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Are Sheepadoodles Aggressive? (Explained for Owners!)

Sheepadoodles are playful and smart crossbreed dogs. They have an excellent temperament. Sheepadoodles are a crossbreed of the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. So, they are bred with the standard and good qualities.

But every dog has drawbacks. So, when you are planning to have a Sheepadoodle, you might be confused about whether they are aggressive or not. Let’s see the details about Sheepadoodles and their aggressiveness.

Are sheepadoodles aggressive?

Generally, Sheepadoodles are not aggressive at all. They are one of the most obedient and polite breed dogs. But if your Sheepadoodle is aggressive, he might have some specific reasons. Sometimes, Sheepadoodles become aggressive when they are bored, alone, and lack socialization.

Sheepadoodles are pretty gentle dogs. They are excellent house dogs. So, they are good with children and other animals in the house. If you have a Sheepadoodle in your house, you might notice that they are smart enough to follow your commands obediently.

But sometimes, aggression might grow in them. If you leave the Sheepadoodle alone for a long time, he might get bored and aggressive. They can feel neglected and show aggressive behaviors. Sometimes, some medical issues might trigger aggression in Sheepadoodles.

Why is my Sheepadoodle aggressive?

Sheepadoodles are considered non-aggressive dogs. But sometimes, they might be aggressive for certain reasons. Let’s find out what could be the reason behind Sheepadoodle’s aggressiveness.


When the Sheepadoodle gets bored, he might be aggressive. Generally, Sheepadoodles are playful and energetic dogs. They don’t get bored often.

But if you leave the Sheepadoodle for a long time alone, they might be bored and get aggressive.


If the Sheepadoodle feels that he is being neglected, he might grow aggressive behaviors in him. If the Sheepadoodle doesn’t get enough quality time, he might feel neglected.

Fear aggression:

Sheepadoodle puppies can get aggressive from fear. For example, an 8-week old Sheepadoodle can have fear of aggression. Sheepadoodles have a natural fear when they are puppies. From this fear, they can get aggressive.

Stranger and strange things:

Generally, Sheepadoodles are gentle with strangers. But if the Sheepadoodle notices any unusual behavior in strangers or sees any strange thing, he might get aggressive.

Hurt and pain:

If the Sheepadoodle gets any physical harm or pain, he might be aggressive. For example, if someone hits the Sheepadoodle, the Sheepadoodle can get aggressive to him. Moreover, if the Sheepadoodle has physical pain, he might grow aggressive.


If the Sheepadoodle feels danger or needs to protect himself, he will show a reaction of aggressiveness. Like other dogs, Sheepadoodles can also sense danger and strange things.

How to calm an aggressive dog? 

To calm down an aggressive dog, you can take immediate action or long-term habit change action. But you have to know the right method to calm down an aggressive dog, especially the Sheepadoodles. Let’s see how you can calm an aggressive Sheepadoodle.

Be Calm and observe the situation:

If a Sheepadoodle dog is already aggressive, you need to calm down first. Don’t scold him loudly and don’t get close to him. You can try to command ‘NO’ to him. Don’t give him food or treats if he gets aggressive because aggression is unacceptable.

Give the Sheepadoodle time to calm down and give him a treat when he recovers from the situation.

Quality time:

Give your Sheepadoodle enough quality time and playtime. If the Sheepadoodle gets your company, he might not feel bored or neglected. This way the Sheepadoodle can recover his aggression.


Train the Sheepadoodle to socialize. Socialization helps the Sheepadoodle to calm down when he feels to get aggressive.

If the Sheepadoodle socializes with humans, animals, new places, and the environment, he might not get aggressive suddenly seeing strangers.

Routine and exercise:

Prepare a routine for your Sheepadoodle and take him to exercise regularly. If the Sheepadoodle is in a routine, he will be able to realize situations. Moreover, exercise will keep the Sheepadoodle healthy and deal with negative behaviors.

How to deal with an aggressive sheepadoodle?

Dealing with Sheepadoodles isn’t that difficult because they are obedient and smart. But sometimes, they can get aggressive and you have to deal with it. Firstly, you have to notice the reason behind the Sheepadoodle being aggressive.

