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Why are Weimaraners so Expensive? (Important Facts)

Weimaraners or “grey ghost”, these dogs can take place in your heart in seconds with their charm, lovable traits, and intelligence. And you surely would want to purchase a Weimaraner dog for yourself. 

However, you’ll be left in surprise at the moment you’ll check the price of a Weimaraner dog. Because it’s really expensive. And this will lead you to think that what might be the factors that make Weimaraners so expensive.

And to provide you with the right information this topic is going to be discussed here in this article.

Why Are Weimaraners So Expensive? 

The Weimaraner dog breeders are the core factor that makes them expensive. Also, Weimaraner dogs don’t shed, have a large sports body with hunting ability. And their exotic grey coat and gorgeous look with high intelligence are popular in people. And all these factors influence their high price.

Generally, Weimaraners are bred by reputable breeders and this sole reason is enough to make them expensive dogs. Also, they are highly intelligent dogs and are widely known for their excellent hunting skills. These qualities also make Weims expensive dogs.

 Besides, their high-maintenance life, exotic look, and no shedding are the additional reasons/qualities that indicate that Weims are an expensive breed of dogs.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Weimaraner Puppies

There are several important factors that directly influence the price of Weimaraner puppies. All of these significant factors have been narrated and listed below for your knowledge. 

Breeder Quality 

The more the reputable breeder, the higher the price of a Weimaraner puppy. Because, since birth, a Weimaraner puppy lives with its breeder.

So when the breeder is a reputable one with proper breeding knowledge, he makes sure that the puppy is healthy and a quality one. Therefore, the price is higher because he has spent a lot of money to breed such a puppy so he will charge more. 


Gene plays another great role in affecting the price of a Weimaraner puppy. Because if the pup’s parents were efficient in hunting, winning dog shows/games, and used to have a good temperament, the puppy will cost more.

As he will inherit all of these qualities to quite a good extent. And will give his best effort to serve the owner win a show or catch preys.

Also, a Weims with a good temperament is less difficult to handle, so the owner will not go through much trouble managing or training his Weimaraner puppy. Therefore, all of these excellent qualities certainly affect the price of the Weimaraner puppy 

Pure Breed

Needless to say, a pure breed Weimaraner puppy obviously will affect the price. As pure breed puppies will have all the traits of pure breed Weimaraner dogs, and those will stay with them for a lifetime.

And people have a high demand for pure breed Weims so it affects the price greatly.

Registration Papers

Some Weimaraner breeders are active members of kennel clubs. Especially if he is a member of the American Kennel Club then his puppies are registered and bred as high-quality pups. This factor surely affects the cost of Weimaraner pups.

Medical Expenses 

Weimaraner puppies need to go through regular medical check-ups like deworming, vaccines, and others before putting them up for sale. And all these medical expenses will drive the cost of Weimaraner pup higher. However, an unhealthy pup will cost less. 

Training And Socialization 

Breeders who sell Weimaraner puppies after providing them basic training and making them socialized will demand a high price.

Because the training and socialization sessions costs will add up to its total cost, therefore, the price will be increased. But it’s good that no additional training cost will be required later. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Weimaraner Puppy?

The average cost of a Weimaraner puppy depends on the breeder’s quality. And there are three types of breeders: puppy mills, backyard breeders, and reputable breeders. 

When the Weimaraner puppies are taken from puppy mills, the average price will be $200 to $500 for each puppy.

Yes, the price is much less than the usual price because puppy mills breed Weimaraner puppies only for business purposes in a mass number. These Weimaraner puppies just are like cash cows to them.

The average cost of Weimaraner puppies that are bred by backyard breeders is around $500 to $700. These Weims pups are bred purely for satisfied the desire of puppies of the owner’s known ones.

Though they are not for any sale purpose but sometimes the backyard breeders sell them. These puppies may or may not have health issues depending on the taking care of the breeder. 

Lastly, the Weimaraner puppies bred by reputable breeders can cost around $700 to $1500 on average. And the Weimaraner puppies from the champion line can cost up to $3000 or more.

Because these puppies are bred by such experienced and skilled breeders who work on the improvement of Weims pups. They greatly take care of their health, nutrition, basic needs, medical, vaccines, and all. They do even take care of their mental health.

