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Do Weimaraners Like Water? (Do They Like Swimming?)

Some breed of dogs really gets along with water and some are good swimmer too. Watching those dogs playing actively and swimming with such great skill can bring up a hot question, “Do Weimaraners Like Water?”. 

And as a Weimaraner dog owner, you might have fallen for this query and want to know the exact answer. Therefore, this hot topic is going to be answered in this article. 

Do Weimaraners Like Water? 

Most of the Weimaraner dogs like water and they have instincts of getting along with water in a short period.  They like to play various water games, play in the rain, and swim in pools or any other water body. Moreover, Weimaraners are hunting dogs so kind of naturally they are unfazed about water.

Are Weimaraners Water Dogs?

Most of the Weimaraner dogs are considered as water dogs. Because Weimaraners are hunting dogs. Hunting dogs often need to swim through water bodies while hunting. Therefore, naturally, they have a tendency to like water. 

Besides, Weimaraners also have the instincts to take water instantly. They are really unbothered about water bodies, rain, or a sprinkle of water. In fact, they are seen to take part in water games actively. Happily they play in the rain.

And they have also shown great skills in swimming in both swimming pools and other water bodies. 

Although most of the Weimaraners like water but some do hate it too. And there are some reasons behind their love and hate towards the water. And the reasons are explained below.

3 Reasons Behind Weimaraners Fondness Towards Water

They Like To Swim: 

Weimaraners are quite famous for their swimming skill. They actually do like to swim in both a home pool or in a natural water body. And their fondness for swimming made them like water too.

Moreover, swimming makes them lose their pent-up energy, and they feel good so this is another good reason behind their fondness for water. 

For Daily Survival:

Weimaraners are commonly known as hunter dogs. And hunter dogs are required to retrieve other dogs both on land and in water bodies. Therefore, they are highly mandated to train themselves for surviving in the water.

And, they are also trained since childhood to adjust to water bodies. So it’s another reason they like water. 

Like Water Games And Activities: 

Weimaraners are unfazed regarding water so they like to play various water games whether on the lawn of their home or at any water park.

They even like to take part in water activities like any water game competition with other dogs. You might even see them jumping and playing in the rain. 

2 Reasons Behind Weimaraner’s Hatred Towards Water 

Not Adaptive To Water:

Not all Weimaraner dogs have great swimming skills. Because maybe their parents weren’t great swimmers either so they didn’t inherit swimming skills. As a result, they are less adaptive to water and dislikes water bodies. 

Frightened About Water: 

Some Weims are frightened about water. Probably those Weimaraners have gone through and trauma when they were just puppies.

And that trauma is still vivid in their mind that they are really afraid of getting into the water. Some may even hate and refuse to take bath. So they kind of hate water.

Do Weimaraners Like To Swim?

Most of the Weimaraner dogs like to swim. Because they are known as natural swimmers. As they have inherited the swimming skill from their parents. Besides, they are hunting dogs and for their daily survival, they learn to love swimming. Also, they like to swim as it burns out their pent-up energy.

Can Weimaraners Swim?

Weimaraners are contemplated as born swimmers because they inherit the swimming skills from their parents. So they can swim. Also, they have a tendency to accept water and learn to swim very quickly than others. 

Moreover, they are hunting dogs who even retrieve other dogs from water and swimming is a vital part of their daily survival. This is another reason they learn and can swim. 

But do remember not all Weimaraners can swim because either they are terrified of water or not adaptive to water. 

Are Weimaraners Natural Swimmer?

Weimaraners are natural swimmers because they have webbed feet, leg length, and coat. All of these specific physical characteristics make them natural swimmers. 

Moreover, Weimaraner dogs have genetically inherited swimming skills from their ancestors and parents. And it’s another reason that justifies that they are natural swimmers.

Besides, they are a dog breed of large, strong, and athletic bodies so they are naturally compatible for swimming. 

How To Teach Your Weimaraner To Swim?

