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Do Sheepadoodles Bark A Lot? (Complete Guide)

Barking is such a natural characteristic that characterizes a dog, so more or less barking is apparent in every dog breed. However, the level of barking is not the same in every breed of dog, some dogs bark excessively and some dogs rarely bark.

So if you are about to adopt a Sheepadoodle, this viewpoint will make you ask a question that do Sheepadoodles also bark a lot or not.

Therefore, let us have a look at the honest findings regarding this query.

Do Sheepadoodles Bark A Lot?

Intrinsically Sheepadoodles are not barking dogs, so they don’t bark a lot. Sheepadoodles are known as gentle and quiet dogs that usually don’t even bark while meeting with outsiders or new dogs. But if Sheepadoodles are improperly socialized, they can develop the habit of excessive barking.

Do Mini Sheepadoodles Bark?

Mini Sheepadoodles neither have the tendency of excessive barking, so they don’t bark too much. They have a sweet and calm temperament, therefore, you will hear them barking little to no during the day.

Mini Sheepapoos only will bark a little when they are happily playing or to greet new people. Sometimes you may see them barking at strangers but that barking session doesn’t last too long.

However, Mini Sheepadoodles are known as energetic little fluffy balls that require adequate exercise and playtime to release pent-up energy.

So, if they don’t get their required amount of exercise or if they are not socialized well, Mini Sheepadoodle can turn into yappy dogs.

Why Does My Sheepadoodle Bark So Much?

Sometimes excessive barking in Sheepadoodles may appear and at that time you would be wanting to know what are the reasons that are triggering your Sheepadoodle to bark so much.

Here among all the reasons, the major 4 reasons have been explained for your better understanding. 

Separation Anxiety:

Sheepadoodles are highly prone to separation anxiety, and such a disorder occurs when they are left alone for most of the time in the day. If it happens regularly, separation anxiety triggers them badly and they start excessive continuous barking.

So, if you leave your Sheepapoo home alone for a prolonged time, over time you would notice persistent barking habits in him.

Lack Of Exercise:

Sheepadoodles are extremely active dogs that require regular exercise sessions to use their unused energy and to stay physically energized.

So if your Sheepapoo is not getting his expected amount of exercise or strenuous physical activities, he’ll start manifesting unwanted behaviors and barking is one of them. Because by incessant barking, Sheepadoodles try to release their pent-up energy.

Lack Of Mental Stimulation:

Sheepapoos are extremely playful pooches that love to stay on their paws all day long playing various games through which they stay mentally stimulated.

But if your Sheepadoodles are not getting enough playtime or mind captivating games/toys, he will start lacking proper mental stimulation. Therefore, loneliness and boredom will provoke him to bark extremely and he may take it as a way of expressing his boredom.

Improper Socialization:

Even though Sheepadoodles have a very calm and gentle temperament, they absolutely do need proper socialization training. As socialization training infuses discipline in them to behave gently with other pets/animals and new people.

So when you didn’t provide your Sheepadoodle with necessary socialization training, he will bark necessarily and continuously at almost everything and every new animal or person he meets.

Are Sheepadoodles Barkers?

Despite being such big dogs, Sheepadoodles are absolutely not barkers. Sheepadoodles have gotten a very docile and obedient temperament that usually respond to commands and don’t bark unnecessarily.

They are gentle and soft giants that like socialization and socialize pretty well with other dogs and people outside of the family, so you will notice them not to bark at them.

However, if they see any stranger approaching mistrustfully, Sheepadoodles can bark.  

How Do You Stop Sheepadoodle Nuisance Barking?

Nuisance barking of Sheepadoodles can create a disturbance around the neighborhood, so to help you to stop this, here are 4 easy ways that have been described.

Proper Socialization:

Proper socialization training helps any dog to have control over his behavior when he is around new people or pets/animals. So train your Sheepadoodle with socialization training from his puppyhood.

Make him meet and greet outsiders and other pets/animals so that he can recognize and have a sense of at whom or where he should bark and where he shouldn’t. Socialization training will polish your Sheepadoodle’s friendly behavior more.

Interactive Games/Toys:

Get your Sheepadoodle lots of interactive toys and play interactive games with him for a certain time daily to stop his nuisance barking.

Because such interesting games and toys will give him a medium to stay mentally occupied, therefore, he will get mentally stimulated too.

