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Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop on Me? (Explained)

Is your pet bearded dragon pooping on you? Are you thinking of the possible reasons for such type of behavior? Are you wondering whether or not your bearded dragons have any possible health diseases or not?

Do bearded dragons poop on you? Do bearded dragons pee on you?

It is actually not surprising that your bearded dragon will pee and poop on you on certain occasions.

In addition, your pet bearded dragon may poop on you if they feel they are stressed or frustrated and this stress may derive from a change in the environment or from the threatened feeling.

Moreover, your bearded dragon can also pee on you if it feels very comforted by you.

Another reason why your loving pet bearded dragon may try to pee and poop on you is due to the fact that it may be frustrated from being held very frequently by its owner or from over petting.

A change in diet and fear from the owner can also invoke the need in the bearded dragons to defecate on their owners. 

Why does my bearded dragon poop on me?

Your bearded dragon can poop on you and this behavior may not be willing. Rather when your bearded dragon is experiencing fear, frustration, stress, and anxiety, chances are your bearded dragon may try to poop on you. Moreover, over petting and a change in diet can also inspire the same behavior. 

It is not that pleasant to have your loving pet reptile bearded dragon poop on you on several occasions and this can be really frustrating sometimes.

However, you should not blame your bearded dragon for this behavior as this pooping behavior can be due to many internal and external factors as they do not wait to poop on you. 

Due to Fear: 

One of the common reasons why bearded dragons may poop on you from time to time is actually due to fear.

If your pet bearded dragon has had some traumatic experiences in the past and the fear of those can cause your bearded dragon to poop on you accidentally. 

In addition, although bearded dragons may like to be with their owners but sometimes you may see them drifting away from the owners to have their personal space.

Accordingly, if in that time, you forcefully pet or try to hold them, fear can be invoked into these bearded dragons which can result in defecating. Additionally, they may even wait to poop on you if they feel highly threatened.  

Due to the Change of Environment: 

Bearded dragons actually seem to be very stressed out when they are introduced to new environments and situations which make them very agitated. 

In addition, in midst of these new changes and environments, they seem to urinate and poop everywhere and thus will not even exempt the owner.

Consequently, you need to be mindful to let your bearded dragon be in one place for several hours before introducing them to the new environments. 

Due to Comfort: 

It may come across as a surprise that your bearded dragon can also poop on you out of the warmth and comfort provided by you. 

Another reason why these reptiles seem to poop on you is due to the drop and rise of temperature of these exotic bearded dragons.

Due to the Change in Diet: 

Another possible reason why your bearded dragon seems to poop on you is due to the change in diet.

In addition, when a new diet is introduced to them, it may take some time for them to adapt to that and they may seem to poop on you as a reaction to the change in diet. 

How to keep your bearded dragon from pooping on you? 

You definitely do not want to have your bearded dragon poop on you every now and then. However, there are several techniques you need to follow to avoid this situation but, you first need to be knowledgeable about these ways.

Try not to Stress Them Out:

If you want to keep your bearded dragons from pooping on you, you need not to stress them out.

In addition, you also need to let your bearded dragons first settle into a new environment so that they do not panic or stress which may otherwise invoke them to pee and poop on you.

Provide a Warm Environment: 

Bearded dragons like to be in warmer places and they seem to detest the sudden rise and fall of temperature and therefore you need to provide them with a comfortable temperature so that the fluctuating temperature within does not allow them to poop on you.

In addition, if you want to further discourage them to poop on you, then you need to divert them with warm water which is their favorite place for defecating. 

Do not Pet Forcefully:

Bearded dragons prefer to live in solitary but they also like to be petted and be scratched by their owners but you need to be mindful of not overdoing it.

In addition, when it comes to over petting, they will definitely defecate on you out of frustration and defense. 

Moreover, although they like to be held from time to time, you need to free them as soon as they make gestures of slipping aways otherwise they will poop on you. 


One of the most effective ways of keeping your bearded dragons from pooping on you is related to potty training.

Just like any other pet, you need to potty train your bearded dragons. To do that, you need to place a reptile carpet in someplace for them to defecate. Eventually, this will turn into a habit. 

Digestive Diet: 

If you do not want your bearded dragon to poop on you, you must not change their diet all at once rather you have to make sure to add changes to your bearded dragons’ diet gradually to put an end to this defecating behavior.

How do you know when your bearded dragon is about to poop? 

Certain indicators show whether or not your pet reptile is ready for its bowel movement. 

Therefore, being knowledgeable about these indications can help you prevent unwanted accidents. 

Regular Spot: 

Reptiles like bearded dragons seem to go for their bowel movement one time a day and sometimes, the schedule possibly be twice a day or on every other day.

Whatever the scheduling may be, your bearded dragon will most likely have a specific spot for such activities and when you see your pet reptile wandering around that space, then it is a clear indication that your pet wants to go for defecating. 

Feeding Schedule:

If your bearded dragon is on a regular diet, then your pet is most likely to have a specific schedule for bowel movements.

You need to observe your pet reptile to figure out the schedule which usually seems to be in the intervals of eating. 

Litter Box:

Another important step you can follow to know whether or not your bearded dragon is about to poop is by seeing whether they go to their litter box or not. This step will only work for the bearded dragons who are potty-trained. 

What does my bearded dragon poop mean? 

The element that your pet bearded dragon seems to defecate has the potentiality to indicate many health hazards of your bearded dragon.

In addition, if you seem to notice that your bearded dragon is discharging a yellow elements while defecating, it may indicate the fact that your bearded dragon’s food contains a lot of calcium.

Moreover, if the element is red in color, then you need to take the bearded dragon to the vet as the red element can be an indication of internal bleeding.

Furthermore, if the element defecated by your bearded dragon is chalky white in color, then it may bear the signs of dehydration. 

However, if the stool is brown and white, then it is an indication that your bearded dragon is in the correct condition and is getting a proper food diet. 

What should you do if you get pooped on by a bearded dragon?

If you get pooped on by a bearded dragon, you need to be mindful of washing your hands right away with proper disinfectant and with proper antibacterial hand wash to get rid of any possible germs.

In addition, you also need to wash the clothes that have been infected with feces. If the damage to the clothes is much severe, then you need to throw them away.

Moreover, you also need to disinfect the stains and residue from you as well. Accordingly, you need to use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the smell and stains. 

Final thoughts

You should be mindful of the fact that the pooping behavior of bearded dragons must be due to some external or internal factors. therefore, your bearded dragon may poop on you out of fear, over petting, stress, frustration, change in diet, temperature, warmth, and comfort provided by the owner.