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Are Havanese Dogs High Maintenance? (Explained!)

If you’re planning to adopt a Havanese, them being your cute little companion dogs, you may have to consider a few things like whether they’re high maintenance and how much time and effort you need to give to provide them with a safe and healthy living environment.

Are Havanese dogs high maintenance?

Havanese are a bit high maintenance in terms of their grooming sessions. Not to mention, they need huge attention and always like to stay around their owners. However, in the case of temperament and behavior, Havanese are no more high maintenance than any other dog or pet.

Are Havanese low maintenance?

Havanese dogs are low maintenance as they are flexible, social, intelligent, friendly dogs and can quickly adapt to your home and lifestyle compared to other dogs. They love to receive praise and treat from their owners and always like being in their presence. 

You can get them easily trained as they’re quick learners. You’ll be fine as long as you give enough attention to your Havanese. Yes, they are needy in terms of attention. You might get a hard time grooming your pup as well.

Apart from grooming and attention, Havanese are a low maintenance dog just like any of your average dogs. 

Why are Havanese dogs high maintenance?

Reasons why Havanese dogs are high maintenance-

Need a lot of attention:

You cannot leave your Havanese alone for more than 3-4 hours. They need toys or chews to keep them occupied or might get anxious from separation. If you’re a traveller or stay away from home for any issue, then you have to take your pup with you. 

Havanese love company, and they don’t like to stay alone. They will bark if you’re not giving him the attention he needs.

Long and thick, full-length coat:

Havanese have very long fur, and you need to brush them every day for at least 15 minutes so the hair doesn’t get tangled and matted. Their fur gets very thick and double-layered after shedding off the puppy coat. Along with brushing, you have to make weekly baths for them to keep full-length hair. 

Your little buddies have earned the title of being high maintenance because of the long, thick and big fur. You can cut their hair short. But you have to clip their hair every 6-8 weeks and maintain the weekly baths. Even when you’ve cut the fur short, you have to brush them every day. 

One interesting fact about Havanese fur is that some of them naturally get the cord, or you can train them so. If you allow your pup to grow dreadlocks, you don’t need brushing whatsoever, but you have to continue with his bathing anyway. 

Require frequent grooming sessions:

Apart from the significant coat type, you have to make a weekly bath to keep the dirt and debris away. You have to brush their teeth at least two times a week and trim their nails once a month. So there is a lot of work you need to do to keep your little bud clean and healthy.

Routined exercise:

Though Havanese can be your lapdog, they need to exercise every day to remain fit and healthy. You have to take them for a walk at least once a day.

Your little buddy will do fine as long as you cover a distance of at least 7 miles. After the required amount of exercise, he can accompany you to your home watching Netflix. 

Temperament and behavioral issue:

Havanese are pretty friendly but sometimes get shy around strangers. Watch out since he can get very naughty and do fun in his way if he’s not entertained enough. Eventually will develop lousy behavior to get his work done. It can be quite a hassle for you to potty train this little bud.

Are Havanese easy to take care of?

Havanese dogs are pretty easy to take care of as they are very friendly, social, active and love to receive praise from their owners. By providing them with the correct food diet, exercise, routined grooming sessions, training and entertainment, you can ensure a healthy and hygienic life for your pup.

However, the grooming sessions can get a hassle sometimes as you will need to spend a lot of time brushing his hair and bathing him at least once a week. 

How to take care of a Havanese dog? 

Taking care of the Havanese diet:

Your Havanese will need high-quality dry dog food to maintain a good diet. Inexpensive dog food is empty fillers that are not suitable for your pup’s health. Ask the association what particular food brand they have been feeding your canine.

You can change the brand gradually. Leftover food from your table might not always be good for him if you’re feeding him dog food.

Your Havanese food diet must include animal carbohydrates and proteins for energy and daily activities. Vitamins and minerals boost up his immune system and digestive health. For good coat type and skin he requires omega fatty acids.

