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How Do I Keep My Havanese From Matting? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Your beautiful havanese dog needs a bit of care when it comes to their coat of silky, smooth hair. For most parts, the hair care is very moderate and does not require much hassle. But it is best to keep an eye out for matting.

Matting is a fairly common problem that every Havanese owner experiences. This problem occurs every now and then. So it is best to know about the prevention and remedies of matting so you can protect your dog’s beautiful hair.

How do I keep my Havanese from matting?

Havanese dogs need extra care for their coat of fine hair because they are prone to matting. To keep the hair from matting comb and brush regularly. Dampen the hair before brushing to avoid breakage. Use a good conditioner and brush in the direction of the hair growth.

Matting is a very common condition for a Havanese dog. When the dogs hair gets tangled it knots around itself. The knot starts to grow bigger with clumps of expired hair and cause irritation. It is tight and painful for the dog. 

There are a few ways to prevent matting in your dogs hair coat-

Brush and comb

Regularly brush your dogs hair. Keep the hair detangled and cluster free. Comb through all the lauers of the hair, not just the top coat. Use a good brush to prevent breakage and try not to hurt your dog as you comb.

Good conditioner

Use a good conditioner when you give your dog a bath. You can use a conditioning gel if you do not want bathe your dog. You want to keep the hair of your dogs coat silky and smooth to comb.

Remove the collar and harness when needed

Take the collar and harness off when you are inside the house. The parts underneath the collar and harness, which are the neck area, chest and underarms, get mats easily.

Trim the hair when necessary

Trim and cut your dogs hair when it reaches a length that is hard to manage. It is best to cut the ends of the coat once every month.

Visit the groomer

Get an appointment with a professional and groom your dog if you can. The coat of hair does need special care every now and then. It is best to groom and prevent matting from the beginning.

It is best to take care of your Havanese dog and stop the matting from happening to avoid irritation and problems for your dog. A bit of care will last for a long time and save your dog from unnecessary problems in future.

What does matted hair look like?

Matted hairs are clumps of hair tangled together. They feel hard and clumpy when you try to pet your dog. Usually expired hair are also stuck and tangled. It can feel a bit sticky if it is dirty.

When you comb your dogs coat, the clumps of mat should make your comb stop. You can see the hair clumps. They are sometimes twisted together and tangled up. It can sometimes feel like the surface of a carpet.

If you see any curled up hair on your dogs coat, you should start to detangle it immediately before the clump grows more.

Why does your dog’s fur get matted?

Matting is a common problem for dog breeds with thick and long fur. In terms of the Havanese dog, their silky coat of hair hare prone to matting more. The several reasons why dog hair or fur gets matted are-

When the hair gets tangled:

When the dog hair gets tangled around each other and it is not detangled. If these small tangles aren’t brushed, the tangle starts to gather more hair and expired hair and the clumps starts to grow into a matted cluster.

If not combed regularly:

If the coat of hair is not brushed and combed regularly. Many tangles will form and the coat will get dirty with lost cells.

Lack of brushing and bathing:

Not brushing properly after a bath can also cause matted hair.

Always putting on a collar:

If you always put your dog on a collar or a harness. These areas remain untangled and have lots of friction, which causes matted clumps to form;

Seasonal shedding:

Many matted clumps are noticed during the seasonal shedding time;

Coat changing:

The coat change from Summer to Winter and vice versa is a reason for matting sometimes.

Keep and extra eye during the coat blowout and make sure to brush your beautiful dog everyday to prevent matting.

How to get mats out of Havanese hair?

A matted clump can be very uncomfortable for your dog and it is harmful too. There could be irritation and a chance of infection exists. It is best to deal with it immediately-

Use conditioner:

Use a conditioner to smoothen out the tangle and make it easier to comb. The best way to deal with mats is to slowly comb and detangle the part;

Detangle with fingers:

If the clumps are smaller and just forming use your hands to carefully detangle the hair. Use your finger to clear the tangled hairs and brush it smoothly afterwards;

Use oil:

Use coconut oil to soften the hair and make the combing easier. This will be less painful for your dog as well;

Apply cornstarch:

Apply cornstarch in parts of the tangled hair and slowly detangle the hair;

Shave the matted area:

You can use grooming clippers to shave out the matted part if nothing works or the clump becomes too hard to comb;

Take to the professional groomer:

Visit a professional groomer if the condition is too bad. Sometimes a professional shower and grooming clears the rusty clumps faster and easier.

Try to tease out the knot of tangled instead of tugging on them. Tugging and pulling will only hurt your dog. Be gentle and take our time to detangle the mats on your Havanese dog’s hair coat.

How to groom a matted Havanese?

The first thing you should do when you notice mats forming in your Havanese dog’s hair coat is take action quickly so the matted clump does not grow more. Given are the setps to follow while dealing with a matted Havanese hair coat-

  • Step 1: Use a small amount of detangling spray to dampen the hair;
  • Step 2: With your fingers gently try to detangle the damped matt clot;
  • Step 3: If you feel the clumps loosen up little by little use a slick comb and slowly start to brush the hair downwards;
  • Step 4: Hold or keep pressing the main part of the matt to prevent any harsh pull that might hurt your dog
  • Step 5: Start with the ends of the hair or the farthest point from the skin or the matt;
  • Step 6: Use small strokes to detangle the clots, take breaks if necessary;
  • Step 7: Once your done with the clumps of mats give your dog a final full coat brushing to make sure there are no remaining matted clumps.

Try not to cut or shave off the mats entirely. If needed go to a professional groomer or a saloon. It is best to not cut off the hair completely. Try the steps and take your time with the process.

How do you untangle severely matted hair?

Sometimes the matted hair gets so tangled and sticky that it becomes very difficult to fix it. Shaving it all off seems the only possible option. But it is not. With the right process you can easily detangle such hair without any cutting or shaving.

Use coconut oil or a detangling gel to dampen and soften the matted clump.  With your fingers gently rub the clots so the oil or gel goes to every nook and cranny. When the clots start to come loose, use a wide toothed comb and start to gently brush out the tangles.

Shaving or cutting off the matted hair should be done by a professional for the safety of your dog. With patience you can easily detangle the matted clumps.

Should I shave my matted dog?

Sometimes the matted clots become too large and too hard to even put a comb in. When the dog’s coat has several large matted area, it becomes extremely difficult to detangle. In such cases, shaving is the only option left.

You should go to a professional to shave the hair coat off. If the matting must be shaved out it should be done carefully so the dog does not face any injuries. If it is allowed, you can watch the shaving.

Shaving saves your dog from any painful tugging. It is a quick and easy solution. But it takes a lot of time for the hair to grow back again. The plus side of it is you can properly groom and take care of the hair as it grows with new shine.

Natural remedies for matt Havanese?

Some of the natural remedies for a matt Havanese are-

  • Extra virgin coconut oil;
  • Rosemary infused oil;
  • Aloe Vera;
  • Cornstarch;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.

These are some of the natural ingredients you can use to detangle your Havanese dog’s matted hair.

Matting is a very common problem for Havanese dogs. This is why you should be extra careful and knowledgeable about the remedies and prevention of matting. The detangling process my take time but it is best instead of shaving off the hair entirely.

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