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Why Do Cockapoos Have Long Eyelashes? (Quick Facts)

Have you ever looked at your cockapoo and wondered how they were blessed with such amazing lashes? Well you are definitely not the only one. The cockapoo has such an amazing pair of eyelashes it makes most of the humans envious.

The eyelashes add a sparkly charm to the overall appearance of the cockapoo. While many dog breeds are known for their eyelashes, the cockapoo perhaps compliments the lashes most with their adorable face and bright eyes.

Why do cockapoos have long eyelashes?

The length and thickness of the eyelashes depend on the length and type of the coat of the breed of the cockapoo. A breed with longer fur will naturally have longer lashes. The long lashes not only make them more adorable but protect their eyes from the dirt and debris.

The type of the coat of hair your dog has determines the size and length of the lashes on your cockapoo. If the breed has a long hair coat then the eye lashes of your dog will be long as well. It is all genetics and biology.

Do cockapoos have eyelashes?

Dog breeds with long coats of fur tend to have long and curved eyelashes. Cockapoo is no exception to this genetic blessing. A cockapoo is blessed with not only a thick and healthy coat of hair, but also long eyelashes.

Eyelashes depend on the genes of the breed. Breeds with long hair coats are likely to have longer eyelashes. And the cockapoo is known for its’ amazing and thick coat of hair. These genes give the cockapoo a good set of eyelashes that help keep the dust away from their eyes.

Should cockapoos have long eyelashes?

Eyelashes are very much useful and necessary for every animal, humans and dogs alike. They not only make the dogs look cute but also help in keeping the eyes clean and safe.

The length should be moderate however. Your cockapoo should have long lashes not only to enhance its’ beauty but also for the usefulness of it.

Long lashes keep the dust and debris away from the eyes. They also keep away the sweat from reaching the eyes. And on top of that, lashes enhance the brightness of the eyes. This is why it is necessary for your cockapoo to have nice and long lashes.

4 reason why do cockapoos have long eyelashes

A few of the breeds who are known for their amazing eye lashes include the thick coated cockapoo. These amazing dogs have eyelashes. But those lashes are there to help them with their health issues as well making them pretty-

  • The lashes are the blessing of their amazing genetics. The cockapoo breed is known for their hair coat. And naturally, a dog with such a coat of hair will have lashes to match.
  • The long lashes are there to protect the beautiful eyes of your dog. Long lashes keep the dust and dirt from getting in the eyes of your dog.
  • Just like our lashes, the ashes of your cockapoo prevents sweat from getting in their eyes.
  • The long lashes make the eyes of the cockapoo sparkly and more adorable.

Long lashes are more or less a blessing for your cockapoo. The lashes are almost as beautiful as their coat of hair. But they are there to help the vision of the cockapoo.   

Can I groom my cockapoo myself?

Grooming dogs is an essential part of owning one. And breeds like the cockapoo require more care than any other breed.

And it can be both costly and time consuming to take the dog to the groomer frequently. But with your good luck and practice you can learn how to groom your cockapoo at home.

You should have the right equipment near you to start grooming. Also it is best not to start grooming without any practice or help. When you take your dog to a professional groomer, stay with them and watch closely how they do, and what they do.

Obviously you won’t master the techniques immediately. But if you have the right idea, you can groom your cockapoo at home.

How to care for your cockapoo’s eyelashes?

The eye lashes of a cockapoo are very much noticeable. It won’t be a lie to say that these lashes are one of the attractive features. This is why you should not ignore their lashes when you groom the face of your dog.

Though the eyelashes do not require any extra care in particular. You should look out for any irritation that your dog might be facing. And during every grooming session pay attention to the eyelashes when you are near the eye area-

Hold your cockapoo:

Hold your dog in between your arms. They might get nervous as it is near the eye area. Comfort them so they do not get scared.

Wipe and clean the eyes:

Wipe and clean the entire eye area for any debris or dust. Focus on the eyebrow and eyelashes.

Comb the eyebrow:

To separate the eyelashes from the eyebrow use a comb. Comb the eyelashes straight and pull them forward to separate them.

Cut the outer part:

With short scissors cut the outer parts of the lashes first. Keep the scissors pointed towards the nose of your dog. You can also use the comb as a guide to as much as you want to shorten the length of the lash.

Repeat for both eyes:

Repeat these steps on the other eye as well. And once you’re done with both eyes, comb the eyelashes again and see if anything needs a retouch.

If you notice your dog get scared, take the scissors away from their face immediately. Make sure they do not start moving with the scissors near their face. Also try to cut the lashes away from the face so the residue of the hair does not go in the eye.

Should you trim cockapoo eyelashes?

As much as you treasure the long and curvy lashes of your cockapoo, you should trim them from time to time. This is important so the lashes do not irritate your cockapoo. Lashes that are too long in length can get in the way of the vision of your dog.

Sometimes there is some dust caught on the lashes. The long lashes might carry them for a while. There might be some discharge from the eyelashes as well, which might get infectious if not treated properly.

The eye lashes will bother your dog by getting in front of their eyes. This is why you should trim the eye lashes of your cockapoo.

Do groomers cut cockapoos eyelashes?

Once at the groomer, if they feel the eyelashes getting too big they will trim the lashes down. Sometimes even if the lashes are not that big in length, if they get irritating for the dog the groomer will trim the lashes.

Most of the time trimming the eye lashes is a common part of grooming the face.

Sometimes the groomer does not trim the lashes if they feel it is at an appropriate length. There is no reason to cut the lengths if they do not bother your cockapoo.

But if the lashes are too long for the dog. An experienced groomer will trim the lashes to the perfect size that will compliment the eyes of your dog and also make it comfortable for your dog.

Will my Cockapoo’s Eyelashes Grow Back?

Some new owners fear that once cut, the eye lashes might not grow back. Which is a misconception. Just like us humans, the eye lashes of your cockapoo will grow back if you have trimmed it.

In fact, some breeds of cockapoos see a faster growth for their eyelashes. So do not worry about the growth and trim the lashes whenever it is needed.

Lashes that are too long can harm your cockapoo. The lashes might get in the eyes of your dog. Do not let this bother your dog too much. The hair growth of a cockapoo is very fast and healthy. The breed is known for their coat of hair.

Breeds like these have no issues with re-growth of hair. If you trim the eyelashes of your cockapoo it will grow back.

A cockapoo is a beautiful dog with a more beautiful coat of hair. And it is only natural for a dog with such amazing hair to have equally amazing eyelashes. The proper length of the eye lashes should be maintained for the well being of your cockapoo.

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