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Are Shiba Inus Related To Foxes, Akitas, Wolves, Huskies, etc.?

People often try to link Japanese Shiba Inus too with other dog breeds and other dog-like animals because their characteristics and looks get matched to each other.

Seeing all of these correlations, you may also think Shiba Inus is related to foxes, Akitas, wolves, Huskies, etc. breeds of dogs and dog-like animals. 

Therefore, this article is going to decipher the correlations between Shiba Inus and other breeds of dogs and dogs alike animals that are sometimes assumed as their forerunners with proper justification. 

Are Shiba Inus Related To Foxes?

Shiba Inus are absolutely not related to foxes. Both of the animals are biologically distinct. So, biologically they don’t share any similarities. But both Shiba Inus and foxes indeed have many commonalities in terms of temperaments like both of them are intelligent, self-reliant, and agile. 

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Do Shiba Inus Come From Foxes?

Shiba Inus don’t come from foxes. Both of the creatures have biological disparities which define that Shiba Inus are not directly related to foxes. However, Shibas have a fox-like appearance and it’s small in size like foxes.

Also, Shibas share many characteristics with foxes, so they are often mistaken by thinking that perhaps they have come from foxes. 

Do Shiba Inus Have Foxes In Them?

Shiba Inus don’t have foxes in them genetically. So assuming Shibas as a fox of a dog would be a misrepresentation of both of the creatures.

But yes, in terms of personalities, expression, and facial features Shiba Inus share many communities with red foxes that make people think that Shiba Inus have foxes in them. 

Do Shiba Inu And Red Foxes Share Similar Characteristics? 

Shiba Inus and Red Foxes certainly do share many similar characteristics. Both Shiba Inus and foxes are high in intelligence, they are self-reliant, and very flexible and competent. Both of them. Like to go for small hunts. And both of the creatures display cat-like behavior. 

Why Do Shibas Look Like Foxes?

The main five reasons Shiba Inus look like foxes have been clarified below. 

Facial Features 

Both Shiba Inus and Red Foxes have similar facial color and appearance as well as they are quite the same in size as well. Therefore, Shibas look like foxes. 

Airplane Ears 

Both the Shibas and Red Foxes have a familiar skill to suspend their ears. It means submission to their masters. And this practice is commonly known as “airplane ears”.


The Shiba Inus and Red Foxes share a very significant characteristic which is independence. Both of the creatures have shown that they are self-reliant and don’t depend on their masters or anyone else too much. 


Red Foxes have always been known as intelligent animals and Shiba Inus got the same trait as well. Shiba Inus are as intelligent as Red Foxes. 

Hunting Games 

Both Shibas and Red Foxes enjoy small hunting games in the same way.  

The Differences Of Shiba Inu And The Red Fox 

Here are the main differences between Shiba Inu and Red Foxes that will end your misconception regarding their biological similarities. 

Two Different Animal Species 

Scientifically it’s proven that in terms of biological and genetic similarities the Shiva Inus and Red Foxes are two different types of animal species. And neither of them has any direct relation to each other’s origin. 

Differs In Living Condition 

Naturally, Red Foxes are wild creatures, they are born in jungles and spend their whole life there. But Shiba Inus are domestic animals. They are bred by breeders and pet by people. 

Physical Characteristics 

Although it seems like both the Shiba Inu and Red Foxes have similarities in their coat color and size but yet these similarities are vividly different.


Red Foxes are wild animals so since their childhood they have nurtured wild animal behavior. But Shiba Inus are domestic animals so they are neither wild nor ferocious like wild animals.

Are Shiba Inus Related To Akitas?

Shiba Inus are related to Akitas. Because both the Shiba Inus and Akitas are from spitz-dog breeds, and these spitz-dog breeds are Japan native. Also, DNA studies of both Shiba Inus and Akitas have stated that these two breeds are one of the most historical domestic dogs of Japan. 

Are Shiba Inus The Same As Akitas? 

Shiba Inus are exactly not the same as Akitas. Their physical disparities and size are the main factors that make them different from each other. Akitas are one of the larger Japanese dog breeds whereas Shibas are one of the smaller Japanese dog breeds. 

What’re The Differences Between A Shiba And An Akita?

The main differences between a Shiba and An Akita have been portrayed below. 

Physical Differences

Akita dogs are another larger dog breeds among all of the larger dog breeds Japan has. On the contrary, Shiba Inus are one of the tinier Japanese dog breeds.

And their size disparities are the main physical difference. Akitas height is between 24-28 inches and Shibas are between 13-17 inches. 

