they contain characteristics, abilities, and similarities in appearance from both of their parent dogs.

When people are getting all of the qualities that they prefer in just one breed of dogs, both the demand and popularity of Cockapoos increase among people.

So, due to the high demand among pet dog owners, Cockapoo is so costly.

Breeder’s Reputation:

Breeder’s reputation is another major reason that makes Cockapoos’ expensive.

A Cockapoo pup bred by a reputable breeder who is professional and uses only the AKC/CKC certified parent dogs to breed Cockapoos, the puppies tend to be expensive.

Because, from the beginning of the breeding process to handing over the puppies to owners, they spend quite a lot of money on these dogs. And to balance the entire cost, they keep a higher price.

Coat Color:

Since Cockapoos are born of two different parent dogs, they sometimes inherit extremely rare and exotic coat colors. And such rarest coat colors and mixed breed markings from both the parent dogs make Cockapoos more expensive.

Cockapoos with multi-colored coats such as merle or parti-color are on the highest price range end. So, the more unique the coat color is, the costlier Cockapoos will be.


Generation of Cockapoos plays the other significant role behind Cockapoos being expensive. Cockapoo dogs that are offspring of F2 generation parent dogs are more expensive to purchase than the offspring of the F1 generation.

However, Cockapoos from both generations are pricier than any other dog breed.

Where You Live:

Lastly, your living area is also a reason that makes Cockapoos expensive. If you live in a place with only one Cockapoo breeder then the Cockapoo dogs will be more expensive due to high demand.

Also, the popularity of Cockapoos in your residential area is a determiner of the high price of the Cockapoos.

How Much Does Owning A Cockapoo Cost?

Owning a Cockapoo will cost between $13,780 to $22,000 (£10,000-£16,000) on average depending on the longevity of the dog.

This overall on average cost includes the food cost, maintenance cost/grooming cost, toy cost, and vet cost.

When you are a Cockapoo owner, the lion’s share of the total cost goes into the expense of his food. Food cost makes up 1/3 of the overall cost and you must expect to pay nearly $400-$620 every year as food cost.

Then comes grooming, to groom your Cockapoo each time, you’ll be charged to pay between $34-55.

As for the veterinary cost, you have to count $200 on average every year to treat your Cockapoo, if he suffers health issues.

And lastly, you will be paying $20 on average for each dog toy, $13 for each training session, and $27 for a dog bed, collar, etc.

How Much Should I Pay For A Cockapoo Puppy?

Realistically, you should be expecting to pay somewhere between $900 to $2500 for a Cockapoo puppy. It’s the average price range and it includes the average price of a Cockapoo puppy from a reputable breeder to a puppy mill.

Precisely, if you want to adopt a Cockapoo puppy from a reputable breeder, get ready to spend $1500 -$2500 on average depending on coat colors, health, and sizes.

At least expect to pay around $2000 for a puppy from a reputable breeder and it’s the standard price. Price will go above if you take an exotic Cockapoo pup.

However, you would be paying below $1500 for a Cockapoo pup from puppy mills or backyard breeders.

How Much Do Cockapoos Cost?

To give you a detailed insight into the cost of a Cockapoo puppy, this section has explained the cost according to different generations, sizes, and others.

F1 Cockapoo Cost:

A Cockapoo puppy from the F1 generation will cost $1500 (£1100) on average. It’s the standard price for an F1 Cockapoo pup bred by an authorized reputable breeder.

F2 Cockapoo Cost:

The standard price of an F2 Cockapoo puppy will be between $1600-$2000. The price of F2 Cockapoo puppies is more because they are hard to breed and they look more like Cockapoo-y dogs.

Felindre Cockapoos Cost:

Felindre Cockapoos are a UK-based family-run and responsible Cockapoo breeders who aim for breeding the healthiest, affectionate, and happy Cockapoo puppies.

Felindre Cockapoo breeders mainly sell F1 puppies. If you want to get a Cockapoo puppy from them, you have to count $1500-$2000 on average.

