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Are Shibas Affectionate? (All You Need to Know!)

Shiba Inus are the Japanese fluffballs that can thaw your heart with their fluffy, cute-looking appearance. And seeing their lovely appearance anyone including me and you definitely would want to shower them with love all the time.

However, not all breeds of dogs are affectionate or like to be show fondness. Therefore, knowing this trait of dogs, you certainly would want to know whether Shiba Inus are affectionate or not. 

So, this article is going describe this particular personality of Shiba Inus to let you know if Shina Inus are affectionate or not. 

Are Shibas Affectionate? 

Shibas are affectionate dogs but they show affection only when they feel like showing it. The majority of this dog breed will not snuggle or sit onto the laps of their owners so frequently as the other dog breeds. And because of such an independent personality, Shibas are known as “cat-type” dogs. 

Shiba Inus have inherited an independent personality. So they are very much self-reliant dogs that enjoy their own company. Such traits made Shibas get the title “Cat-type” dogs as cats are also independent animals and do not show affection too often. 

Shiba Inus will show affection only when they are in a mood for it. They are not clingy so they will not be seen sitting on laps or cuddling with their family members too often. 

However, even if Shibas don’t show affection too often, they can be super affectionate at times when they want to be. 

How Shiba Inus Show Affection?

The ways Shiba Inus show affection are unique and interesting. Below their most common manners of showing affection have been explained. 

Direct Staring In Eyes

When your Shiba Inu is happy around you or loving your company, he will directly stare into your eyes. It’s such a unique way of theirs to express affection.

Also, it’s assumed as “hugging with eyes” because it releases a hormone named oxytocin that helps to make a strong bond. 

Gets Excited 

You will notice your Shiba Inu get super excited to see you coming home from outside. With a happy face, he will run towards you to grab your attention. He will waggle their tails around you too. 

Wants To Cuddle 

Shibas are not cuddly that much. If you see your Shiba Inu preparing himself to get cuddly with you on the bed, just know he is trying to shower you with his abundant affection. Also, he wants your affection in return.

Leans On Your Body 

Again saying, Shibas are not clingy at all. Therefore, if your Shiba Inu is leaning his body on your body, this simply means he trusts you and wants to be with you at that moment. It also means he is comfy staying with you. 

Gives Standing Hug/Jumps On You 

That’s the most natural way of Shiba Inus to show love. Most of the time when you’ll get back home, you will get a standing hug from your Shiba Inu or he will jump on you. He will do this to express that he loves you and you are special to him.

How Do You Know If Your Shiba Inu Loves You?

Shiba Inus have their own ways of expressing love and affection to their owners and the ways are quite different from other dog breeds.

When you will be walking in the doorway, you often will notice your Shiba Inu come towards you running or jumping on you giving a standing hug. That moment just understand that your furry friend just loves you. 

Also, sometimes you surely will notice your Shiba Inu try to catch a direct gaze with you. It’s his other way of expressing love for you. Your Shiba’s looking into your eyes means he really adores you. 

You may also see your Shiba Inu to walk around you. He will follow you when he will want to shower you with his unconditional love and affection. 

Apart from these manners, leaning onto you, bringing you his toys, licking you are the other ways through which you can know that your Shiba Inu loves you. 

How Do You Bond With A Shiba Inu?

If you are a Shiba Inu owner and want to build a strong and intense bond with your fluffy, chubby Japanese baby dog, just follow all these tips suggested for you below. 

Engage In Doing Fun Activities 

Make yourself engage with your Shiba Inu in doing fun activities such as playing games with him. When you will be playing along with him, you both will get enough time to get along with each other.

Your Shiba Inu will start enjoying your company more and this will make your bond with him stronger than ever. 

Take Him For A Walk 

On a routine basis, take your Shiba Inu for a stroll on his leash in parks or around the streets. When you will take him for a walk, he will get to understand many things through you and this will make him explore the interesting world around him.

Therefore, your Shiba Inu will take you as an interesting and important person in his life. 

Stay Calm While Dealing With Him

Always calmly deal with him, never yell or punish him while obedient training or if he does any mistake. When he will notice that you are calmly dealing with him he will behave calmly and affectionately too.

Be Consistent With Your Behavior

Try to be consistent with your behavior towards him. Always shower him with the same love. Don’t love a day more and another less. This will make him love you the same way because Shibas expect the same unconditional love in return that they are showering us with. 

Be Fair Always

Always be fair to him, never punish him for not listening to your command. Understand that he’s an animal after all not any human child. So your Shiba will feel that you are generous towards him, he will feel safe living with you. 

Communicate With Him 

Establishing a strong bond with your Shiba Inu will require you to do a lot of communication with him. You can make a constant set of oral commands and hand signals while giving him obedient training.

This way you will get more time to communicate with him and understand his personality. 

Do Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle?

Shiba Inus like to cuddle but not always. Depending on their mood they might come to you have some smuggling time with you. 

Shiba Inus are independent dogs and not being clingy and cuddly is a part of their personality. So only if they think it’s the time for being all cuddly and enjoying their owner’s affection, they will become cuddly babies and like to snuggle. 

Why Do Shibas Not Like To Cuddle? 

Shiba Inu dog breed is vastly known for being one of the independent breeds of dogs that enjoys their “me time” rather than being clingy with their owners. And that’s the main reason why Shibas don’t prefer cuddling that much. 

Also, when Shiba Inus find some other interesting things to do, they will not ever cuddle because at that time their attention will be stuck on doing/enjoying that thing. 

Are Shibas Friendly?

Shiba Inus are super friendly only with their owner and the other family members. But with strangers, they are not so friendly at least in the beginning they are really wary of the strangers. 

Shibas will be seen being friendly with their human family members and their owners. And such traits made them Japan’s one of the most popular companion dog breeds. 

Also, know that a Shiba Inu puppy from a reputable breeder is most likely to be more friendly. 

Are Shiba Inu Playful?

Shiba Inus are playful but not too much. Because their temperament fluctuates, one moment they can feel like play and the next moment they can lose their interest.

Also, they are very independent-minded dogs. So they show a strong willingness to do the things they want rather instead of playing all time. 

Also, they just scored 5 on the scale of being playful dogs. 

Are Shiba Inus Calm?

Shiba Inus has earned the reputation for being calm and their calm approaches towards the world.  Calmness is just a part of Shiba Inu’s personality. But they have a strong-willed personality that has described them as stubborn as well. 

You will see a Shiva Inu staying calm almost all the time, especially, if it’s bred by a reputable Shiba Inu Breeder. However, after seeing a stranger, they can behave hyperactively. 

Are Shibas High Energy?

Most of the Shiba Inus are not highly energetic. They are more like moderately energetic dog breeds that love to go for a walk rather than taking part in energetic activities.

Shiba Inus are not hyper-energetic. So, be sure that Shibas will not act hyperactively, destroy things or climb the walls if they don’t receive adequate exercise to release their energy. 

However, you must provide him with a regular walk at least for maintaining their good health and mental stimulation. 

What Are Shiba Inus Like As Pets?

Shiba Inus can be an excellent pet and a great companion. They are so loyal to their masters and family members that they those people too much. They are hyper-alert, so any suspicious activity can’t escape from their sights.

Shibas are a smart breed of dog and like to express their own ideas and willingness while doing things. Shiba Inus are great house dogs too. 

However, to get all of these good traits from a Shiba Inu, you should adopt a Shiba Inu puppy from a reputable breeder. 

Shiba Inus are affectionate in terms of their willingness to showing affection as they are very much independent dogs. So, never force them to be affectionate, it might result in something bad. 

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