And in terms of weight, Akitas weigh between. 70-130 pounds but the Shiba Inus weighs around 23 pounds only. 

Living Space 

Due to being a smaller-sized dog breed, Shiba Inus can comfortably adjust to smaller places like in an apartment. But Akitas face difficulties living in a tiny apartment as they are big-sized dogs and require space for running and roaming. 


Akitas are more sensitive than Shiba Inus. Akitas don’t like to stay alone but Shiba Inus are more self-reliant and can be left alone.  

Do Shiba Inus And Akitas Get Along?

Whether Shiba Inus and Akitas will get along or not depends on their temperament, as some Akitas and Shibas are a little fussy with other dogs.

However, if they are brought up together, they will accept living with each other. But still, it would be better if you ask their breeder’s opinion about whether they can stay together or not. 

Are Shiba Inus Related To Wolves?

Among all the original Japanese dog breeds, Shiba Inus are the ones that are genetically the most identical to wolves and it’s stated by National Geographic itself. Shiba Inus are more related to the chronological wolf antecedents. Also, Shiba Inus have a wolf-like thick body coat and pointy ears. 

Are Shiba Inus Closest To Wolves?

Shiba Inus are the closest to wolves in terms of genetics. They mostly are closest to their ancient wolf antecedents. Their DNA matched the most with the wolf’s DNA.

Also, Shiba Inus have ranked first place in the chart that states which four dog breeds are genetically the closest to wolves. 

How Close Are Shiba Inus To Wolves?

According to the chart of dog breeds closest to wolves presented by National Geographic has stated that genetically Shiba Inus are that dog breed that is the closest to wolves.

Because it was found that the wolf’s DNA matched the most closely with a Shiba Inu and Shiba Inus are most similar to ancient wolves. 

Do Shiba Inus Have A Wolf In Them?

Shiba Inus don’t have a wolf in them, although genetically, they are proven as the closest breed of dogs to wolves.

Shiba Inus don’t demonstrate any wolf-like attitude, such as howling and growling. Even their body language and overall behavior are more like a natural domestic dog. 

What Did Shiba Inus Evolve From?

The modern-day Shiba Inus have evolved from their three other Japanese surviving bloodlines named Shinshu Shiba, Mino Shiba, and San’in Shiba.

And their blood lines had survived in these three prefectures in Japan given serially, the Nagano Prefecture, modern-day Gifu Prefecture, and Tottori and Shimane Prefecture. 

Are Shiba Inus Related To Huskies?

Shiba Inus are not related to Huskies. They are completely two different kinds of dog breeds in terms of their origin, physical appearance, and personalities. So, even if both Shibas and Huskies are identical to their wolves’ ancestors, they have no direct/indirect relation with each other. 

Both of the dog breeds are different from each other in terms of all major factors such as origin, physical appearance, and temperament. For example, Shibas originated in Japan and are small-sized. On the contrary, Huskies originated in Siberia, they are big-sized friendly dogs. 

But people have a misconception that they are identical to each other because both of them have a close relation with wolves. However, it’s not right at all. 

What’s The Difference Between A Husky And A Shiba Inu?

Differences between a husky and a Shiba Inu have been explained below.


Shiba Inus have been born in Japan and they are one of the ancient Japanese dog breeds. Whereas Huskies are born in cold Siberia and they are also one of the ancient dog breeds. 

Physical Appearance 

Shiba Inus are small in size, compact, and flexible. On the contrary, Huskies are big-sized dogs with a hefty build body and large paws. 


Shiba Inus are the more independent type of dogs that love to enjoy their private space but Huskies are not that independent, they like their master’s company. 

Shiba Inus are more strong-willed and stubborn. On the contrary, Huskies are more obedient to their owners.

Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Huskies?

Shiba Inus do get along with Huskies. Because Huskies are more like “pack dogs”, this means they are friendly around other breeds of dogs too. Such traits make Shibas get along with them as well. Especially, if both dogs are bred up and socialized together.  

What Are Shiba Inu Is A Mix Of?

Shiba Inus are not a mix of any other dog breeds. Shiba Inus are purebred dogs that were originally bred by Japanese hunters for small hunting games and flush birds. And Shibas are one of the native purebred dogs of Japan. 

Are Shiba Inus Related To Dingoes?

Neither genetically nor in terms of origin Shiba Inus are related to Dingoes. They are certainly different from each other. However, both Shibas and Dingoes share similarities such as their facial appearance and coat color matches with each other. So, they are mistaken as related to each other.

Are Dingoes Shibas?