Reputable breeders can even offer pure breed and champion line Weimaraner puppies. 

So, according to your desire and ability, you can choose any breeder to purchase a Weimaraner pup for you. But you are suggested to take from reputable breeders. 

How Much Do Weimaraners Cost?

The standard price for a Weimaraner dog is about $700-$1500. And the estimated price for a champion line Weimaraner dog is $3000 or more. 

This estimated price is for Weimaraner dogs that are taken from reputable breeders. Weims adopted from puppy mills or backyard breeders will cost less. 

A Weimaraner puppy around 6-8 weeks old with a blue-grey coat will cost about $800-$1200. And a Weimaraner puppy of the same age with a silver-grey coat will cost about $700-$1000. As blue-grey coat Weims are considered rare so they cost a little more.

And an adult Weimaraner dog of 2 years or more will cost less than puppies. 

Are Weimaraners High-Maintenance?

Weimaraners are high-maintenance canines in terms of their everyday requirements compared to other dog breeds. Below the aspects are described where Weimaraners need high maintenance. 


Weimaraner’s high-maintenance lifestyle starts with their needs for exercise and entertainment. 

Weims are highly energetic and active dogs that require regular exercise to release their energy. So regularly at least 1-2 hours of strenuous exercise or activities must be provided to them to lose their pent-up energy.


Weims require a balanced diet full of nutrition and vitamins to help them stay healthy and active. As they are active dogs so without a balanced diet they can’t maintain their health and activities properly. 

They need to eat a lot of meat to fulfill their protein requirements along with carbs, vegetables, fruits, and dog foods. 


Even though they have short hair but they do require much hygiene. A brushing session twice a week is a must to keep it free from dirt and expired hairs. 

A regular bath is highly needed to keep their coat healthy, clean, and shiny. And dental cleaning plus nail trimming are other essentials for Weimaraners.  

How Much Does It Cost To Take Care Of A Weimaraner Dog Annually?

The annual cost of a Weimaraner dog in its first year is around $3675. And after that, the annual price for the rest of the year will be around $1730 or a little less(if the cost remains between $100-$144 per month). 

The cost of first-year includes the cost of adopting a Weimaraner puppy, insurance, dog license, vaccinations, food, treat, toys, training classes fees, medical, and other emergencies. 

But later on, for the rest of the years, it only includes food, license monthly fee, treats, and medical emergencies. 

How Much Medical Cost Is Needed For A Weimaraner? 

After consulting with veterinarians, the estimated medical cost needed for a Weimaraner for its first year would be around $630. And the estimated cost range is about $425-$830.

Also, an additional $550 is needed for spay/neuter and its gastropexy processes. This cost also has a range of $50-$450. 

After the first year, the medical cost for every adult year of an adult Weimaraner will be around $675, it is the average cost. However, this cost also has a range of $425-925. 

What Is The Cost To Feed A Weimaraner?

The cost of feeding a Weimaraner puppy is $265 on average. And the cost will range between $180-$355. And the cost of feeding an adult Weimaraner is $300 on average. This cost will have a range between $160-&495. 

Moreover, the cost of yearly treats for Weimaraner dogs will be $345 on average(if they get a big treat everyday), and for treats, the cost range is about $125-$715).

*All the costs of feeding Weimaraner puppies and adult dogs are per year.

*All of the costs of feeding a Weimaraner are estimated based on the recommendations and the expenses of four popular dog food brands: Purina, Pedigree, Blue Buffalo, Purina One. 

How Much Grooming Budget Is Needed For A Weimaraner?

The grooming budget for a Weimaraner is around $45 to $60 per session if the grooming is done by a professional groomer.

And Weimaraners need 6 grooming sessions every year. So the yearly cost of their grooming is around $360(if the cost is $60 per session). However, the average grooming cost is nearly $180 every year. 

If the grooming is done at home then it will cost $0 per session to the owners. 

Weimaraners are expensive because of their talents, breeders, and demand. If you want a healthy, intelligent, and disease free Weimaraner, you really should choose an expensive one to fulfill your desire for a lovely Weimaraner pup.

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