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Can Weimaraners Live In Hot Weather? (Explained!)

Of all the other big-size dog breeds, Weimaraners are pretty renowned among dog lovers. They are pretty reliable for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, etcetera. Such dogs are really fast and strong while being extremely playful, friendly, affectionate, and intelligent.

Weimaraners are easy to train because they are quick learners and love to stay within the companion contact. These big buddies have a small coat of body hair that allows them to stay adaptive to the then weather around them.

Unlike many hairy dog breeds, Weimaraners can stay comfortable for a long time outdoors.

Can Weimaraners Live In Hot Weather?

Weimaraners can live in hot weather. This is one of the perks of them having short hair coats all over their body. They don’t usually have any unnecessary fat under their skin lair and big hair coats which make it easy for them to stay comfortable in hot weather more than many other dog breeds.

What Temperature Can A Weimaraner Dog Withstand?

Weimaraners are considerably at a loss of body fat. These dogs grow big in size without growing any body fat under their skin. The lack of fat allows them to stay comfortable in hot weather.

Although these dogs can stay comfortable in hot weather, they cannot really tolerate too much heat. It’s possible for them to go in a heat stroke if under the sun when the temperature is really very high.

Usually, the average scale of 90°F is a suitable temperature for the Weimaraners and many other dog breeds.

Whereas, the Weimaraners can withstand cold temperatures not below 40°F. Even 40°F is very cold weather for them. As they don’t have much body fat, it becomes really tough to keep their body warm and endure the cold outside.

It’s best if these dogs are kept indoors. They don’t anyway show much interest in staying outside for long. So, your home’s temperature is what’s best suitable for your Weimaraner friend.

Four Mentionable Reasons Why Weimaraners Can Live In Hot Weather

Weimaraners can live in hot weather just like some other large dog breeds. That too is not very hot weather. The suitable hot weather for the Weimaraners is 90°F at most.

Temperature hotter than that doesn’t really allow the Weimaraners to stay comfortable. There are some citable reasons why the Weimaraners can live in hot weather.

Short Hair Coats

Unlike some other fancy dog breeds, Weimaraners have really short hair coats. As usual, longer hair coats don’t really allow the body to stay chilled even in colder weather.

So, the fact that they don’t have any long hair issues, really allows them to stay cozy in balanced hot weather.

Lack Of Body Fat

Weimaraners are unimaginably fit by nature. They don’t usually gain any fat under their skin. The lack of fat keeps their body temperature chilled and thus they can stay at ease in hot weather.

Body Shape And Size

Weimaraners belong to the large dog size family. They might be big but their body is incredibly thin. The chest is wider than the belly-side but nonetheless, they are really thin.

The fact they are thin really helps them keep their body balance and endurability.

They Don’t Sweat; They Pant

Just like other dog breeds, Weimaraners as well don’t sweat. Instead, they pant. Panting is a natural process of dog’s releasing the inside heat of their body.

How Can I Keep My Weimaraner Dog Safe In The Summer Heat?

Weimaraners can stay in hot weather. That doesn’t imply that they are heat resistant or they can stay outdoors for long during the exquisite heat of summer. Any animal will fall sick if kept under the sun for long and the Weimaraners are not different.

As we know, Weimaraners are human friendly. They always seek human contact. Which is why, they’ll require human help for privileging them with comfortability.

We humans need to make sure that our weim friends are comfy in any situation that there is. There are ways that can be accommodated to keep them safe in the summer heat.

  • Measure temperature: Always keep tabs on your weim’s body temperature. It should be within 101-102 degree celsius.
  • Don’t keep in the car: Do not keep your Weimaraner inside a car outside alone.
  • Don’t keep under the sun: Do not keep your Weimaraner outside of the house under the sun for long.
  • Bath your weim: In extreme heat, Weimaraners need and love to shower. So, bathe your weim friend.
  • Keep them inside: If need be, make your home weim-friendly in every way possible and keep them inside because extreme heat can cause them heat strokes sometimes.
  • Build kennel: Build your buddy a kennel probably outside your house.
  • Give enough water: Set-up enough water source so that the Weimaraner can drink from the source whenever it feels like and it’ll keep your buddy hydrated during the summer heat.

These are basically the simple ways you can adapt to keep your Weimaraner comfortable.

Can Weimaraners Live Outside? 

Weimaraners can and love to stay outside. However, because of their being so playful, they are not fond of staying in a particular place for long. They keep playing or running here and there; in circles, chasing birds, squirrels, insects, etcetera.

Weimaraners don’t really do well in captivity. So, no, they’ll not stay indoors for long. Which is why if you build them a kennel, suitable for their size, outside your house, they’d really love it and have all the fun out of it.

However, Weimaraners might not always feel comfortable outside and want to go inside the house sometimes. All you need to do is remember to give them easy access to indoors as well.

What Temperature Should You Not Take Your Weimaraner Dog Out?

Weimaraners are very sensitive to any extremity of weather. For example, they cannot stay outside when it’s either too hot or too cold. The temperature range is from 40°F to 90°F for your weim dog to stay comfortably outside.

Sometimes 40°F can still be too cold for your Weimaraner to endure. Or, sometimes your Weimaraner can endure warmer temperatures than 90° fahrenheits. This totally depends on the endurability of your Weimaraner.

So, this is where you need to stay cautious. Do not let your dog stay outside over or below the temperature range mentioned above.

What Cools Down Weimaraner Dogs Instead Of Sweating?

Just like every other dog breeds out there, Weimaraner dogs pant. Panting is one of the natural habits of dogs. They pant to cool themselves down.

As we know, Weimaraners don’t have much body fat which is why they don’t have the tendency to burn fat and sweat.

Despite this reason, dogs anyway don’t sweat. As sweating is not a norm among dogs, they need to pant in order to release all the heat that is generated inside their body and keep their body balanced in temperature.

What Is A Good House Temperature For Weimaraner Dogs?

Weimaraners love human companions. So they sometimes even want to stay indoors. Remember, your house needs to be dog-friendly so that your Weimaraner shall be all comfy.

So, what should you do? How do you keep your Weimaraner comfortable inside your house? The answer is simple.

The first and the most important task here would be to balance the temperature of your house for your dog.

According to a research, the indoor suitable temperature for your dog is 62°F to 70°F. Always try to keep your house’s temperature within this range and neither over 70 degree fahrenheit not below 62 degree fahrenheit.

This range is undoubtedly a good house temperature for your weim partners.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Dog Outside?

Dogs are extremely playful by nature. They usually have the tendency to stay outside for as long as they please and play all the time. So, definitely it’s not cruel if your dog wants to stay outside and you are letting it stay there.

Just make sure that you have given your dog all the privileges to come inside your house and go outside whenever it pleases. Otherwise, your dog can go through stress without you even noticing it. And stress can lead them to many health risks.

However, there might be some other situation where you don’t have any issue going on inside your house that might need your dog out.

If you’re still not letting your dog in just because you don’t want it inside, is surely cruel. If you’ve adopted one, you need to treat one with proper love and care; caring for its choice and preferences.

Weimaraners are really cuddly dogs that love to stay outdoors. They can live in hot weather but within the specified range of temperature, they do really well.

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