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Can Bernedoodles Be Left Alone? (For How Long?)

Bernedoodles are always around their favorite humans. They are companions’ dogs who thrive on interaction and good times with the family.

It’s only wise if you are left wondering if leaving them alone be such a great idea.

Can bernedoodles be left alone?

Bernedoodles can only be left alone with early training and precautions like enough toys, television, and treat rewards. As puppies, you can leave them alone for at most 2 hours. With proper training, you can leave adult ones for up to 6 hours. Any more than that, they might show violent behavior.

Are Bernedoodles a good home alone?

Benedoodles don’t do very well when they have been left home alone for a long time. Even if they are trained well, you may want a neighbor or family member to check on them.

You can leave them with toys and other distractions too. If they are left home alone for more than 6 to 8 hours, they might suffer from anxiety and start behaving destructively

Can Bernedoodles be left alone for 8 hours?

Bernedoodles love to spend time with their family and, if they could, they would surely spend every minute of their waking minute with their favorite humans. While you can leave them alone for a couple of hours, leaving them home alone for 8 straight hours may be a bit too much.

Even if you have trained them to enjoy their independence from the very start, a companion breed like the Bernedoodle would get uneasy if they have no other company for 8 hours. They might start behaving violently, or start barking in such cases.

How long can bernedoodles be left alone?

Bernedoodles, when trained properly, can be alone for a few hours. But, like any other dog, they will start missing you if you are gone for too long. As a dog owner, it is necessary to know how long will be too long if you are to leave your teddy like pup alone.

Typically, a Bernedoodle can be left alone only for 2 hours. This is only possible if your canine is at least 18 months old. Sometimes, for the same-aged dogs, 2 hours may be a lot to trigger anxiety if they are not trained to spend alone time.

As they grow older and become adult dogs, you can leave them alone for a maximum of 6 hours. But remember, this would only be possible after months of gradual training.

When you leave them for so long, you may want to take the necessary precautions as well, like ways to keep them engaged and distracted.

How long can bernedoodle puppies be left alone?

Bernedoodle puppies, unlike adult and trained ones, do not fair well with loneliness and boredom.

If your puppy is not trained and you are trying to get them used to being alone, you may want to leave them alone for 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch, no more than that.

You can increase this time gradually. For puppies that are around 18 to 20 months old, you can also leave them alone for at most 1 to 2 hours.

Even during the time, you may want to keep someone in rounds for observing their behavior. You may also leave them with toys and other distractions.

4 reasons why you cannot leave bernedoodles alone:

While it is feasible to leave an adult and trained Bernedoodle for a few hours, it is never okay to leave them alone for too long, and here is why:

They might bark excessively:

When it’s been over 8 hours and they see no signs of other human interaction, Bernedoodles who are otherwise composed, start barking and howling.

They will also whine loudly and whimper loudly enough for the neighbors to notice.

Untimely discharge:

Unfortunately, one other reason you may not want to leave your bernedoodle alone for too long is they start to excrete or urinate untimely and inside the house. This is caused by anxiety when they start to feel alone or scared.

Destructive behavior:

From violent chewing to house breaking, you may expect your dog to turn into a wrecking ball if you’ve left them to themselves without proper training.

 If you have locked them in a room, expect to see broken furniture and torn curtains when you return.

Possible Injuries:

Many advise to leave their bernedoodles in a crate. Even if you crate train them, it is always unsafe to do so.

Bernedoodles are prone to elbow or hip dysplasia, and leaving them in a crate increases the chance of injuries. 

How do you entertain a Bernedoodle?

One way you can leave your Benedoodle for long hours is by keeping them well entertained and distracted. Here are a few ways to entertain a Bernedoodle:

Interactive Toys:

You can leave them with their favorite toys but ones that are mentally stimulating keep them entertained and involved.

You can make sure they have plenty of options to choose from and quite a wide variety of them. You may include puzzle toys, rolling ones, or few plush toys for comfort.

Tasty Treats:

One way to keep them happy, entertained, and jolly when you are away is by giving them treats. However, be careful not to spoil them for the smallest things.

If you reward their good behavior, like staying calm and collected during lone times, they would also recognize that this gets them gifts. This would work as an incentive as well.

Cozy Safe Space:

Entertainments is not the only means a Bernedoodle can be kept joyous and calm. If you create a safe space for them where they can return to feel at home, it can be a great mood changer for them.

Dog Television:

What’s better than watching some dog shows on the television to enjoy some alone time.

You can have channels and shows on the tv and turn it on for your dog to watch it when you are away. This will keep them involved and keep you away without making them behave in an unruly manner.

Playing sessions:

A good and active playtime session, whether it is with you, any family member, or dog sitter, can give them pleasure and entertainment.

Bernedoodles love companionship and there’s nothing better than playing with their favorite person. This is especially great to tire them out before you are leaving them alone at home.

Do Bernedoodles get separation anxiety?

Bernedoodles, like all other dogs, can get separation anxiety when they are left alone.

When they get separation anxiety, Bernedoodles can resort to violent behavior like barking excessively and breaking things around the house. They might even have untimely discharge.

Do Mini Bernedoodles have separation anxiety?

Mini Bernedoodles are no different than the adult ones except in size. They too get separation anxiety but in a smaller span of time as it takes time to train them.

For puppies from 6 to 18 months, it is advisable to let them be alone for no more than 2 hours. Adult puppies can be left alone for up to 4 to 6 hours only when they have been trained properly.

How to treat separation anxiety in dogs?

Here are a few ways you can use to treat separation anxiety in your dog:

Don’t give too much attention:

When they are alone and behaving violently, let them calm themselves before you give them a pat. Don’t give in to erratic behavior on being left alone.

Early Training:

The only real way to treat separation anxiety is by training your dog when they are a puppy. Leave them alone for short periods of time, slowly increasing the time to hours.

Leave them at a safe place:

Instead of confining them to space where it is completely isolated, let them in a larger room with windows. Create a cozy safe place for them in a corner.

Reward them:

When you return home, let them have their favorite treats to let them know they’ve been a good boy when they were alone.

Give them distractions:

When you leave them alone, make sure they have enough to be entertained with. Let them have a wide variety of toys. Give them plush toys and interactive ones as well. You can also turn on the television when you leave.

What Doodle breed can be left alone?

It is vital to know that not every Doodle breed is like Bernedoodle. Meaning, there are some that can tolerate being alone a little more than the Bernie and Poodle mix. Here is a list of doodle breeds that can be left alone:

  • Labradoodles
  • Yorkiepoo
  • Cavapoo
  • Maltipoos
  • Cockapoos
  • Golden doodles
  • Sheepadoodles

Are Bernedoodles destructive?

Bernedoodles are usually calm and composed until they are bored or have been left alone for hours. They have very strong jaws and are large in size. Hence, if they don’t get enough attention, they can be quite destructive as well.

They might turn to break items in the house while continually barking. They might always chew everything in sight and destroy furniture if they are not given their favorite chew toys.

Bernedoodles are human loving animals and don’t do too well when they are left alone.

Of course, you can leave them home for a few hours, make sure you leave them with enough distractions while you are gone. 

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