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Can Shiba Inus Live in Hot or Cold Weather? (Explained)

The weather has a great influence on the living conditions of dogs of all breeds, as not all dogs are better suited in both hot and cold weather.

And it goes the same for Shiba Inus too. So, if you contemplate adopting a Shiba Inu puppy before doing so you surely would like to know can Shiba Inus live in hot or cold weather. 

In this article, this important question has been answered with sufficient information considering both hot and cold weather and in what weather Shiba Inus can live comfortably. 

Can Shiba Inus Live In Hot Weather?

Shiba Inus can live in hot weather. Because their thick coat acts like natural insulation that traps the cooler air nearest to their body and keeps their body cool. Also, their coat protects them from extremely hot temperatures. But, they should be provided with shade and chill water all time.

Are Shiba Inus Good In Hot Weather?

Shiba Inus do perfectly fine in hot weather. Because they are Japan-born dogs and Japan has hot summery weather, therefore, they are habituated to living in hot weather.

Moreover, Shiba Inus got a puffy coat that is heat-tolerant, therefore, their body remains cool even in a hot climate.  

How Hot Is Too Hot For Shiba Inu?

Temperature over 90°F is too hot for Shiba Inus as well as for any other breed of dogs. A Shiba Inu can tolerate temperature till 90° F if he gets plenty of water, shade, and air circulation. But if the temperature exceeds 90°, never let him stay outside. 

Do Shiba Inu Need Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a must-needed thing for Shiba Inus that live in extremely hot weather to keep themselves cool and comfortable on scorching bright summer days.

However, on days when the weather is moderately hot then keeping a ceiling fan turned on will just do the job of air conditioning to keep Shiba Inus cool in. 

What Are The Dangers Of Keeping A Shiba Inu Outside In The Heat?

The most possible dangerous conditions that can attack Shiva Inus because of staying outside under heat have been described below.


Since Shiba Inus have thick double coats, they are not so prone to develop sunburn. However, if they are left outside for a long period especially just after they are done with their shedding season, they can get sunburn.

Because at that time some parts of their skin are uncovered. 

Heat Exhaustion

Shiba Inus can suffer from heat exhaustion from staying outside for a prolonged time. If they are outside on the scorching summer days, their body temperature can raise up to 105-106° F which is much more than their usual body temperature.

If this happens, Shibas will be seen panting more than normal and their sluggish movement will be apparent as well. 


The most dangerous one is heatstroke. If by any chance Shiba Inus are left in a car outside, there’s a high chance that they will be attacked with a heat stroke.

Because the temperature inside the car can shoot up from 75 to 110°F just in 15 minutes. Which is highly fatal for a double-coated dog like shine Inus. 

Also, if their body temperature rises up to 107°F, Shibas are at the risk of getting heatstroke.


Another possible danger is dehydration. If Shiba Inus don’t get enough cool water to drink or don’t have any shade outside while staying outside, they will suffer from dehydration and they will be seen as lethargic. 

How Do I Keep My Shiba Inu Cool In The Summer?

Keeping your Shiba Inu cool in the hot summer is necessary. Therefore, all the methods to keep him cool on summer days have been explained for you.

Keep Him Well Watered 

There’s no other better way to keep your Shiba Inu cool than giving plenty of cool water to drink. Drinking water will allow him for much heat loss through wheezing. Also, the risk of dehydration will be reduced by drinking enough water.

But remember to give only room temperature cold water. 

Provide Him A Well-Sheltered Place 

During summer days, it’s always suggested for you that you should bring your Shiba Inu inside your home so that he can stay cool under a ceiling fan or AC. But if it’s possible to bring him home, provide him a well-sheltered dog house in your backyard or under a big tree. 

Small Paddling Pools 

Shiba Inus would love to have a small paddling pool on a scorching bright summer day. It will allow him to have some fun in the water as well as will keep his body cool.


If you are living with your Shiba Inu in an extremely hot environment, ventilation is a must. For that install an air conditioning unit in the room where he stays on summer days. Or you can keep the windows open and turn a fan on if you don’t want to install an AC.

