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How to Teach Dog Not to Destroy Toys? (Explained)

How many times did you walk into a living room full of pieces of your dogs toys. More than often. This is a major head-scratcher to pet owners in general. This particular problem is very common and very bothersome.

There is no reason to stay frustrated over it. This is not a behavior that you cannot control. With patience and proper training, you can get your dog to value its’ toy and play nicely with it. All the fun with zero mess to clean up.

How to teach dog not to destroy toys?

Sit next to your dog and ask him to a trick, or simply to sit. Give him the toy and check if he plays nicely with it. If he plays nicely with the toy you gave, reward him with praise or treats. If he gets rough, interrupt him with a mild sound. Continue this until he understands the command.

Your furry companion can sometimes get too excited with their dog toy. And you might end up with a big mess and a broken toy. Cleaning up the mess is fine, but you simply cannot purchase a toy every time this happens. This is why you need to train them properly to not destroy toys.

Your dog needs proper command and instruction to stop this bad habit. Stay by his side when you give him the toy and observe carefully. Stop any sign of aggression immediately and quickly reward your friend when he behaves accordingly. 

This requires patience and time. It’s not preferable to be aggressive towards them if they start roughly biting. It is best to praise them while they play softly. If the god shows any sign of aggression, you can show anger and take the toy away for a little while.

Why does my dog ruin his toys?

As a puppy, it is normal for a dog to over chew the toy they have. They simply do not know when to stop. This becomes a problem when your big dog chews the toy aggressively and shreds it to pieces. The most common reasons behind this are –

Bored Dog:

Sometimes, when your hyper pup feels bored and dull, it will aggressively chew on its toy and rip it apart. If you find it and bits of a toy in your living room, it might be time to take your dog out for a run.

Wrong toy:

Sometimes, canines like to feel the crunch in their teeth. If you give your dog a soft, stuffed toy, it will bite at it until it feels a crunch, which is never. Select the right type of toy for your friend.

Wrong encouragement:

When your dog is small and breaks toys, some find it cute and respond by gentle affirmations. This turns into a habit of the dog. One silly act of encouragement goes a long, destructive way.

Natural instincts:

As much as cute and cuddly your dog might be, there are some ancestral instincts that come out less often than never. That is when a dog starts getting rough with the toy, and that is when you know you have to do something about it.

Just for fun:

If your dog has a toy that makes a high-pitched squeak, it is possible for your dog to bite it more often and harder for the fun of it. Make sure to keep an eye on that.

These are some of the reasons your big buddy might turn destructive instead of their usual cuddly form.

How to train dogs not to destroy toys?

It may take some time for your furry friend to understand what and what not to do. This requires much patience and training. There are some tricks you can practice to get your dog easier with the toy –

Keep supervision:

Keep supervision when your dog is playing with a toy, and make sure your dog knows that you are watching him. This way, he might control himself till it becomes a habit.

Pay attention, so he doesn’t get bored:

Make sure to give your dog enough attention so it doesn’t get boring.

Different toys:

Get different types of durable chew toys that do not break easily. Chewy treats are also a good choice.

Limit toy playing time:

Create value for the toys by not making them available to your dog 24*7. If your dog learns to cherish the toy, he will not destroy it just as it does no harm to you.

Encourage polite play:

Make sure to encourage when your dog is politely playing with the toy. It is okay to reward such behavior from time to time.

Command strictly when he gets aggressive:

Be loud and clear when your dog gets too aggressive while playing. A mild clap or a warning sound is enough for your dog to drop the toy.

With time your dog will no longer require supervision while playing. But you still might want to keep an eye on it from time to time. Just to make sure your pet doesn’t get too excited and makes a mistake.

Is it okay to let dogs to destroy their toys?

It is advised not to let your dog destroy their toys.

Your dog might get very aggressive while playing and chewing. That is when the toy gets destroyed. It is very dangerous and harmful for your pet.

Your big fur animal might swallow the small bits and pieces of the toys. They could choke on it and cause a major emergency. It could be life-threatening.

The harmful chemicals in the toy can cause significant health issues to your precious pet. Most of the toys are made of plastic, which has Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. These chemicals are very harmful to your pet’s overall health.

This may sound very petty, but buying new toys every other week is something which can be very bothersome. And it can be saddening for the dog if the toy was one of his favorites.

As much as it looks cute, you should not allow your dog to destroy toys. It may seem like a hassle, but this little work will go a long way.

Why do dogs rip stuffing out of toys?

Have you noticed how rough your dog gets when you give it a stuffed toy? Most of the time, the excitement goes overboard, and your dog ends up ripping all the stuffing from the soft toy. This is a very common and a much more natural occurrence.

The reason why dogs tend to rip the stuffing is known as the Prey Drive. It goes way back to the time when dogs used to run in packs and hunt.

Stuffed animals have major similarities with the ancestral preys of dogs. This is why when dogs are given a stuffed animal, their hunting instinct jumps right out.

The only way to confirm that his prey is “departed” is to rip it to pieces. Or, in the case of the stuffed toy, rip the stuffing out.

Apart from this, boredom also causes dogs to play with stuffed toys until the cotton stuffing of the toy is everywhere, or till the dog itself is tired or bored yet again.   

How do I get my dog to stop destroying things when left alone?

Keeping your dogs behavior in check is easier when you are around. The real deal is to train your dog in a way that it remembers the lessons and maintains the behavior when you are not around.

Contrary to popular belief, your dog does not destroy the toys out of sadness or anger because you are not around. The real reasons are-

  • When you are not around, your dog gets a feeling of absolute freedom. This is why it feels there is no need to control or maintain.
  • If your dog/pup does not get enough exercise or playtime, a lot of its energy remains stored. In this case, most dogs let that energy go by chewing more on the toys. This is easier to do when you are not around.
  • It is true that dogs have Separation Anxiety. This can cause the dog to act in such a way. This happens to a lot of dogs. Some dogs bark while some dogs chew.

As the reasons are clear now, it will be easier for you to solve the problem.

Some suggestions:

  1. Dog proof the home, or the parts where the toys are kept;
  2. Limit freedom with more crate time;
  3. Exercise daily for at least thirty minutes;
  4. Be aware of separation anxiety. If there is a sign of anxiety, be patient and affectionate with your dog.

 You can insert cc cameras around the home to check up on your dog if you are not confident. But with some extra patience and hard work, you can get your dog to behave softly even when you are not around.

No need to get upset over broken toys anymore. Be patient and take your time with your dog. The gradual change will bring you and your furry friend closer to each other. So train your dog properly and buy your perfect companion the perfect toy. Your dog deserves it. 

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