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Do Cane Corsos Smell Bad or Stink? (Reasons with Solutions)

Cane Corsos are popular for their menacing appearances and this coupled with their alert and cool demeanor makes them the perfect guard dogs. But they are known to smell bad and stink which can only get aggravated by bad hygiene and underlying illnesses when it goes untreated.

Do Cane Corsos smell bad or stink?

Cane Corsos are large, furry animals with loose, long jowls. This makes them drool a lot. And when the drool gets stuck on their fur and if it is left without cleaning, this causes the Cane Corso to smell bad and stink. Besides, untreated health issues can also be a reason for bad smells to trigger.

A simple regular cleaning routine can help combat the issue of unpleasant odor. But sometimes a combination of health issues such as dental problem, ear infection or excessive gas can intensify the bad smell.

If the smell seems to get worse despite keeping your Cane Corso clean, it would be best to identify which part of their body the smell is coming from.

But if you can’t find or understand the problem, it’s best to seek professional help and treat the issues causing your Cane Corso pain and making them smell bad immediately.

Why does my Cane Corso stink so bad?

Sometimes despite regular baths and cleaning their fur coats, Cane Corsos might still smell bad. This can be caused by an array of reasons or maybe even a combination of more than one health problem.

Ear infections:

Cane Corsos tend to have cropped ears, so when they roll on the ground. There is a high risk of debris and dirt collecting in their ears. This can easily lead to infections. Also if they are allergic to certain food or even season changes can cause this.

Bad breath:

A lack of oral hygiene can cause tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth which sometimes can lead to swollen and very painful gums. 

Yeast infection: 

Yeast is a type of fungus which is already present on a Cane Corso’s skin. 

But when the immune system is weak it can cause the yeast to overgrow and spread all over your dog’s body, which then leads to yeast infection causing itchy skin, redness, smelly ears and stinky coat.

Anal infection:

There are two sacs located on each side of the Cane Corso’s anus. Sebaceous glands in these sacs can produce a foul-smelling fluid. Sometimes anal sacs can become plugged and swollen which emits a bad smell.

To find out why your Cane Corso smells bad, you can check these regions in its body to determine the problem.

How to get rid of the bad smell from Cane Corso?

Sometimes you don’t even have to visit the vet to solve the issues your Cane Corso is facing. As long as you can identify the root of the problem and have the knowledge on how to treat them.

Clean ear:

If your Cane Corso is suffering from an ear infection, you can use an ear cleaning solution approved by the vet to keep their ears clean and healthy.

Brush teeth:

To help with bad breath you can use chew toys and dental treats to act as a form of tooth brushing or mix a drinking water additive to their water to help with maintaining oral hygiene.

Use medical shampoo:

To combat yeast infection, you can use a special medical dog shampoo to wash your Cane Corso.

Thorough cleaning:

Regular cleaning in the anal region can help prevent anal sac from getting plugged or swollen.

These simple steps can help in keeping your Cane Corso clean and also healthy.

How do you keep a Cane Corso from smelling?

Prevention is undoubtedly the best cure here. A little attention towards what your Cane Corso is consuming and also implementing a few through cleaning steps can prevent them from smelling bad.

Do regular checking:

Regularly check areas in their body that are likely to get infected like teeth, ears, anal region and also their fur. Keeping these places clean by practicing oral and general hygiene is important.

Check food before feeding:

Cane Corsos can be allergic to certain foods. So, be sure to check what you are feeding them. Because these foods tend to aggravate allergies causing their skin to get infected and smelly.

Give smaller and multiple meals:

You can give them several smaller meals throughout the day to help them digest food better and avoid smelly and frequent farts from excessive gas collected in their colon.

Do Cane Corso drool?

Cane Corso are a large breed of dog with loose, long jowls which makes them drool a lot.

Even though they produce a normal amount of saliva to moisten their mouth, they do not have a seal to hold it in and this causes the drool to dribble down the sides of their jaw. Dogs with tighter jaws don’t have this problem and drool only moderately.

How do I clean my Cane Corso?

If you have recently gotten a Cane Corso, some additional products and hacks can help the cleaning process move along much more smoothly.


You can use a strap while washing your Cane Corso indoors to stop it from moving too much or running away from you. This leaves you to freely wash, bathe and groom them with both hands.

Anti-slip mat:

An anti-slip mat in your bathtub or shower can prevent your dog from slipping and getting hurt during bath time.

Pet friendly shampoo:

Shampoos are very important when washing your Cane Corso, so choose a dog shampoo without harmful chemicals which best suits your dog. Sometimes, you can use a dry shampoo solution to clean your Cane Corso if you’ve a shortage of water.

How to clean Cane Corso ears?

Cane Corso’s ears need to be regularly cleaned because of the mud, debris and earwax that can quickly accumulate inside. A few steps can help clean their ears easily and keep smell and infection away.

Clean dirt:

A day before you clean your Cane Corso’s ear, you can begin by cleaning the dirt on the outer part of their ear and inject one drop of lukewarm vegetable fat in each of their ears using a pipette.

Clean with cotton gauge:

Dip a cotton-gauze tampon in vegetable oil and carefully clean the inner parts of their earflaps.

But if their ears are too contaminated you can dip the tampon in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and clean the inside of the earflap with it.

How often should I bathe my Cane Corso?

Cane Corsos are prone to get dirty and smelly quickly but bathing and grooming them every six to eight weeks can keep them clean depending on their lifestyle.

Cane Corsos are not single coated animals, the undercoat sheds throughout the year. Regular bathing helps to minimize this shedding and maintain a healthy skin and coat.

How to bathe a Cane Corso?

Bathing Cane Corso can be a little time consuming since preparation is needed prior to the bath and the bath itself has a few steps. But it will all be well worth it. And you’ll only have to go through the routine every six to eight weeks.

Prepare beforehand:

Cane Corsos will try to avoid baths at any cost. So, prepare beforehand to avoid leaving them in the bathroom unattended. You can bring in the towels, shampoo, conditioner and also fill in the tub with two inches of lukewarm water.

Place a mat:

You can place a mat at the bottom of your tub and set your dog on top of it, if they are fine with the water.  Slowly begin to pour warm water over them and wet their fur coat and skin underneath.

Apply shampoo:

Now begin applying a shampoo that gently cleanses your dog’s fur and skin. Rub the shampoo on their fur and skin until they are covered in suds. But avoid their eyes and mouth.

Rise it off:

It’s time to rinse off the shampoo. Try massaging their body as you clean away the shampoo with fresh, warm water. This might take a while but make sure all the suds are gone by the end of it.

Use conditioner:

Conditioner is almost as important as shampoo when it comes to cleaning your dog. Apply it the same way you applied the shampoo. It will make the fur smooth and silky, helping it to stay hydrated. After about 5 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly.

Wipe him off:

Now, it’s time to get them out of the tub with a towel and try to wipe away the excess water clinging on to their body. After that you can let their fur air-dry or use a hair dryer at a mild temperature to dry their fur completely.

How can I make my dog smell better without a bath?

It’s not always possible to give your Cane Corsos a bath. Some alternative ways to make them smell good instantly is by brushing their fur and using a wet wipe to clean them.

Baking soda and cornstarch also can remove the smell, if you rub the powder on their fur coat using a towel or you can also opt for a dry shampoo which is great when you are travelling.

Dog freshening sprays and foams also come in handy when trying to make your Cane Corso smell good instantly.

Cane Corsos are big and loyal companions. Their smell can seem like an issue but regular hygiene practices and products can keep the smell away. But it is up to you to weigh the pros against the cons to determine if they are the best option for you.

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