You can play tug of war or treat hiding dog puzzle games or anything you prefer.

The “Quiet” Command:

The “quiet” command is an effective way of lessening your Sheepadoodle excessive barking. Teach him cue words like “quiet/stop” and when he will bark incessantly, command him to be quiet in a firm and can voice saying “quiet/stop”.

And then use treats or pet him as positive reinforcement to correct his barking behavior.


Exercise is a proven effective way of stopping the nuisance barking behavior of any breed of dog.

You must make your Sheepadoodle exercise regularly for a certain time so that he gets the opportunity to release his unused energy as well as to get mental exercise.

Exercise will make your Sheepadoodle tired, so he will prefer taking a rest instead of barking.

Adequate exercise will even make him not be triggered by separation anxiety because when he is physically tired, he will sleep during the time he is left alone rather than thinking about you and barking. So you can make him exercise before you leave him alone.

Do Sheepadoodles Howl? – Do They Howl Or Bark

Sheepadoodles howl like any other breed of dogs but the howling temperament is not too apparent in them unless they are suffering from separation anxiety or trying to communicate with another dog.

Sheepapoos are normally happy dogs with soft and calm personalities, so usually they will neither bark or howl so much.

But if they are depressed, having health issues, or have met new dogs, they tend to howl as howling is a medium for dogs to express their emotion as well as for communicating.

So Sheepadoodles both bark and howl but the level is not too much.

4 Reasons Why Sheepadoodles Howl

Four main reasons that can trigger howling in Sheepadoodles have been included here.

Separation Anxiety:

It’s known that Sheepadoodles are most likely to get ignited by separation anxiety if they are left alone too often for a long time. So along with barking, separation anxiety triggers howling in them too.

And it’s one of the common issues that is seen in every breed of dog that suffers from separation anxiety. Therefore, your Sheepapoo will howl if he is a victim of separation anxiety.


Howling is also known as a medium of communication between dogs. If your Sheepapoo meets the other dogs, he can howl to communicate with them.

Physical Illness:

Sometimes your Sheepadoodle can howl if he is injured or ill because through howling he wants to express his discomfort and seeks help.

Wants Attention:

A very common possible reason behind your Sheepadoodle’s bowling can be asking for attention. Since Sheepadoodles love human company and they are very cuddly, they want constant attention from their owner.

Therefore, if your Sheepapoo is not getting enough attention, he would howl until he gets your attention.

Do Sheepadoodles Bark At Other Dogs?

Sheepadoodles don’t have the tendency to bark at other dogs because they are very friendly and soft-natured dogs that like to interact with other dogs and play with them happily.

Generally, other dogs bark at any new dogs but this aspect is almost missing in Sheepadoodles. They like to peacefully communicate and enthusiastically play with other dogs instead of taking them as their competitor and barking at them.

Sheepadoodles not only accept another pet dog at home but also behave generously with outsider dogs.

How Do You Calm A Sheepadoodle?

To calm your Sheepadoodle down, you can adopt these following tips given below.

  • Train your Sheepapoo with obedience training
  • Use and “calm on cue word” method
  • Give him chew toys or any other interactive dog toys
  • Use dog treats as positive reinforcement and motivate him to calm down
  • Take him for a daily walk
  • Make him do exercises
  • Take the breeder’s advice
  • Last and most importantly, deal with him patiently

What Does A Howling Bark Mean?

A sudden howling bark for a short time is not a serious issue and it simply means your dog is surprised or excited. However, a howling bark for a prolonged time at a fast pace can mean a serious issue, urgency, or stress in dogs.

So, whenever your dog is howling and barking at the same time, pay attention to the duration and pace of both howling and barking.

Are Sheepadoodles Hyper?

Sheepadoodles are not a dog breed of hyper temperament. In fact, hyperactivity in Sheepadoodles is barely seen unless they are distressed or going through serious uncertainty.

Except for these situations, normally a Sheepadoodle dog is really an affectionate, adorable, and social dog that loves to stay in a happy, playful, and quiet mood.

Sheepadoodles are one of the most pleasant-natured happy dogs that prefer serenity rather than being all loud and hyperactive. And such traits make Sheepadoodles bark very less, you will hardly find them bark or howl for unnecessary reasons.

Therefore, if you want a less barking and joyous dog in your life, just adopt a Sheepadoodle.

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