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What are Weimaraner Dogs Used for? (All You Need to Know)

Weimaraner dogs, also known as “grey ghost” or “Weims” is a very popular breed of dogs. So seeing these dogs just like any other Weims lover or owner, you may have thought of the usage of this dog type.

Which possibly may have given birth to a very hot question, “What are Weimaraner dogs bred for”?

And in this article, this hot topic is going to break down with proper explanations to answer your questions. 

What Are Weimaraner Dogs Used for?

Earlier, German royalty used to use Weimaraner dogs for hunting large games such as boar, bear and deer. And in today’s date, Weims are used as a great pet that can hunt small critters and give company while hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They are used as watchdogs as well. 

Usage Of Weimaraner Dogs

5 usage of Weimaraner Dogs has been explained below for your better understanding.

Handling Big Game

Earlier, in the 19th century, Weimaraner dogs were used by German royal people for large hunting games such as boar, bear and deer. Their large and strong body physique attracted royals too that’s why they earned the reputation for handling such big hunting games. 


When the popularity of such games began to go downhill, Weims were being used for hunting purposes. In fact, it’s stated that Weimaraners were also bred for hunting purposes, therefore, they naturally have the instinct of hunting.

Even in recent times, many Weims owners are using their pet Weims for hunting small animals like rabbits, foxes, etc. 

Weims have a big and masculine body and they are strong too, such traits made them perfect hunting dogs.


Now, Weims are mostly being used as a great pet. People are loving Weimaraner dogs as indoor pets as well. Because they are highly master-devoted dogs and thirst to serve their owner as much as possible. 

Outdoor Activity Companion

Weimaraner dogs are used as great companions for performing outdoor activities. People love to take them hiking, hunting, and other activities.

Because they are active dogs and barely get tired. They can walk up to miles and won’t feel tired at all. So, people who love adventures or outdoor activities, pet Weims.


Weimaraner are used as watchdogs too. They have a strong sense of sensing danger and suspicious activities, so people keep them outside at night to alert them if he sees any intruder or doubtful things. 

Also, Weims are very territorial. If they see any invader, they immediately react. So using them as watchdogs are beneficial for them.

What Were Weimaraner Originally Bred For?

Weimaraners were originally bred for handling large games such as boar, bear and deer as a hunting dog. They used to help hunters in the hunting field. German royalty used to use them for such games and to help their hunters. 

However, it’s also stated very strongly that Weimaraners even were originally bred for hunting purposes in German regal courts. They needed Weimaraners so that they can get a great hunting companion that is good at pointing and retrieving.

And needless to say that, Weims are really intelligent and have a great sense of sensing smell. Also, their high energy level makes them great retrievers too. 

What Are Weimaraners Good For?

Weimaraner dogs are packed with goodness. However, wanting to know all factors that make Weimaraners good dog is a common query of all people. So all the facts are explained below that will show what are Weims good for. 

Active Dog

Weimaraners are vastly known as active dogs. They are highly energetic and hardly get tired, even after doing any hard activity. So, if you want a dog that is super active and energetic, Weimaraner is the best dog for you. 

You can give them tasks all day, take them for a walk and run or jog with you, even you can participate in active games with them. They will excitedly fulfill every job. 

Perfect Companion For Outdoor Activity 

If you are someone who loves outdoor activities like going hiking, hunting, and others then Weims can be the perfect companion for you. They have a large, strong, and masculine body full of stamina. So, they will enjoy walking miles with you or running along with you. 

And you will hardly find this friend of yours to lose interest or feel exhausted. Even after you make them work so hard. 

Good Watchdogs

Looking for a good watchdog? Then Weims should be your choice. Because they have a territorial temperament. So if anyone tries to invade your home’s border, they become really vicious and protective.

Moreover, they have an incredible understanding of sensing threats or hazardous actions. Therefore, if they notice any dubious entity, they bark until you wake up and check the matter. 

