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When Will My Cane Corso Calm Down? (Explained for Owners!)

Cane Corsos are a massive Italian breed of Mastiff dogs. They are naturally aggressive with a large body and bold nature.

Therefore, Corsos act hyperactively for a long time. So, if you are a new Corso dog owner, knowing such facts about your beloved pup will surely hit a question in your mind that when will your Cane Corso Calm down.

So, let’s jump into this informative article to find out detailed answers regarding your Corso’s calming down phase and other related important topics.

When Will My Cane Corso Calm Down?

Cane Corsos will calm down about the age between 15 to 18 months old. Cane Corsos go through a slow mental maturity phase, so around 15-18 months old most Corsos reach their emotional maturity and calm down. If any Corso doesn’t calm down by 15-18 months old, he will calm down around 3 years old.

At What Age Do Cane Corsos Calm Down?

The maximum number of Cane Corso dogs reaches their emotional maturity stage about the age of 15-18 months old, so they calm down at 15-18 months of age.

It’s because Cane Corsos are large dogs, therefore, along with having a slow physical maturity, they go through a slow mental maturity too. As a result, by the age of 15-18 months old, they become mentally mature and stable, so they stop behaving hyperactively and calm down.

However, some Cane Corsos don’t even calm down at the age of 15-18 months old. They take a long time and get emotionally matured and calm down around 3 years old. Therefore, for those Corsos, the calming down age is between 1-3 years old.

What Is The Temperament of A Cane Corso?

The main 6 temperament traits of Cane Corsos have been explained below for your better understanding.


Cane Corsos don’t bark unnecessarily. Most of the time they are quiet and don’t bark unless they see any suspicious activity or wary of someone. So, when your Corso is barking, know that there’s something fishy and he is barking to aware you.


Surprisingly yes, despite being naturally aggressive dogs, Cane Corsos are calm too. If you bring a Corso pup from a reputable breeder and make him well-adjusted and trained, you for sure will get a calm and gentle-natured Cane Corso dog.


Cane Corsos are super intelligent and have strong willpower to learn things. And it makes them highly trainable pooches. So, if you want a dog that is responsive to training and learning activities, get a Cane Corso.

Wary Of Strangers:

Cane Corsos are really wary of strangers. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an animal or a person if any outsider comes near them, your Corso will not like it and take them as a threat. As a result, he’ll bark and growl at them.


Cane Corsos are territorial regarding their home’s boundary. If your Corso notices any dubious activity is happening around his home, it will take no time for him to be aggressive and attack.


Since Cane Corsos are strong-willed and independent dogs, dominance is definitely a part of their main 6 temperaments. So your Corso can be dominant around you or any other pets in the house.

**If the Cane Corsos are properly trained and socialized since puppyhood, their territorial behave, possessiveness, and dominance can be controlled to a good extent**

Are Female Cane Corsos Aggressive?

Female Cane Corsos are a little bit more aggressive than the males. Because they get emotionally disturbed faster and during this time their temperament is unreliable as well as unstable.

So, they easily lose their temper and act aggressively. And it especially happens when they are near other female dogs and their puppies. Moreover, female Cane Corsos that are not sterilized or spayed tends to have aggression and possessiveness more.

Because they remain possessive about their capabilities to mate, become pregnant, and raise puppies. Therefore, during their heat period, they are seen in aggression more than ever.

Why Is My Cane Corso Aggressive?

There are quite some potential reasons behind your Cane Corso’s aggression too. The major causes are described below.


Naturally, Cane Corsos are territorial of their home’s boundary and their personal space. So if anybody tries to invade your home’s territory or your Corso’s private place, your Cane Corso will respond very aggressively that might even attack him.

Cane Corsos are fond of their mostly cherished stuff like favorite toys, food bowls, or treats. So if anyone approaches him to take away those, your Cane Corso will behave aggressively.

Social Aggression:

Typically, Cane Corsos are wary of outsiders both humans and animals. So if any outsider(human/animals without a leash) approaches your Corso to pet him or to play with him, he will react aggressively by barking at them or growling at them.

