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Why Is My Weimaraner So Small and Skinny? (Explained!)

Weimaraners are delightful canine friends who love being active and around their owners. They are growing in popularity as both a family dog and a hunting companion so new owners must familiarize themselves with the height and weight dimensions of their pup.

Why is my Weimaraner so small & skinny?

a few reasons why your Weimaraner could be so small & skinny include them not hitting their growth spurt, or malnourishment, or being the runt of the litter. Another reason could be them being mixed with another breed, so not being a true, genuine Weimaraner- so not growing properly as one.

There could be a multitude of reasons why your Weimaraner is not as big as you think it should be. However, with issues like this usually, the simplest answer is the correct one. In any case, if you think them being skinny and small is going to be harmful to their wellbeing, visit your vet immediately.

Why is my Weimaraner so small?

It’s widely speculated that the American Weimaraner has been bred down in size throughout the years which could explain why your pup’s rather small compared to the standard size. Another cause could be them being mixed, so naturally, they aren’t up to expectation or they are the runt of the litter.

While the versatile hunting Weimaraner is bred down in size, it is not a huge issue as long as the dog itself is fine. This happened due to competing with other versatile hunting dogs and get a better edge on them.

3 reasons why your Weimaraner is small

As mentioned earlier there could be a few select reasons why your beloved dog is rather small.

It should be noted that unless it is causing harm to your canine companion or impacting the way they interact with the world. The sizing is more of a surprise than something that should be criticized.

Mixed Breed

If your Weimaraner is adopted or you are unsure of their heritage and they now seem smaller than expected, A mixed-breed inherits the traits of the other introduced breed so that would explain the difference in size. 


A cause that is often unthought of, if your dog is otherwise alright but is not growing in size, is them inheriting the rather rare dwarfism gene. 

It usually happens by crossbreeding, so maybe someone up in the heritage line was a mixed result of Weimaraner with someone like a dachshund or corgi.


A runt is a puppy within a litter who is noticeably smaller (and some would call weaker) than the rest of its littermates. Breeding one runt with the other results in getting a miniature version of the dog.

This means the pup will technically be 100% purebred but their sizing and weight will be rather different.

So, their tempering and appearance will be the same, but they will be smaller in size. 

The reasons described here are a few of what could be a vast range of causes as to why your beloved Weimaraner is small.

The priority should always be whether being small in size is hurting them and if so, how you can combat it. Otherwise, a little change in height is not that big of a big deal and you can rest assured.

How big will my Weimaraner get?

Weimaraners are rather large breeds and there is a substantial difference in the size and weight differences between a male and a female. A male Weimaraner can stand at 25 to 27 inches and weigh around 70 to 85 pounds.

A female on the other hand will grow 23 to 25 inches and can weigh 55 to 70 pounds. Therefore, how big your pup will get depends on their gender as well as the nutrition they are getting.

Why is my Weimaraner so skinny?

Weimaraners are breeds that naturally tend to be on the skinnier side especially in their adolescence. If you think your pup feels and looks too thin, one of the main reasons could be malnourishment. Other reasons include parasites, too much exercise, or being the runts of their litter.

As Weimaraners are breeds that tend to be high energy and need equally high exercise to stay healthy and fit, they stay more on the leaner side. As long as they don’t look and more importantly, act sickly, it should be fine.

How can I tell if my Weimaraner dog is too skinny?

If you think your lovely Weimaraner is hyperactive and so he is using too much of his energy up, you would be likely to assume he is consuming most of his calories and stored fat, and so is starting to look skinnier than you would like him to.

Worry not, here are some telltale signs that will let you know if your dog is too skinny for the breeds standard.

To start with, if there are obvious visible ribs, hips, or shoulders, as in they are jutting out your dog is too skinny. While Weimaraners typically have a low-fat reserve in these areas, you will know when it is natural and when it is problematic.

Their ribs could be felt when you are running your hands on the sides, but they should not be visible. The bones at the base of their tail should not be protruding.

Another significant sign is reduced energy level or being unsarcastically depressed. If they aren’t showing the regular enthusiasm and seem very low liveliness, chances are they are underfed and so are malnourished and turning skinny.

Another sign could be their coat losing its beautiful shine, and the condition of the coat and skin is becoming dull and poor.

These signs do not immediately mean your dog is underweight, but they do show that something is wrong and should be addressed immediately.

Why does my Weimaraner dog look so skinny?

So, you looked for the signs and realized that unfortunately your adored pup is skinny or, you just want to be cautioned enough to know what not to do to avoid it. Here are a few pointers,

Improper amount of food

Since Weimaraners are a leaner, slender breed- they can appear thinly if they are not getting enough food or nutrition. Weimaraners need nutrient-dense food for their very active lifestyle. 


While unlikely, if your dog has worms, they could be very thin even when they are eating well. If you suspect that the case, immediately contact the vet. 

Faulty digestive system

If it is not worms, it could scarily be something to do with their digestive system. Reminder, we are not professional vets and cannot vouch for anything, but it could be a probability and if you think it is the case, absolutely get in touch with the vet and get it checked on.

If it is not anything health-related, they could just be the runt of the litter, which would explain their small and rather weak stature.

At what age does a Weimaraner stop growing?

Each breed of dog develops differently so Weimaraners have their own pace as well. That being said, it is even more dependent on the dog, its lineage, and the lifestyle they lead as well as the DNA they carry.

Generally, if you want to know if your dog is done growing, you just have to look at their legs. If it is proportionate, as in the size of their leg matches its body, it indicates that your Weimaraner has reached maximum growth stats.

If you have access to a vet, you can get an X-ray to see whether their growth plates have closed or not.

It is believed that Weimaraners mature when they are 1 to 2 years old, though their full-body-sized growth happens around 6 to 8 months. Some believe they are fully grown and stop growing around 18 months.

Give your dog the proper nutrition and exercise, and with the obvious bonding, they will grow to their wonderful full potential self in no time.

How do I make my Weimaraner gain weight?

If you feel that your furry companion needs some help gaining weight, there are a few things you can do. To begin with, you can add food that helps Weimaraners or breeds of that type, gain weight, Coconut meat, bacon ends are some common choices.

When adding something new to their meals, however, always start slowly and gradually build it up so they are not shocking your buddy’s digestive system. It will help get them used to the flavor and quality as well.

As for the feeding schedule itself, you could see if a new feeding schedule helps. You could try giving them more food at night and less in the morning so the body stores fat while sleeping. You could also give them smaller meals throughout the day instead of the two meals each day.

Combine this with proper exercise and your canine friend will be gaining weight (helpful muscle thanks to the workout) sooner than you realize.

What food to feed a Weimaraner?

Since Weimaraners are high-energy dogs, they need proper, high-quality food that gives them the nutrients they need to properly grow and thrive. A 70-pound Weimaraners needs an intake of about 1690 calories.

Go for grain-free food to prevent bloating. Dry food is also a good option for teeth and the digestive system, those with two meat proteins are highly recommended. 

How much does a Weimaraner cost?

On average, a Weimaraner puppy costs $700-$1000.

Weimaraners are delightful companions that are high energy, full of lean muscle, and with lots of love to give. A loving owner will make sure their growth is happening properly to make sure they are happy and healthy.

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