Teaching swimming to your Weimaraner canine is a tricky job but not a difficult one. So to teach your Weimaraner to swim easily, 4 effective ways of teaching swimming have been narrowed below for your convenience.

Let Him Get A Sense Of Water: 

This way is especially recommended for Weimaraner puppies. As soon as possible, let your pup feel the water under his tiny legs to get adaptive to water bodies. 

Start with a kids pool. Then fill it up with warm water and hold him tightly with your hands. And let him paddle slowly in the water. Once he will get start supporting his weight all by himself in the water, change the direction of the shore.

And let him paddle by himself. Repeat this process until he gets used to water and learns to swim instinctively.

Let Your Weimaraner Be Comfy In Water:

Regardless of puppy or an adult Weimaraner when you are teaching swimming to your Weimaraner let him be comfy in the water. 

So when your Weimaraner will start paddling by himself, throw some floatable treats far enough. As it will make your pup push himself to go further and get it. 

To work on his momentum, toss the treats ahead every time. Toss the treats in the progression making him run after those. It will help him to swim naturally without any fear. 

Encourage To Swim Further: 

3rd way is encouraging. Once your Weimaraner pup learns to swim comfortably and confidently, encourage him to swim further. Make him able to swim ten feet in the water at least.

You can try throwing his favorite toy in the water and let him swim to get that. Or you wade in the water and motivate him to swim to you. 

But don’t push him too much to do in one day.  

Offer Praise When Needed: 

Weimaraners learn quickly if they are praised. So praise him when he swims well. Also, give him plenty of praise when you see that your pup is allowing him to manage things under water by himself. 

But don’t praise him for every little thing, instead, encourage him to perform better. 

Why Is Swimming Good For My Weimaraner Dog?

Swimming a highly beneficial for any animal. So even your Weimaraner dog will be benefited if he swims. Here is the list of the goodness of swimming for your Weimaraner dog.

Burns Out Energy:

Weims are energetic dogs. They can have a lot of energy stirred up in them. And a few rounds of swimming allows him to burn all pent-up energy. 

Moreover, Weims that are going through separation anxiety or howls and growls too much, swimming is a perfect exercise for them. Because it will mentally stimulate them as well as make them lose energy.

As a result, they will not whine or behave destructively.

Good For Health:

Swimming will boost up your Weimaraner pup’s metabolism. It will burn extra calories for him as well as will improve the condition of the heart and lungs. Swimming also will him to have improved blood circulation.

Great For Joints:

Weimaraners are more likely to have bone and joint pains. Dysplasia can make the condition worse and lead to arthritis. And swimming in lukewarm water will help your dog to get relief from joint pain.

Cools Down In Summer:

Let your Weimaraner dog swim in summer. It will cool down his body under the scorching bright sun. 

Why Not All Weimaraners Are Adaptive To Water?

Weimaraners are known to have a natural tendency of getting along with water. But not all Weimaraners are adaptive to water because either they haven’t inherited the skill of swimming from their parents or they fear water. 

To explain in detail, if the dog parents of a Weimaraner dog wasn’t a great swimmer, it’s possible that he will not inherit the swimming talent.

As a result, when you will try to make your Weimaraner canine paddle in the water, he will not make it. Therefore, he is proven as less adaptive to water. 

Another thing is, some Weimaraners can go through trauma when he was just a child. If the trauma related to water is still his mind, he might still be afraid of water. So, he will not like to swim, play in the water, or even take shower. As he is not adaptive to water. 

What Dogs Are Afraid Of Water?

A Short List of dogs that are afraid of water. 

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Shih Tzu
  • Boxer
  • Maltese
  • Chihuahua
  • Pug
  • Pekingese
  • Pomeranian
  • Bichon Frise
  • Greyhound
  • Dachshund 

Being a born lover of water, Weimaraners certainly do like water. It’s just in their gene to be a water baby. They love to play in the water and swim.

However, if you feel that your Weimaraner is not comfortable in the water, don’t force!! Rather, calmly handle him and train him by a professional trainer.

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