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How to Calm a Weimaraner? (Complete Guide)

Weimaraner dogs have high energy, and they are known as active dogs. Such trait also makes them stubborn and slightly difficult to manage. As a Weimaraner dog owner, you will notice their playfulness and hyperactivity in their puppy phase or sometimes even after they mature. 

And such behavior can be a highly concerning matter that for sure will make you think about how to calm your Weimaraner dog. Therefore, this article will answer all of your distressing queries. 

How To Calm A Weimaraner? 

Providing them with laborious exercise, basic obedience training, mind-stimulating games, giving attention, and promoting calmness are the most effective methods to calm down a Weimaraner. However, proper socialization, creating a fixed routine, and teaching practical skills are the few other ways.

Weimaraner dogs are a highly energetic and active breed of dogs. Therefore, They need to burn a lot of energy to stay calm, and giving them laborious exercise does the job and keeps them calm. 

Mind stimulating games are another effective way to keep their mind occupied and it helps to calm them down too. 

Weimaraners are too attached to their owners so separation anxiety can make them behave hyperactively. So giving them attention and affection also helps to calm them down to a great extent. 

Promoting calmness in them through a daily routine, various toys, exercise, are other ways. 

Lastly, giving them basic obedience training by a professional trainer is the best method if any of these methods don’t seem to work effectively on a Weimaraner dog. 

How To Calm A Weimaraner Puppy?

When your Weimaraner pup is being too playful and hyperactive, wanting to know the ways to calm him down becomes important. Therefore, to rescue you, here are the 5 effective ways to calm down a Weimaraner puppy. 

Provide Regular Strenuous Exercise

Give your little Weimaraner pup a regular strenuous exercise. Because it will make him burn out all of his pent-up energies regularly. Therefore, his body will become tired and he will not leave with any more stored-up energy to behave hyperactively. 

Strenuous exercises such as running and jogging with him, long walk, and make him run after your cycle are some of the good exercises to make him release his energy.

Remember to stick with a suitable weekly exercise schedule to have the best result over time. 

Mind Stimulating Games 

Provide your Weimaraner puppy with some exciting mind stimulating games as well to keep his mind stimulated. Games like a treasure hunt, puzzle feeders, or toys like treat-dispensing toys are good mind-stimulating games and toys. And these will occupy his mind. 

Giving Attention 

If you leave your Weimaraner pup alone at home for a long time, he will most likely suffer from separation anxiety. And that triggers hyperactive behavior.

Therefore, you need to shower him with a lot of attention and affection to build trust and love. This way your pup will realize that you will always be with him and he will feel secure too. 

Promoting Calmness

Promoting calmness can actually help you to calm down your Weimaraner pup from his childhood. You can manage and control him through a daily routine to make him feel relaxed about his activity throughout the day.

Also, purchasing them companion toys, or giving them an ear rub or relaxing brush session , and daily exercise helps to promote calmness in your Weimaraner pup.

Basic Obedience Training

A professional trainer is always the best rescuer to calm down your Weimaraner pup. Because he will train him through all the pro techniques that will make your high energetic pup follow your command.

Moreover, he will learn socialism too as there will be other puppies too. Therefore, find a good dog trainer for your puppy to teach the basic obedience training that will help him to stay calm. 

When Do Weimaraners Calm Down?

Weimaraner dogs usually calm down between the age of 3 to 5 years. But sometimes, some of them stay hyperactive even after 5 years old. 

Generally, most of the Weimaraner dogs calm down as they reach maturity. And their maturity age is between 3-5 years old. So eventually, by 5 years old they do calm down.

However, the calming downtime is not fixed, neither it is the same for every Weimaraner. Some Weims can remain hyperactive even after 5 years. Because naturally they are active dogs and tend to stay active all time. 

Why Does My Weimaraner Whine So Much?

There are quite a lot of common reasons behind your Weimaraner whining do much. The major 5 reasons have been explained below.

