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Do Heartbeat Dog Toys Work?

Heartbeat toys are pretty trendy nowadays. If you care for your dog, you also care for his emotions. Dogs or puppies in a new environment might be in a tough time. Heartbeat toys are helpful for them.

Coming to a new family or new house is incredible, and caring for a dog. But it might not always be exciting. He may get stressed or have anxiety of separation.

A dog needs calming supplements at this time. He needs something that can be consoling and soothing. You can choose heartbeat toys in this situation.  

Do heartbeat dog toys work?

Heartbeat toys can work for calming down your dog’s anxiety. Your dog or puppy can get fear of separation after coming to a new place. Heartbeat toys can duplicate heartbeat pulsation and warmth. These give the dog feeling of a mother dog or litter-mates. Thus heartbeat toys give relief to dogs.

Dog’s emotions and growth are similarly important as his health. Dogs need different types of toys for various purposes. Especially, heartbeat toys are a thoughtful choice if you care for your dog’s well-being.

Dogs are fond of being with someone. For example, they enjoy a lot living with other dogs or puppies. While leaving their litter-mates or their mother, they can be upset and stressed. Still, they can feel secured and relieved after sensing the heartbeat toy’s pulsation.

How do heartbeat dog toys work?

Heartbeat toys have some mechanism of calming down the dogs. The toys have some amazing features. Most of the heartbeat toys have the mechanism of making heartbeat pulsation just like another dog.

Heartbeat dog toys are generally stuffed dogs. They can also be in different shapes. These toys mimic the same heartbeat of a dog and give physical comfort. These toys also fulfill the dog’s intuition of having someone beside him.

The dog gets the exact feeling of having his litter-mates around him. The heartbeat sound effect is similar to maternal intimacy. After getting the feeling of togetherness, the dog gets rid of the anxiety of separation. Thus the heartbeat toys work. 

Do heartbeat toys work for puppies?

Heartbeat toys are more efficient for puppies than adult dogs. Puppies need maternal intimacy and care. They are not generally trained at the time of adoption. So, heartbeat toys are perfect for puppies to get used to calm down and adjust to the environment.

If you want to crate train your puppy, you have to give him something to be used to in the crate. Heartbeat toys can help reducing negative activities. Puppies also like heartbeat toys because it helps them to adapt new environment.

Sometimes, puppies get afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. Then they need someone or something that can make them feel okay! Heartbeat toys can be a perfect choice for your puppy to start crate training.

Benefits of heartbeat dog toy

Increases dog’s positive activity:

Dogs can get very sensitive to their feelings and emotions. Even they can get sick from stress and anxiety. They can develop negative behaviors. If dogs calm down using heartbeat toys, they can develop the habit of positive activity over time.

Helps dog’s adaptation in a new place:

Going away from litter-mates and his mother is not easy for a dog. He needs time for adaptation to a new place. You can give your dog a heartbeat toy for ensuring his safety and relaxation. After some days, your dog will be familiar with the place and get used to it.

Useful for crate training:

If you own a dog and want to give crate training, heartbeat toys are really helpful. Dogs might find the crate suffocating and get afraid of entering into it. But you can give your dog a heartbeat toy in the crate to make him feel relaxed. Over time, he might get used to it.

Reduce dog’s whining and crying:

Dogs whine and cry when they feel lonely and anxious. If you are a busy person, you might not always have the chance to pamper and play with your pet. There must be someone or something that can pamper your dog from crying and whining. A heartbeat toy can help your dog to reduce whining and crying.

Helps dog to sleep:

Your dog may be awake when you are asleep. This situation can make your dog feel lonely and helpless. You can give him a heartbeat toy that will make your dog calm. Getting comfort, he will get sleepy. Thus heartbeat toy helps the dog to sleep.

Do puppy heartbeat pillows work?

Puppy heartbeat pillows are quite similar to heartbeat toys. The heartbeat pillow mechanism is the same as the heartbeat toy, but the heartbeat pillow has the shape of a pillow.

Puppies can be very upset and lonely after leaving their mother and siblings. Moreover, crate training might be suffocating at this stage. So, puppy barks, cries, whines at night, and you can’t have a sound sleep also.

Heartbeat pillows have a heating pad that gives heat and provides warmth to the puppy. The puppy feels the heartbeat pulsations and relaxes. After this, the puppy stops crying and whining. This is really helpful for crate training and a peaceful environment at night.

Alternatives to dog heartbeat toy

Though heartbeat toys are pleasant, there are still some alternatives to dog heartbeat toys. Here we are giving you some examples that can help you choose the right thing for your dog.

Heartbeat Pillow:

The Heartbeat pillow’s mechanism is similar to the heartbeat stuffed toy. But the main difference is the shape. Pillow-shaped heartbeat toy also gives warmth.

Snaffle Mat:

Snaffle mat is wool made mat. Dogs can spend hours searching for food in a snaffle mat. Dogs have natural intuition to forage. When dogs find a snaffle mat, they start to find treats in it. A snaffle mat can make your dog remain busy and forget about anxiety. This helps to reduce stress also. A snaffle mat is an excellent alternative to heartbeat toys.

Interactive Toy:

Interactive toy acts as a playful thing to dogs. The more the dog plays with the dog, the more treats the dog can have. This feature makes your dog busy playing and entertaining. This device is a fun exercise for dogs.

Dog Puzzles:

Another great alternative for heartbeat toys is Dog puzzle. It can distract your dog’s focus from anxiety to something enjoyable. In a puzzle, there are many treat compartments.

A dog can slide, flip, and change the compartment to have the treats. But first, you have to show your dog how the treats can be got. Over time, he will learn and get busy and active with the puzzle. Being active and busy, he will forget and reduce his stress.

Old Stuffs:

Old clothes and shoes are the things that cost you nothing. It will help your dog relaxing because he will get something to snuggle with that is familiar. The dog will get the scent which will help him feel that someone is with him or around.


Music can be an alternative to heartbeat toys. Music has some calming effects that can help dogs calming down. For dog’s stress-reducing, white noise is effective. Music beats have the ability to form white noise. So, you can try to put on some music to calm down your dog.

What to give dogs to calm them?

If your dog has separation anxiety or stress because of coming to a new place, you should give him a relaxing device or toy. Heartbeat toys are the best choice to calm down your dog. These toys have a mechanism of mimicking heartbeat sounds. That’s why dogs and puppies feel relieved.

If you are looking for something more efficient for puppies, then you can choose heartbeat pillows.

There are also some comforting toys and devices. These toys can calm your dog by distracting him and make him play with toys for treats. Puzzles, interactive toys can also be helpful.

Owning a dog means becoming a parent for the dog. Your dog needs pampering and care. You may not always be there beside your lovely pet dog, but you can choose heartbeat toys and other comforting devices to reduce your dog’s stress.

Thus, your dog can have a healthy and safe environment. 

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