It also happens, if you didn’t give your Corso socializing training since he was a puppy.


If your Cane Corso is going through any separation anxiety or if he is not getting mentally stimulated properly or he has lots of pent-up energy, he will behave aggressively. In this situation, his aggressive behavior is a means of getting rid of all of these distressing situations. And it can be destructive too.

Protective Nature:

Your Cane Corso will manifest his most aggressive behavior when he will sense any danger or intruder near you. So to protect you and the family, he will take actions very aggressively and can even attack the invader.


Your massive Cane Corso can become aggressive if he is triggered by any object that he is fearful of. Or else, if you have adopted him from an abusive owner, he will possess aggressive behavior too. Lack of socialization can be another reason.  

Why Is My Cane Corso So Scared?

There are 3 possible reasons why your Cane Corso is scared.

First, if you didn’t make your Cane Corso properly socialized when he was a puppy, he will stay scared even after being a big pooch.

The second reason can be, if your Corso pup is scared of any particular object, he will remain frightened every time he sees that thing.

And lastly, if your Corso has gone through bad experiences like an abusive master, he will dwell in fear and it might give birth if aggression in him as well.

How To Calm Down A Cane Corso?

It’s essential to calm down a hyperactive/aggressive Cane Corso pup. Therefore, 4 tips are described below that you can follow to calm down your Corso.


Cane Corsos are an athletic breed of dogs, so they require lots of exercises to keep their mind occupied and to stay mentally stimulated. So, make your Corso exercise regularly so that he can release his stress and pent-up energy. Therefore, he will stay calm.


Socialization is a must for Cane Corso dogs as they are not friendly with everyone they meet. Therefore, to calm down your Corso in front of strangers, make him socialize with other people from his puppyhood, or if you have an adult Corso, take help from professionals.

Calm Down On Cue Words:

Teach your Cane Corso some cue words such as, calm down, stop, etc. so that whenever he is acting hyperactively you can calm him down by commanding through these cue words.

Positive Reinforcement:

Giving treats and praising your Cane Corso would be the most influential positive enforcement. You can feed him treats every time he listens to you and calm down. Also, praise him. These will instill calmness in him.

How Do I Stop My Cane Corso From Being Aggressive?

Here, three tips to stop your Cane Corso from being aggressive have been provided with brief explanations.

Early Socialization:

Starting off early socialization would be the first tip for you. If you make your Cane Corso pup socialize with everyone since his puppyhood, he will get familiar with the environment and people/animal near him, which will make him not aggressive in front of new people or things.

Early Obedience Training:

You must make sure that your Cane Corso dog is getting early obedience training since his puppyhood. Because if he is trained to be obedient since puppyhood, he will get habituated to all the commands and training. So in the future, he’ll stop aggressive behavior as soon as he gets a command from you.

Bite Inhibition:

To prevent the biting habit of your Cane Corso, train and discourage him every time he tries to bite.

How Long Does It Take For A Cane Corso To Be Fully Grown?

Around the age of 1-year-old, most of the Cane Corso get their fully grown body and height. However, some Cane Corso pooches are exceptional, they will take around two years old to reach their adult weight and height.

What Age Do Cane Corsos Become Protective?

Cane Corsos will become protective when they will reach the age of 14-18 months old. Corsos have inherited protective nature from their ancestors, so they don’t need any special training to become protective.

As time will pass and they will start turning into adults, they will express their protective nature gradually by the age of 14-18 months old.

Do Cane Corso Turn On Their Owners?

Cane Corsos generally don’t turn on their owners. But in cases, where Corsos have an abusive owner, or are afraid of something, or else are not socialized since puppyhood, they can turn on their owners. Also, while protecting something they cherish can make them turn on their owners.

Cane Corsos take a longer time to calm down than other breeds of dogs. It’s a normal issue and it’s necessary to deal with your Corso patiently during his calming down phase.

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