If you train and socialize the Sheepadoodle from the puppy-age, he can be a well-mannered dog over time. Moreover, you can keep the aggressive puppy with another well-mannered dog so that the puppy can copy him.

If the Sheepadoodle becomes aggressive, don’t scold or hit him. This might trigger him to be more aggressive. Moreover, don’t give him food when he is aggressive. Giving food will make him think that he would get food if he becomes aggressive.

Try to train the Sheepadoodle to calm down when you say ‘NO’. This will help the Sheepadoodle when he gets aggressive.

When will my sheepadoodle calm down?

Sheepadoodles are considered one of the most gentle house dogs. They are pretty calm at home. But sometimes, they can be rough, especially when they are puppies. At the puppy stage, Sheepadoodles should have a little training and socialization.

So, they need time to calm down.

Generally, Sheepadoodles calm down when they are matured. That means they will come down when they are four or five years old. But if the Sheepadoodle gets training and socialization, he will learn to calm down at a very early age.

Are Sheepadoodles biters?

No, Sheepadoodles are not generally biters. They are polite and gentle. Moreover, they are pretty good with other animals and children. So, they don’t bite often. But if they get extremely aggressive, they can bite.

But Sheepadoodle puppies are more likely to nip than bite. The puppies have a natural instinct to nip other dogs or animals. But when the Sheepadoodles are adults, they don’t nip or bite. But if you notice them biting, they might be excessively aggressive.

Moreover, if someone attacks them, they attack him and can bite for their own protection.

How do you stop a Sheepadoodle from biting?

Generally, Sheepadoodles don’t have the instinct to bite. But if a Sheepadoodle grows this behavior, you need to stop him. You can’t scold or hit your Sheepadoodle for biting.

So, you can follow some processes. Let’s see how you can stop your Sheepadoodle from biting.

  • Train the Sheepadoodle bite inhibition with other littermates.
  • You can teach the Sheepadoodle to bite gently on your hands.
  • Give him treats when he learns to bite softly.
  • If the Sheepadoodle bites hard, make a sound that expresses pain; this will help the Sheepadoodle to understand not to bite hard.
  • If the Sheepadoodle tends to bite you, ignore him for some time.
  • When you see the Sheepadoodle is going to bite, give him toys to divert his attention.
  • Give the Sheepadoodle chew toys so that he doesn’t want to bite anyone.

Is a Sheepadoodle protective?

Sheepadoodles are generally protective of their family members. Even when they are puppies they get excited seeing any unusual things around them. Moreover, Sheepadoodles get protective if they see you with strangers.

Sheepadoodles are super loyal to their owners. So, they will emphasize protecting their owners. They are the true companion of their owners and family members. For their protective nature, they are one of the best guard dogs.

Are Sheepadoodles good family dogs?

Yes, Sheepadoodles are good family dogs. They are good with their family members, children, and other pets in the house. Sheepadoodles are so adorable and affectionate that people love to have them in their houses.

Generally, Sheepadoodles are fun-loving, smart, and playful dogs. They love to be with their owners and family members. Besides, they have loyalty and protective nature. These features make Sheepadoodles the perfect family dog.

Moreover, if you are a single person living in a house, a Sheepadoodle can be your perfect companion. They will make you feel loved and cared for. So, Sheepadoodles are great family dogs.

Are Shepadoodles good guard dogs?

Yes, Sheepadoodles can be good guard dogs. Naturally, Sheepadoodles have a protective nature. Moreover, they are pretty loyal to their owners and family members. This feature makes them suitable as guard dogs.

Sheepadoodles are smart enough to protect their family members. Whenever they see any stranger or strange things around their owners, they get alert. They try to protect their owners with full effort. So, Sheepadoodles are pretty good guard dogs.

Sheepadoodles are one of the most gentle and well-mannered breed dogs. So, they are not aggressive most of the time. If you train a Sheepadoodle and provide good socialization, there is no chance that he gets aggressive.

But if you notice aggressiveness in your Sheepadoodle, he might have some reasons. Boredom, negligence, lack of socialization, age, etc., can be responsible for the aggression in Sheepadoodle.

You can stop your Sheepadoodle from being aggressive following some processes and training.

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