Chasing Partner 

As mentioned above that they are really good hunting dog breeds. So if you like hunting occasionally and want a dog to chase after prey then you should choose a Weims. 

Weims thirst for catching their target so they go to any extent to catch it. They don’t even mind digging in the ground to hunt their prey. 


Weimaraners are one of the most devoted dog breeds. There are owner-oriented and serve them with all their heart. They are highly attached to their owner and family members and shower them with abundant love and care. 

They get along with kids too and can become playmates(only if they know that kid/kids). And protects them also. So you surely can get a Weimaraner dog if you want to enjoy their loyalty and devotion.

Are Weimaraners Velcro Dogs?

Weimaraners are velcro dogs. All-time they want to stay close to their owners. Although they are not bred for being dependent dog.

However, they made themselves dependent on their owners. As a result, they don’t entertain themselves with any activity, neither they find toys or games exciting for a long time. 

All they like to be clingy to their owners. Weims just need them by their side all time. They would walk under their owner’s feet all time wherever they go. They like to be touched, petted, pampered by their owner. And all these things make them the happiest and amuse them. 

Also, a noticeable point is such clingy trait of Weims is the core reason behind their sufferings due to separation anxiety. Because they just can’t bear it when their owner is not around them and it makes them anxious. 

Are Weimaraners Aggressive? 

Weimaraner dogs are known for their territorial attitude. And such territoriality comes naturally as they were bred for hunting purposes, also they are protective to their family. 

Therefore, when they notice any hazard or ambiguous activity they become aggressive to safeguard their belongings or the people they are loyal to.

Moreover, such Weims are aggressive around strangers and unfamiliar kids too. Because they think those people are invaders and want to harm.

They even act aggressively when someone comes to their personal place or crosses the boundary of their home or tries to grab things from them. At that moment, they can even bite to protect their belongings or to make someone go away from the spot.

Apart from natural reasons, lack of socialization and fear can be the other two reasons behind Weims being aggressive. 

Even though their aggressiveness can’t be about fully but giving them behavioral training can control it at least. 

Do Weimaraners Make Good Pets?

Weimaraners can surely make good pets. Because they are loyal to their owners, get along with other family members too, and sincerely serve the family. They can be great playmates to the children of the family. Also can be a good companion while doing outdoor activities.

However, there are some barriers too. As they are very active and hunting dogs with high energy levels, so, they require a lot of exercises. Also, they suffer from separation anxiety and less welcoming towards strangers. 

So if you think you can give them proper exercises and affection, also can train them to socialize then feel free to adopt them. They’ll be wonderful pets. 

Are Weimaraner Good Guard Dogs?

Weimaraner dogs are not good guard dogs. Because they are stubborn, energetic, restless, and sometimes don’t even obey their owner. Moreover, they are bred with hunting intention so they do that job better.

However, they are loyal and defensive towards their owner, also, have a large and strong body. But their guarding distinctive shouldn’t be encouraged. As it’s naturally quite vicious and then he can be more vicious and destructive.  

Are Weimaraners High Maintenance?

Weimaraner dogs are high maintenance. And it starts with fulfilling their daily needs for adequate exercise and entertainment. Then a balanced diet full of nutrients and taking care of their hygiene are the other two main parts of their high maintenance.

Starting with regular excise and entrainment. Weims are highly active and extremely energetic dogs. So to release their stored up energy they need regular exercise or energy-burning activities. Otherwise, they behave hyperactively. 

Also, if they expect enough entertainment sources to keep them busy and amuse.

They need a balanced diet filled with all-natural and healthy foods. Also, they need to eat a lot of meats to fulfill their needs for protein. 

They maintain a hygienic life. So they demand to brush their coat twice a week at least and a regular bath with a dental cleaning and nail trimming. 

Bred for hunting purposes but now Weims are being used as pet dogs and great companions. If you want such a lovable and devoted dog, get a Weimaraner and enjoys data and activities with him.

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