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Are Bernedoodles Smart Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Bernedoodles are commonly known as Barnese Poodles, Bernese Mountain Poo, Bernese Mountain Doodle. Therefore, it is easy to perceive that Bernedoodles have parents from different dog families. They come from Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles.

Bernedoodles are extremely loyal, playful, gentle, clever, and also goofy!! They get their intelligence and goofiness from their Poodle genes and loyalty from their Bernese gene. These dogs are extremely human-friendly and good with children. 

Are Bernedoodles Smart Dogs?

Bernedoodles are extremely smart dogs. They get their smartness from their Poodle genes. Bernedoodles are really very intelligent in obedience and work. They are active and well-behaved with children. And are perfect for homely environments because of smartness and fondness for human companions.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Smart?

Mini Bernedoodles are actually smarter than the standard Bernedoodles. They are more interactive to diverse situations than the older ones. Just because of their smartness, the mini Bernedoodles are super easy to train.

They learn really fast and always stay excited during training. The mini ones are extremely energetic and impassioned to please their owners. This is one of the reasons why they are so famous among dog lovers and owners.

The female ones are even more responsive to training. This is so because the female Bernedoodles mature faster and they are more attentive to their surroundings. All over, the Bernedoodles, just like any other dog breeds, should be trained at an early age.

What Is A Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is a hybrid of a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain. A Bernedoodle is like a perfect companion for you when you go outside, probably on a walk. Bernedoodles are obedient and smart while being so playful all the time that you’ll barely get time to feel lonely whenever they are around.

The younger ones are more responsive to commands and they take training really well. The Bernedoodles are playful, loyal, and therefore, smart dogs. They have tri-color coats- black, brown, and white and they’re very comfortable in cold weather because of their double-coated fur.

How Smart Is A Bernedoodle?

A Bernedoodle is an immensely smart doggy because of its Poodle bloodline. This quality of them is inherited entirely. They show their smartness at a very early age and they don’t hesitate to surprise their owners.

There are some specifics by which it becomes easy to understand their level of smartness.

They choose the commands that they want to obey:

When in a discussion about the smartness of the Bernedoodles, it’s a must to say that they are smart enough to choose between the commands that they are willing to obey and the ones that they are not. This isn’t just the smartness, this is the stubbornness that they get from their Bernese gene.

They tend to repeat their activities that they find their owners to be pleased with:

Once they get to understand what activity of theirs is making their owner happy, they repeat it often. Just how it is, they are eager to please their owners.

They understand emotions and they are surprisingly good with kids:

Understanding human emotions are something the Bernedoodles are actually good at. They are also good with kids, they can take good care of them. This actually implies how smart they are and how smartly they get presented with people.

Why Are Bernedoodles So Smart?

Bernedoodles are smart dogs. As they are a cross between Bernese Mountain and Poodles, they are smart, intelligent, loyal, playful, and also stubborn. The reasons why they are so smart are-

Their smartness is inherited:

They get their smartness as inherited from their Poodle blood. Although Bernedoodles are not as smart as Poodles. Poodles are like the second smartest dog among all the other dog breeds.

They don’t take much time to learn commands:

Bernedoodles are quick learners. This actually shows how smart they are because they are attentive and intelligent enough to capture different scenarios and commands in their minds.

They take surprisingly good care of the farm:

This is one way to realize their smartness and also one of the many reasons why they are so famous among families. They are often seen to help with their plowing and carrying essentials for the farm. No dog, if they are not smart enough, will do these.

What Is The Bernedoodle Intelligence Ranking?

Bernedoodles are smarter than most dog breeds. However, unfortunately, they are not among the top 10 smart dog breeds. Although, a part of their bloodline belongs to Poodles which is the second smartest in the rank position of the smart dogs.

As they are a hybrid of Poodles and Bernese Mountain dogs, their intelligence ranking is basically approximated according to their bloodline.

How To Support Your Bernedoodle’s Intelligence?

Bernedoodles are smart dog breeds. They get their smartness from the Poodle side. Bernedoodles need to be nurtured and taken care of from an early age and should continue to be so for the rest of their life. In order to support your Bernedoodle’s intelligence and to help it be smarter, here are the things that you should do-

  • Socialize your dog at an early age. The earlier your dog will learn to socialize, the better it will be for its intelligence.
  • Provide them with toys, puzzles, and access to mentally stimulating games in order to help their psychology grow.
  • Test your dog often regularly to acknowledge how far they have enriched their intelligence by putting them into typical situations and see what they do.
  • Play hide and seek and let your dog find you!
  • Take your pooch outside of your house and build up setups of obstacles that come in a variety of sizes and see how your dog reacts to the obstacles.

Practice all these with your Bernedoodles regularly. Never let your Bernedoodles get bored and get anxiety attacks. These dogs are extremely playful, so they’ll always want to stay active.

Just how unused metals get rusty, if stayed without practice, Bernedoodles will lose their potential. So, always keep your Berne active and help it nurture its intelligence.

Are Bernedoodles high maintenance?  – Are smart dogs higher maintenance?

Bernedoodles are smart dogs. It is well known that the Bernedoodles get their smartness from their Poodle blood and the loyalty from Bernese Mountain blood. Although their smartness is inherited they are not too smart like Poodles.

However, in comparison to regular dogs out there, they are smarter. And the norm is, the smarter dogs are, the higher their maintenance is. Bernedoodles being a super-smart dog breed out there, need high maintenance.

Families that are active, have proper time and necessary resources can have a Bernedoodle as a pet only.

They need-

  • Nutritious and timely diet
  • Regular grooming
  • To go on a walk each day for at least two-three hours
  • To do regular exercises
  • To have their own space
  • Playing accessories
  • Proper training

That’s how high maintenance a Bernedoodle is. If only a family can invest their valuable time and interest in training a Bernedoodle, only then they should have one.

Are smart dogs harder to train?

Smart dogs are easy to train. As smart dogs are interactive with humans and mostly commands, they can go through training without any unnecessary repetition. This makes the entire process of training easy going and the longevity of the training sessions shortens.

So, if anything, smart dogs are easier to train. On the other hand, training dogs that are less smart and less interactive is really hard.

What is the smartest Doodle?

Border Collie is the smartest, most intelligent dog breed among all the others. In the ranking of intelligence among the dogs, Border Collie has the first place and the second place is had by the Poodles. Border Collie comes from the Anglo-Scottish border region.

What dog has the highest IQ?

Border Collies, being the smartest dogs among all, have the highest IQ. IQ is short for intelligence quotient which in dogs’ cases depends completely on how fast they learn tricks and adapt training.

Bernedoodles are surprisingly smart dogs. They train well and fast. They are interactive to commands and they are extremely homely.

Anyone who owns a Bernedoodle, knows how suitable a partner a Bernedoodle can be and how much that person enjoys its company. So, Bernedoodles are highly recommended for people who have the potential to keep them. 

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