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Do Sheepadoodles Have a Double Coat? (Explained!)

A lot matters on the coat of hair of a dog. And the sheepadoodle is already high maintenance as they are. Their thick coat of hair makes them more desirable and hard to care for.

A sheepadoodle is a rare mix of a poodle and a sheepdog. It is an adorable and fluffy companion. If you want to get a sheepadoodle as a pet then you should have a proper understanding about their coat condition.   

Do sheepadoodles have a double coat?

The coat type of a sheepadoodle varies according to the breed type. A sheepadoodle that has more genes of the old English sheepdog is likely to have a double coat. While this is true for most sheepadoodles some dogs of the breed might not have a double coat. But in general the breed has double coat.

A common feature of a sheepadoodle is their double coat. This feature may be common, but it is not noticed in all sheepadoodles. The double coat of the dog breed depends on the breed itself.

Are sheepadoodles double coated?

A sheepadoodle leaning more towards the genes of the old English sheepdog will have a double coat. And this is a fact for most of the sheepadoodles. You might come across a sheepadoodle that has a single layer of coat too. Though the chances of that are small.

In general, a sheepadoodle is known to be double coated. This is nothing universal though. The double coat depends on the breed. But it is true that most breeds of the sheepadoodles are double coated. This is because the Old English Sheepdog is a double coated dog.

Do sheepadoodles have an undercoat?

A dog with a double coat will have an undercoat. And the undercoat of a sheepadoodle depends on the breed. If the breed is more like the Old English Sheepdog, then the dog is likely to have an undercoat. Though that might not be the case at all times.

Some sheepadoodles do not have an undercoat. Those are the single coated breed. So it is possible for the sheepadoodle to have an undercoat. And it is also possible for some of the dog breeds to not have an undercoat.

Do sheepadoodles have hair or fur?

Sheepadoodles are blessed with a healthy and naturally shiny coat of hair. Some dogs of the breed have an undercoat. It is when they are double coated. But in both cases, their healthy hair is constant. It comes from the genes of the old English sheepdog.

The sheepadoodle is a mix of the poodle and the old English sheepdog. Though the poodle has a coat of curly hair, the old English sheepdog has more silky and straight hair.

The sheepadoodles got the genes of the sheepdog. They are blessed with thick and healthy coats of hair just like the sheepdog.

What kind of coat does a Sheepadoodle have?

A sheepadoodle is blessed with a good and healthy coat of hair. The mix of the poodle and the old English sheepdog has the best of both worlds. The breed got the good quality of hair coat from both of the original dogs.

There are generally three types of coats of a sheepadoodle. Different breeds have different types of coats. The type of coat depends on the genes, and on which side the dog is leaning more towards-


Depending on the texture of the hair, your dog can have either a normal fleece or a micro fine fleece coat of hair.

A micro fine fleece is ultra fine, soft and wavy. Whereas the normal fleece is a bit feathering and scruffy. Both of the types are wavy or spirally.


The texture of the wool coat resembles a cotton ball or the type of sheep. Though the silky coat of a sheepadoodle does not make their coat texture exactly like that. But the resemblance is rough but definitely noticeable.


This is the most common texture for the coat of a sheepadoodle. The dog has a shiny and thick coat of hair that is naturally healthy. This hair coat comes in the basic colors; white, black and grey.

The coat type of the sheepadoodle depends on the texture of the hair and the coat. Fine hair is the most common coat found on a sheepadoodle. But the rest of the two are also found.

How do I maintain my Sheepadoodle hair?

Some might say that a sheepadoodle is high maintenance because of their complex coat issues. Which is not entirely true. Some sheepadoodles are double coated and they shed, but in a very little amount. And other than this the maintenance of a sheepadoodle is very much easy-

  • The sheepadoodle is blessed with a thick coat of hair. To keep them from matting you must brush their hair coat regularly;
  • Use a pin brush, a comb or a slicker brush for them;
  • Clip and trim around the belly and anus areas to keep them clean;
  • Trim around the eyes regularly so your dog has no trouble seeing;
  • Bathe and dry your sheepadoodle nice and clean;
  • Cut and clean between the paw pads as well;
  • Trim the face as well;
  • If you notice white beard, take your pet to a groomer to see if it needs a facial;
  • Be careful when you shave your sheepadoodle. Use the right tools and sanitize the scissors and razors first.

Grooming your sheepadoodle is an important task. You don’t want a matted dog. It will be uncomfortable for them as well. They will be constantly itchy. Be sure to regularly groom your dog so they do not have any major health or sanitary issues.

How often should a Sheepadoodle be groomed?

The sheepadoodle has a very thick coat of hair. If not groomed and brushed regularly the coat can get matted. And a matted coat is not at all desirable for your adorable dog. You should brush your dog at least 3 to 4 times weekly to keep the hair neat and clean.

Brushing regularly is an absolute essential for the sheepadoodle coat hair. The thick coat of hair can get tangled and matted easily.

You should brush everyday to keep any debris away. But if that is too much, at least brush 3 times every week. Do not overdo it however. It can get them irritated.

Do Sheepadoodles coats change?

An interesting feature of the sheepadoodle is that the dog has a change of color in their coat as they grow up. This happens to the dogs that have a double coat. The two coats merge as the pup grows and changes into a more faded color.

If you have a pure black or pure white sheepadoodle puppy chances are that as the dogs grow up, their coat color will change into a grey coat or a more faded version of the original color. This is common in sheepadoodles.

Do Sheepadoodles need haircuts?

Sheepadoodles are thought to be high maintenance dogs. That fact might not be entirely true but the dog is known to need a little bit more care compared to other dogs. This is for their thick coat of hair. They require regular brushing and grooming and the occasional haircuts.

The thick coat of the sheepadoodle needs a lot of brushing. And from time to time the hair needs to be cut for the hygiene and comfort of the dog. The thick coat can get matted if not cared for properly. So, you need to get your sheepadoodles haircut every now and then.

How often should I bathe my Sheepadoodle?

A sheepadoodle needs and loves bath time. There is absolutely no issue to how many times you can bathe your sheepadoodle. Take your dog for a bath every time you feel necessary. Make sure that your dog does not catch a cold though.

If your dog gets dirty from playing regularly then you can bathe your dog every day. If you do not see any dirt or debris on your dog, you can dry brush them to keep them clean. Dry brush them regularly. You can bathe them regularly as well.

Are sheepadoodles rare?

Sheepadoodles are a very rare breed of dog indeed. The dog breed is a mix of a poodle and the old English sheepdog. This mix is very much rare and desirable. In fact, the major kennel clubs are yet to recognize the breed as a regular breed of dog.

The sheepadoodle is a rare kind of hybrid. Even among the hybrid dog breeds, the sheepadoodle is known to be rare. The mix between a poodle and an old English sheepdog is rare indeed.

Which generation of Sheepadoodle is best?

If you are looking for the best generation of sheepadoodle then the F1B is at the end of your search. Among the many generations and mixes of the sheepadoodles the F1B is the best kind and the statement is backed by facts and feedback from the owners.

The F1B is known to not shed much and is very allergy friendly. Which means no mess and very little chance of getting sick.

This breed has more of the poodle genes (75%) than the English sheepdog genes (25%) which means it has a friendly and soft temperament. All these make the F1B the best generation of sheepadoodle.

A Sheepadoodle is a very adorable and rare breed of dog. These dogs are a bit high maintenance because of their coat and hair but with little care they are totally worth the hard work. 

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