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Do Cockapoos Smell Bad? (With Solutions)

Intelligent, friendly, active and loving, all these characteristics’ combination you will find in cockapoos. However, your excitement is going to puncture as soon as you come to the concern whether they smell. 

That is a legitimate concern, but you should know dogs vary a lot. Some dogs smell, and some don’t. Without much delay, let’s focus on cockapoo—if they smell or not.

Do cockapoos smell bad?

Cockapoos smell bad. However, their scent is not one of the severe ones. Their smell can’t be sensed from six feet away but only after coming closer to them. A reason for their foul smell is their energetic nature of going anywhere. So, they get dirty quickly. All these factors make them smelly.

Do cockapoos stink?

Cockapoos stink is not severe. More or less, all dogs stink because they get exposed to several environments. However, cockapoos stinking can emerge from their furry coat. 

Though these dogs stink, you can still keep them inside your house. That’s because the smell is not something intolerable. In fact, most owners keep their cockapoos with them. 

You might have to follow a few rules for them, and you can keep them from smelling. Based on the type of cockapoo, they may stink more than the others. With that being said, the techniques for preventing smell remain the same.

Are cockapoos smelly?

Cockapoos are smelly. Even their smell can be of various types depending on their surroundings and habits. Most of the time, you will get the doggy smell from them. 

Additionally, the good news is this smell is not long-lasting. In other words, if you are careful about your cockapoo, they will not stink. That’s because most of the reasons for their smell are not being clean. 

The Cockapoos’ smell can come from their fur, urine, food or their house. This smell can make their toys and sleeping places smelly. However, if you wash your cockapoos and take proper care of them, you can avoid the smell.

Why does my cockapoo smell so much?

Your cockapoo smells for various causes. The extent of the scent is also dependent on the source of the smell. Even so, you should have an idea of the causes of cockapoo smelling. 

If your cockapoo smells so much, the following reasons can play a role behind it. 

Dirty coat:

You may think the dirty coat is the reason for your cockapoo’s cuteness. Well, while that is true, this coat is also the devil giving off an awful smell from them. Since their coats have much more hair, they can quickly get smelly. 

If you don’t cut their fur slightly, the smell may go beyond tolerance level. 

Exposure to filthy environment:

Think of the moment: you take your cockapoo for a walk, and you forget to hold their leash. It goes all around the filthy places of the park. After a while, when you find them, they have an unpleasant smell coming from their body. 

This is a frequent scenario, mainly because cockapoos are of nimble nature. Therefore, they can go anywhere if you don’t be careful.

Infections in body:

Several infections can make the cockapoos smelly. Don’t get panicked because you can prevent both the diseases and the smell. 

Infection in the ears is very common since dogs get ear infections quickly. Additionally, dirty teeth or infectious teeth can also be the source of the smell. There can be infections in the body too which is hard to figure out but contributes to the scent.

Improper diet:

Maintaining a cockapoo’s diet can be trickier than impressing your boss. If they have improper dog foods, it spoils their whole digestive system. Thus, their urine and poop can produce unpleasant scents. 

Moreover, inappropriate food can cause them to urinate very frequently. So, you may think the smell is from cockapoos’ bodies, which is instead coming from their pee.

Why does my cockapoo smell like urine?

Your cockapoo’s urine-like smell can result from the cockapoo’s urine infection—urinary tract infections (UTIs.) The pee of a cockapoo can become very smelly. Consequently, your cockapoo will also smell like urine. 

This infection happens when the bacteria get into your dog’s bladder and interrupt their urinary system. Besides, it disrupts their sifting process. That’s why you get such an awful smell. 

Another reason can be as simple as fur getting wet with pee constantly. If the urine sticks to the coat of the cockapoo, it will evidently smell like urine. This can occur because of scant dog training or the lack of teaching dogs good habits.

Why does my cockapoo smell fishy?

Your cockapoo smells fishy because of its health problems, especially issues with glands. This smell is an alarming sign, and you should consult with an expert if so happens. 