Dingoes are not Shibas. Dingoes are assumed to be born in Australia whereas Shibas hail from Japan. Their personalities are different too. But since Dingoes and Shibas have quite the same alike coat color and facial structures, they are mistaken as being the same breed of dogs.

What Is The Difference Between Dingo And Shiba Inus? 

Below all the main differences that will clear your misconception regarding Dingo and Shiba Inus are explained. 

Domesticated Or Non-Domesticated 

Shiba Inus are pure domestic pet dogs whereas Dingo dogs are not the typical domesticated pets. Dingoes are more like feral dogs to native Australians. 


Shiba Inus are intelligent, independent, and strong-willed stubborn dogs. But they got a calm aura too and they don’t easily socialize with other dogs. 

On the other hand, Dingoes are wild canines that are social too. Because they live together with other animals too. 


Shiba Inus were born in ancient Japan and it’s one of the six native Japanese dogs that are now people’s best companions. 

And Dingo dogs are assumed to be from Australia. And many stories say that they were domesticated before but after being abandoned they have become feral dogs.

What Dog Is Closest To A Dingo?

Genetically or inherently no dog breeds are closest to Dingo dogs. But in terms of appearance, there are quite a few breeds of dogs that are closest to Dingoes.

Carolina Dogs 

Carolina dogs are the closest to Dingo dogs when it comes down to their appearances. Carolina dogs have a striking resemblance in coat color, facial appearance with Dingoes that people often think both dogs are the same. 

Shiba Inu 

Japan-born Shiba Inus are also the closest to Dingoes in terms of appearance. But both of the dog breeds differ in personalities. 

Finnish Spitz 

At very first glance, anyone would think that Finnish Spitz is the closest to Dingo dogs because of the similarities in their look, which is true. The only difference is Finnish Spitz dogs have thicker coats. 

Korean Jindo 

Korean Jindo dogs are another dog breed that is quite an extent closer to Dingo dogs as they also look like Dingoes.

How Are Dingoes Different From Dogs?

Dingoes have a larger-sized brain compared to any typical dog of similar body size and weight. And this makes Dingoes different from any typical dog. Also, Dingoes are more like wolves rather than dogs like they bark less and howl more and their activity is nighttime based.

Are Shiba Inus Related To Corgis?

Genetically and inherently, Shiba Inus and Corgi dogs are not related to each other. But they are identical to each other in terms of cross-breeding. But they are identical to each other in terms of crossbreeding. Any mixed breed Shiba Corgi dog is related to both Shiba Inus and Corgi dogs.

Is a shiba inu a corgi?

Shiba Inu is not a Corgi dog. They both are two different breeds of dogs and have no connection neither genetically nor inherently.

But nowadays Shiba Inus and Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs are being crossbred. Therefore, the new mixed breed Shiba Corgi dogs have a direct relationship with both the Shiba Inus and Corgi dogs.

Differences Between Corgi And Shiba Inu?

There are some vivid differences between Corgi dogs and Shiba Inus and those have been described below.

Physical Appearance 

The most apparent difference between Corgis and Shiba Inus are their physical appearance. Shiba Inus are much taller than Corgi dogs. Corgis are shorter dogs with shorter legs. 

However, Corgis weigh more than Shiba Inus. The average weight of a Corgis is 22-30 pounds whereas a Shiba Inu only weighs around 18-24 pounds.


Shiba Inus are a little less affectionate to their masters and other people, they are more like self-reliant, strong-willed dogs.  

In stark contrast, Corgis love to be the center of attention among people, they are cheerful, friendly dogs. Corgis are more of people-pleaser dogs. 

Purposes Of Breeding 

Shiba Inus were bred for small hunting games and flush birds in Japan  But Corgis were bred to lead sheep in Welsh, England.  

Do shiba inus and corgis get along?

Shiba Inus get along with Corgis to a good extent without any problem and it’s claimed by many Shiba Inu owners.

However, it’s again suggested that before bringing any Corgi dog in a Shiba Inus life, dog owners should consult with the breeder first or make both dogs stay together since their puppy phase. 

Should I get a corgi or shiba?

Depends on your preference over pet dogs. If you want a people-pleaser, happy, cheerful dog in your life then get a Corgi. But if you like an athletic type, self-reliant, less hyper dog then get a Shiba Inu. No matter what dog you get, you just need to put effort into being their best friend. 

Shiba Inus are genetically and innately identical to Akitas and Wolves. But they are not related to foxes, Huskies, Dingoes, and Corgis directly. However, mixed breed Shiba Corgi is related to both Shiba Inus and Corgis.

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