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Do Sheepadoodles Change Color? (Guide for Owners!)

A sheepadoodle is an adorable and rare fluffy pup with a shiny and healthy coat of hair. They are a rare and desirable breed. However, the condition of the coat of hair is different from any other breeds and needs extra care.

There are a lot of rumors about the coat color of the sheepadoodle. And if you are looking to get a sheepadoodle as your fluffy pet, you should keep the facts in mind. Don’t let any confusion get in the way of getting this adorable dog. You will miss out on a lot of love.

Do sheepadoodles change color?

It is a common feature of the sheepadoodle to change the color of their coat with time. This is more common in some breeds, so not all of them change color. The change is actually due to the coats’ type of the breed. The coat can go from black or white to grey as a puppy grows up.

As your sheepadoodle puppy grows up, you might start to notice a change of color in its coat. This is normal, you do not have an alien pup. Changing the color of their coat is very normal according to the breed you own.

Do mini sheepadoodles change color?

Changing the color of their coat is a very common condition for sheepadoodles, and that includes the mini sheepadoodles as well. According to the type of breed, there is a solid guarantee that your sheepadoodle will change the color of their coat as they grow up.

A miniature sheepadoodle has some breeding and growth adjustments so they do not grow in size. But as the pup grows in age, they will show the common features inhibited by the breed originally.

One such feature is the change of color of their coat. The pups will change their coat color to a more faded or grey coat.

Do sheepadoodles turn grey?

As your sheepadoodle puppy grows, the color of its coat will change. With time the color goes from pure black or white to a faded grey in color. This is because of the breed and the type of coat. Most of the sheepadoodles change colors of their coats.

If you get a black or white sheepadoodle puppy, you will notice the change of their coat color to grey as they grow up. This is a natural feature of the sheepadoodles.

Most of the dogs of this breed change their coat color as they grow up. The color goes from black to grey. The same change is noticeable in white sheepadoodle pups as well.

Do all Sheepadoodles turn GREY?

The change of coat color is a common and natural condition for sheepadoodles. However, not all sheepadoodles will change colors. But if they do, it is almost always grey or a very faded black. These are common, but almost always the coat is grey after the change.

Your black or white sheepadoodle puppy will change from the pure color to a more faded color. Most of the time their coat changes to a grey color.

Sometimes you might notice the coat turn into a faded black if the pup had a pure black coat in the beginning. But the coat always turns to a grey color after the pups grow up.

Do Sheepadoodles change color as they age?

With time, the coat color of a sheepadoodle will change. This is common in most breeds. As puppies the sheepadoodle might have black or white coat of fur. But as they grow up, the color changes to a grey.

Most of the sheepadoodles have double fur coats. As they grow up the coats tend to merge with one another. In this case the coat of the color will change.

It can seem more of a faded color or it can turn into a pure grey. This is a natural and a fascinating feature. And the process happens when the pup is growing up.

When do sheepadoodles change color?

Sheepadoodles tend to experience a change in their coat color as they grow up. This is natural and more or less noticed in all the breeds of sheepadoodle. However there is no absolute time frame for the change. It occurs as the pups are growing.

The change is not sudden so it can’t be pinpointed at an accurate time frame. As the pups start to grow, the two coats of fur start to blend together. That is when the change is noticed.

Most of the time, the two coats merge and create a grey or a more faded color of coat. This happens gradually and with time.

Why do Sheepadoodles turn GREY?

The change in the coat color of a sheepadoodle is nothing new or abnormal. It is a natural process for the breed. This change is noticed when the pup is growing. The change of color occurs because of natural reasons-

Double Coat:

Sheepadoodles have double coats. So, when they are growing up, the two coats merge into a single coat. If the two coats are the same color then there is no change. But sometimes the two coats are not the same color.

If the colors of the two coats are different from one another then as the coats merge the color gets altered and changed. The color can seem faded or grey. This change is because of the double coat of the dog.


The sheepadoodle is a mix of a poodle and an old English sheepdog. The poodle does not change coat color but the old English sheepdog does.

This feature of the dog was passed on to the sheepadoodle. These genes made the sheepadoodle double coated so the color change of the coat was normal.

Change of the color coat of a sheepadoodle is nothing out of the blue. It is very natural for the dog breed to experience color change in its coat. There are logical reasons behind them so do not believe in any myths. 

What colors are sheepadoodles?

Sheepadoodles do not have a bag full of colors for their coat. They are pretty basic and simple when it comes to coat colors. Though they change colors because of their double coat, it is still within the normal range-

  • Black;
  • White;
  • Grey;
  • Black and White.

Usually, the sheepadoodle has a mix of both black and white. But if they are pure black or pure white, they might change in color and turn into a grey coated dog as they grow up. 

Will sheepadoodle born black change color?

There is a high possibility that a sheepadoodle that is born black will change the color of their coat. The change is normal. The pure black coat will turn into a faded black or a grey as the pup grows up.

Sheepadoodles have double coats. So if your pup is born with black coat, there is a chance that the second coat might not be black.

If it is white or grey, the color of the coat will change as it grows. This is not the case for all sheepadoodles though. Some might stay black even after growing up. But most of the sheepadoodles will change color from black to grey growing up.

Can a Sheepadoodles nose turn black?

As a pup, you will notice the cute pink nose of your sheepadoodle. But as they grow up the nose color changes and turns into black in color. This is common for most breeds of dogs, including the sheepadoodle.

A baby sheepadoodle will have a pink nose. However, it is unlikely that the color will stay like that forever. Almost all sheepadoodles have a black nose once they grow up. This is natural and common.

Why is my sheepadoodle’s nose turning black?

The color change of a dogs’ nose is very common and natural for most breeds. Sheepadoodle is a breed that has the same condition. As the dog grows up, the color of their nose will change from pink to black. Between the weeks of 8 to 16, the nose color of a sheepadoodle will darken.

This is very much natural in case of dog breeds. Sheepadoodles are also a part of this group. The nose color of your sheepadoodle will darken, even if it was born with a pink nose.

The nose color will darken until it turns black. This is something that you should not worry about. Because it is very natural.

What is a Merle Sheepadoodle?

Merle refers to the color combination of any coat of a dog breed. A merle sheepadoodle is bred with white and grey coat instead of the conventional black, white or grey.

This is not a different breed, but it is referred to separately because of the unique color combination of the coat.

A sheepadoodle usually has a combination of black and white, which sometimes changes into a grey or a faded color. It is rare to find a white and grey coat combination on a sheepadoodle. This is why it is referred to as a Merle Sheepadoodle.        

Sheepadoodles are very much adorable but new owners can sometimes be confused with the change in their color coat. For the new owners raising a sheepadoodle from a pup, it is absolutely normal for them to change their coat color. It is natural and happens due to their double coats.

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