For understanding the reasons for their fishy smell, you should know about the dog’s anal glands. These glands are found as a pair of sacs on both sides of the dog’s anal. If they have a fishy smell, it is very likely that this smell originated from their anal glands. 

Additionally, anal glands secrete fluids. And a faulty anal gland will secret smelly fluids which trickle from the dog and make your whole house smell fishy. 

How to stop my cockapoo from smelling?

There are several straightforward ways by which you can stop your cockapoo from smelling. Read the following methods thoroughly and apply them accordingly in case of your cockapoo.

Take the cockapoo for a health checkup:

As you saw above, most of the reasons for cockapoo’s smell are their infections and gland problems. Take your cockapoo to the nearest veterinary, and they can give you advice on their health. Thus, you can keep them healthy and smell-free.

Cut cockapoos fur:

You don’t have to follow this step frequently. However, shorting cockapoos’ fur on an occasional basis is essential for preventing them from outgrowing.

Wash your cockapoo:

As you take a shower, your cockapoo also needs to be immaculate. You should wash it to prevent its smell. Thus, instead of smelling bad, it will smell like soap.

What can I use to stop my cockapoo from smelling?

Stopping your dog from smelling is a valid concern. And you should use all the necessary materials to get rid of the smell. You can use the following things to stop their smell: 

Baby wipes:

Since they have furry coats, you should apply soap on a baby wipe. Then, use that to wash the fur of the cockapoo.

Water mixed with vinegar:

Mix a few drops of vinegar in a bowl of water. While you bathe cockapoos, use this vinegar water in their body. 

Dry or powder shampoo:

Though you can’t use liquid shampoos, you are allowed to apply powder shampoo on cockapoos. You can get these materials in any pet store conveniently. 

Do Cockapoos have a doggy smell?

Cockapoos do have a doggy smell. It is similar to the fishy smell. However, the reason for this smell is not intricate. The doggy smell is very natural, especially if there are multiple dogs in your house. 

Therefore, when your cockapoo mingles with those dogs, they will get that smell from them. Except that, the doggy smell can come out if they are not washed for months. So, be sure to keep your cockapoos clean and use washing materials on them.

Can a cockapoos anal glands make them stink?

Cockapoos’ anal glands can make them stink. This is one of the primary reasons for their smell. The anal glands generate a fishy smell from them if they are infected. Thus, while anal glands are an integral part of their body, this gland makes the cockapoos stinky. 

Cockapoos are fantastic, but slight anal gland infections can cause them to smell. It is mainly because their glands are sensitive. If you observe such a fishy smell, immediately consult with a doctor. 

Anal glands infections are common with dogs like cockapoo. And those infections can make the whole body of the dog stinky.

How often should you wash a cockapoo?

You should wash a cockapoo once every two months. But if you wash them more or less than that amount, problems may arise. 

For example, if you wash your cockapoo very often, this can cause various skin diseases instead of helping them. In addition, this can make them sick since cockapoos are not used to the water. 

On top of that, while washing them, you have to be very attentive, which is impossible when you give them frequent showers. 

On the other hand, too much irregular washing can make them smelly. That’s because cockapoos get exposed to different environments, which makes them smell bad.

Can you shampoo a cockapoo puppy?

You can shampoo a cockapoo puppy. However, you have to be careful about the shampoo you use for it. Not all shampoos suit the cockapoo in all manners. 

Firstly, a cockapoo puppy’s skin remains very sensitive. So, you have to use dog-friendly shampoo, which is detergent and soap-free. And so, these shampoos don’t harm them. 

Secondly, don’t use regular wet shampoos on them, which can make them sick. Use powder or dry shampoos for the cockapoos. They are not hard to get. You can even get shampoos specially designed for cockapoos in pet stores. Use those shampoos. 

Yes, cockapoos smell bad—sometimes urine-like, fishy or doggy smell—because of their health problems and coat. However, this shouldn’t lessen your love for a cockapoo. Instead, your cockapoo needs more care from you than other dogs. 

You need to maintain the above few things, and you will be all set with your stink-free cockapoo.

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