Separation Anxiety 

Excessive whining of your Weims is a clear manifestation that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

So, when you are leaving your Weims alone for a long time, he misses you and feels abandoned. This triggers preparation anxiety in him that makes him whine excessively. 

Also, early separation from dog mom is another reason that triggers separation anxiety in Weimaraner pups. And makes them cry too much. 

Asking For Attention

Weimaraner dogs love the touches of their owner. So when they feel that they are not getting enough attention and affection from their owner or other people. They whine in a loud voice to ask their attention so that they get pet by their owner or others

Express Pain Or Injury

Whining is a dog method of expressing or indicating pain or injury. If Your beloved Weimaraner is injured or in pain, he will whine in a high-pitched sad voice to indicate his sufferings. It’s also a way of asking for your help to alleviate their pain.

You will notice him crying for a long time non-stop and he will lick a certain area to alleviate his pain by himself.

Alert About Danger 

When your Weims can sense danger or something doubtful, he can whine excessively to alert you about the danger. Especially at night, if he sees something he can whine until you wake up and check the matter. 

Communicate With Other Dog 

Hard to believe! But yes, apart from stress, anxiety, pain-related issues, your Weimaraner dog can whine to communicate with other dogs too.

You may notice that if you take him to a dog park, he starts whining unnecessarily upon seeing another dog. It’s because he is trying to communicate with the other one. 

Moreover, if you keep your Weims outside at night, even then he can start whining. Because perhaps he might have seen other dogs on the street. 

Are Weimaraners Vicious?

Weimaraners naturally have a territorial temperament that makes them vicious. Especially when they sense danger or something suspicious. 

Moreover, if they see any stranger breaking the boundary of their home they become vicious. Also, if someone tries to intrude in their personal space or tries to snatch their things like toys or something else, that moment they become really aggressive. 

Besides, they are hunting dogs so they are predatorial to other small animals like cats or rabbits, and their targeted prey.

However, the viciousness is inherited so there’s no way of avoiding it fully. But you can control and manage your Weims by proving him with adequate behavioral training. 

Why Do Weimaraners Stay Hyper?

There are 3 common reasons behind why a Weimaraner stays hyper.

Separation Anxiety:

Weimaraner dogs stay extremely hyper when they are suffering from separation anxiety. Weimaraners tend to have a strong attachment with their owners or the person they like the most.

So, when they are being left alone for a long time, separation anxiety triggers them badly and makes them super hyperactive. 

Lack Of Exercise:

Weims are super active and energetic dogs that need to burn out a lot of energy regularly. So if they don’t get chances to release their store-up energies, they stay hyperactive. 

Lack Of Basic Obedience Training:

It’s kind of hard to manage and control such a high energetic dog. Therefore, Weims need basic obedience training either by a professional or at home.

If they don’t get trained. They stay hyper as they think they can act however they want.

Why Are Weimaraners Prone To Separation Anxiety?

Weimaraners are velcro dogs. Velcro dogs mean they just want to stay with their owner. Though they are hunting dogs but they depend on their owners a lot and follows their owner wherever they go.

Moreover, their intelligence makes them favorite in the family. And they think their owners have to stay with them always to protect them. 

So, when they are left alone or don’t get enough attention and affection, they become sad and lonely. And it ignites separation anxiety in them. 

Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy?

The underlying reason behind Weimaraners being so clingy is, by nature, they are highly prone to suffer from severe separation anxiety. Therefore, when they meet their owner after a long time, they act really clingy. 

Also, they are super connected to their family members, so to get their attention and affection, all the time they like to stick to their owners. And follows them everywhere. 

Can A Weimaraner Be Left Alone?

Weimaraner dog can’t be left alone at home for a long time. Because they are prone to suffer from separation anxiety if they stay alone. 

When Weimaraners are left unattended they begin to feel lonesome and worry that possibly they are rejected and detached from their family members. These sentiments incite high separation uncertainty in them that can compel them to wail extremely. 

Showering your Weims with loads of love and attention with proper training is the best solution for calming down him. So, love him as much as you can.

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