Miniature Cockapoos Cost:

Miniature Cockapoos costs much higher than the standard sized Cockapoo puppies even though Miniature Cockapoos are smaller than the standard size.

And it’s because Miniature Cockapoos are more popular among people due to their apartment-friendly smaller size.

The standard price for a Miniature Cockapoo puppy is about $2000. Sometimes the price can go up to $2500-$2500+ if the Miniature Cockapoo pup has a rare coat color like merle.

Toy Cockapoos Cost:

Toy Cockapoo puppies are smaller than Miniature Cockapoo puppies, also weigh less than Miniature Cockapoos. However, the price range of Toy Cockapoo puppies is the same.

Anyone who would like to adopt these adorable cute-looking toy Cockapoo pups, he/she has to spend nearly $2000+ for any normal-looking pup. And $2500-2500+ for an exotic-looking Cockapoo pup.

Teacup Cockapoos Cost:

Teacup Cockapoo puppies have the same height as Toy Cockapoo puppies but they weigh much less than Toy Cockapoos. But the price range is the same as any Miniature or Toy Cockapoo pups.

Therefore, a healthy Teacup Cockapoo pup with good genes will cost around $2000-$2000+.

Teddy Bear Cockapoos Cost:

The standard price of a Teddy Bear Cockapoo puppy will range somewhere $1500 or above depending on the coat color, generation, size.

If you want an F2 generation Teddy Bear Cockapoo pup with rare coat colors, it will cost more than the others due to high demand.

Cockapoo Cost:

To let you not dwell in a perplexing situation while getting a Cockapoo pup, this section has included a chart mentioning the cost of Cockapoos according to different types, coat colors, breeders, and age. 

A Chart Of Cockapoo Cost

TypesCoat ColorAgeBreeders
F1 CockapooPrice- $1500-$2000Black CoatPrice- $900-$22002 Months OldPrice- $1500-$2500+Puppy MillPrice- $450- $1000+
F2 CockapooPrice- $1600-$2000Solid Coat (Cream, Blonde, White, Apricot, Tan, Gray)Price- $1500-$24006 Months OldPrice- $1500-$2000Backyard BreederPrice- $900-$1500
Miniature CockapooPrice- $2000Parti CoatPrice- $1800-$280012 Months OldPrice- $1500-$2000Reputable BreederPrice- $1500-$2500+
Toy CockapooPrice- $2000-$2500+Chocolate CoatPrice- $1800-$2800  
Teacup CockapooPrice- $2000-$200+Red CoatPrice- $1800-$2800  
Teddy Bear CockapooPrice- $1500+Merle Coat$1900-$3200  
Felindre CockapooPrice- $1500-$20 00PhantomPrice- $1900-$3200  

All of these price ranges are on average price range, so the price of Cockapoo puppies can be more or less.

What Are Cockapoo Dogs Known For?

The Cockapoo dogs are widely known for being affectionate family dogs with a sweet and loving temperament, and high intelligence that can be people’s best friends.

Cockapoo dogs have the most gentle and friendly temperament which is appropriate for being the best doggo mate and an ingenious family dog.

Therefore, Cockapoos are more famous for their affectionate behavior, adaptability, intelligence, and trainability rather than appearance.  

What Are Cockapoos Good For?

Cockapoos are good for two specific things.

First, Cockapoos make great companion dogs so they are good for people who feel lonely and want a companion.

Second, Cockapoos are good for people allergic to animal fur/hair. Because Cockapoos shed less, and elicit less dander and hair.

Are Cockapoos High Maintenance?

Cockapoos are definitely high maintenance because they need regular grooming and brushing sessions to keep their coats matt and tangle-free.

Moreover, they are prone to separation anxiety so they require a lot of attention and pampering to stay happy and healthy.

Being a designer breed and considered as one of the best companion dogs, Cockapoos have high demand which makes them expensive. So, if you want to adopt a Cockapoo, you have to spend thousands of bucks more.

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