Should You Shave Your Shiba Inu In The Summer?

You should never shave your Shiba Inu in the summer. Because their coat protects them from heat, sunburn, dirt, insects, and bacteria so if you shave him, he will lose his natural protection. 

So never shave him, unless it’s recommended by a vet. 

Can Shiba Inus Live In Cold Weather?

Shiba Inus are suited to live in cold weather too. Because they have thick double coats with a layer of undercoats which is hard enough to withstand cold weather. Hence, this thick and dense double coat acts as a thick-lining double jacket, so cold weather can’t go through such natural protection.   

Are Shiba Inus Good In Cold Weather? 

Shiba Inus live well in cold weather. Because they have thick and hard layers of hair with an undercoat that is sturdy enough to handle chilly cold weather in a good manner.

Moreover, as they originated from Japan and Japan has both a scorching hot summer and snowy cold weather, their double coats can naturally adjust to cold weather. 

Do Shiba Inus Like The Cold?

Shiba Inus like cold weather as naturally, they can stand up to cold weather. Their special physical features are well suited in snowy cold weather so it becomes manageable for them to adjust to cold and feel comfortable in icy temperatures. 

How Cold Is Too Cold For Shiba Inu?

Generally, 30-40°F or above is too cold for Shiba Inus. And if your Shiba Inu is an elderly one, or has health problems, or he is just a little puppy, remember to never let them stay outside at above 30°F temperature. It can be fatal for them. 

Can Shiba Inus Get Cold?

Typically, Shiba Inus don’t get cold due to having a double-layered thick coat which works as natural protection or you can say as a double jacket with thick lining for them.

However, at 30-40°F temperature, Shibas can feel cold if they stay outside and especially if it’s an elderly, a child, or a Shiba Inu with existing health problems. 

Does Shiba Inu Need A Winter Coat?

Shiba Inus will require a winter coat if you are taking him out in very chilled snowy or frozen weather. A winter coat will protect him then as well as will keep him warm. But if the cold weather is tolerable, not snowy or frozen then Shiba Inus don’t need a winter coat. 

How To Keep Shiba Inus Warm In Cold Weather?

Even if Shiba Inus can withstand cold weather, you got to keep him warm to avoid any kind of fatal winter health conditions. Therefore, the ways to keep him warm have been described below. 

Cover Him In Plush Blanket 

To keep your Shiba warm in chilly weather, cover him fully with a blanket. Wrapping him up in a blanket will help him to get warm quickly. 

Keep Him Inside 

When the weather is too cold or snowy that Shiba Inus can’t tolerate naturally, bring him home and let him stay inside with you. Even if it’s not that cold you should keep him inside the home so that he stays warmer. 

Make Him Wear Winter Jacket And Boots 

If you want to take your Shiba Inu for a walk in the cold weather, make sure to make him wear a winter jacket and boots. A Winter jacket will keep him warm and boots will protect his paws from the cold. 

Give Him Lukewarm Water 

You must give him lukewarm water and liquids to drink in cold weather. It will keep his body hydrated in the winter season. 

What Weather Do Shiba Inu Like? 

There is no specific weather that Shiba Inus likes. Since they are well suited for both hot and cold weather, they like both kinds of weather and can live pretty well in any weather. 

Do Shibas Like Snow?

Shiba Inus like snow. As they can adjust to cold and snowy weather, they are comfortable playing in the snow. But you need to make them wear a winter jacket and boots while they go out playing in the snow. 

Can Shiba Inus Live Outside?

Shiba Inus can live outside but you must keep them on a leash and near to your home. Because they love to play off-leash so they can run away. Also, a fence is mandatory if you are keeping your Shiba Inu outside. 

Nature has gifted Shiba Inus with such a double-coat that can adjust to both cold and hot weather. So they can live in both hot and cold weather. But you must take steps to protect your Shiba Inu from both hot and colder days.

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