You can give a typical adult Havanese a half cup of premium dry kibble each day for two meals. You will have to determine the food ratio depending on his age, activity level and size. Take advice from the dog shelter about his food diet. Consult a vet if needs be. 

Taking care of the Havanese exercise:

Walk your adult Havanese for about 30-45 minutes, depending on his size, age and activity level. But you can chill in this sector for a bit as they are very social and active dogs. They would fulfil most of their daily exercise requirements just by running around your house and being themselves.

But you still have to take him out for a walk or schedule playtime like playing fetch, hide and seek etc.

Regarding your little Havanese puppies, you can start exercising them at 10-11 weeks of age. First, start with five minutes of exercise each day, then gradually increasing the time limit.

Keep in mind, your puppy younger than 8 months shouldn’t perform outdoor activities including too much running,  jumping and navigating stairs since their joint bones are still developing. 

Taking care of the Havanese grooming:

You need to spend quite a long time grooming your Havanese than your average dog. Havanese have a long and big coat type which grows in full-length. Brush the hair for at least 10-15 minutes so that it doesn’t get twisted and dirt also comes off.

If you tend to keep his hair short, clip them every two weeks. Bathe him once a week to maintain his hygiene. 

Clip his nails once a month. And brush his teeth at least once or twice a week with enzyme toothpaste to ensure oral hygiene. 

Taking care of the Havanese entertainment and training:

Your little Havanese don’t like to be alone and can get anxious if left unattended for more than 3-4 hours. If you go out for quite some time, give him something like chew toys or balls to keep him occupied. Take him with you if you’re going for a 2-3 days long trip. 

Train your pup to listen to your ‘QUIET’ command and praise and treat him every time he listens. Train him to sleep in his kennel or x-pen. When you notice him falling asleep, take him to his den or bed.

Every time he’s willing to potty, take him outside. Or you can potty train him inside your house at a particular place. 

Don’t spoil your puppy by giving him too much love and attention. Or else he might develop lousy behavior.

Do Havanese need a lot of attention?

Your Havanese needs a lot of attention, to begin with. These dog breeds don’t like to stay alone for a long time and eventually get anxious and sad.

They will probably whine and bark at your prolonged absence. So you have to stop whatever you’re doing and come back to your mischievous little buddy and hug him. 

A Havanese loves to stay around with their owners, and receiving praise and reward from you is a moment of joy for him. So you may find him running around the house and fetch a ball and come back to you. 

Are Havanese clingy?

The Havanese dog breed is also known as the ‘Velcro dogs’ as they develop a deep attachment with their owners. You may find him playing in the house and returning to you to receive praise and appreciation. They love to be in your surroundings all the time and are big cuddlers. 

You will also notice your Havanese falling asleep in your lap while you’re petting him. They add a new meaning to the human and dog relationship. 

Can a Havanese be left alone during the day?

You can leave your Havanese alone during the day for a maximum of 3-5 hours, depending on your dog.

You have to give access to an adequate amount of water and entertainment like chew toys or toys when you’re gone so that he doesn’t get anxious in your absence since Havanese suffer from separation anxiety. 

However, you shouldn’t leave your Havanese puppy alone for more than 2 hours and can go a little longer than 4 hours for your adult Havanese. Ensure your pup is potty trained and there’s enough water and food when you’re gone. 

How long can a Havanese be left alone?

It depends on your dog for how long you can leave him alone. Some Havanese cannot stay alone for more than 30 minutes, and some others can remain on their own for 3 hours without any trouble.

Havanese are highly social and active dogs. Hence, they don’t deal well when left alone for long periods. However, typically you can leave a Havanese alone for 2-4 hours maximum provided with adequate water access, food and means of entertainment. 

Nevertheless, being a little high maintenance dog, you’ll love having a Havanese presence in your house as they are incredibly social and friendly. Their jumpy, mischievous and happy selves will cheer you up and boost up the entire ambience of your home. 

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