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Why Does My Jack Russell Ears Stick Up? (Answered)

Generally, Jack Russells are small terrier dogs. People love to have these dogs because of their excellent characteristics. Most people bring Jack Russells at their early ages.

So, whenever people notice anything unusual, they get confused. For example, people often get confused about the behavior and bodily structure of Jack Russells.

So, you might be confused about why your Jack Russell ears stick up. Well, you have to know the actual structure of a Jack Russell. Moreover, you have to whether it is normal to have Jack Russells sticking up ears or not.

What are prick ears on a dog?

Generally, ears that stick up and stand upright are called prick ears. Many dogs have prick ears. Dogs that have prick ears look concerned because their ears are pointed always. Moreover, these dogs are found in cold areas.

For example, the Samoyed, Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, etc., dogs have naturally prick ears. Some dogs might get prick ears temporarily.

Generally, prick ears are not unusual for dogs that have naturally prick ears. But some dogs might get prick ears for a specific reason. Some dogs might go through different ear shapes when they are at the growing stages.

Sometimes, if a dog gets prick ears temporarily, you can try to make the ears naturally by following different techniques. Besides, if a dog is purebred, it will get prick ears like its parents. So, prick ears are normal for many dogs. But it can also be a temporary situation.

Do jack russell ears stand up?

Generally, most Jack Russell dogs have floppy ears. They don’t stand up and have a V-shape. This shape of ears is one of the most useful characteristics for identifying Jack Russell. But standing up ears are normal in Jack Russell’s puppy.

Moreover, some Jack Russells might have stand-up ears too. You might also find Jack Russell with prick ears. You have to know whether Jack Russell is purebred or not. Then you can tell whether the standing-up ears are normal or not.

Generally, a 3 to 7 months Jack Russell puppy might have ears stand up. Because in this stage, the puppy goes through teething. In this stage, the ears of Jack Russells go through strange things.

You might see them standing up ears, partially prick ears, and even one ear standing up position. But these are normal when the puppy is going through teething or growing. So, Jack Russell’s ears stand up when Jack Russell is growing from a puppy.

Why do my jack russell ears stick up?

If your Jack Russell ears stick up, the Jack Russell might be going through a growing stage. When a Jack Russell is a puppy of three to seven months, he will face some strange things of ears like stick-up ears which is normal. The ears will be floppy when the growing process is over.

However, when you see that your Jack Russell has stick-up or prick ears, there might be some reasons. Sometimes, the reason might be pretty normal, sometimes something else might happen. So, let’s see why your Jack Russell ears stick up.

Teething age:

Generally, from 3 months to 7 months, Jack Russells go through teething age. In this stage of teething, Jack Russell faces different bodily changes. For example, you might see that the puppy Jack Russell has ears stuck up.

This condition is temporary. When Jack Russell will grow up, you will see that the ears are floppy and normal. So, at the puppy age, prick ears are normal in Jack Russells.

Mixed breed:

Generally, a purebred Jack Russell will have V-shaped ears. The ears will taper over the head and look like dropped ears. Even if Jack Russell has prick ears at the early stage, the ears will be normal when the dog is grown-up.

But still, if Jack Russell has ears stick-up, the dog might be a mixed breed. When Jack Russell gets more characteristics from one of his parents with prick ears, he might have prick ears even at grown-up stages.

Health condition:

Though having ears stick up is normal most of the time. Because sometimes we see Jack Russell with prick ears or one ear pricked. But sometimes, the stick-up ears might indicate some health issues.

If your Jack Russell is a grown-up and still has prick ears, you should consult with a vet. The vet will identify whether Jack Russell has got any health issues or not. If Jack Russell doesn’t have any health issues, you don’t need to panic about the ears.

Will my jack russells ears go down?

Yes, your Jack Russell’s ears will go down when Jack Russell is grown-up. Because prick ears or stick-up ears are temporary conditions for a couple of months. You might see your Jack Russell has ears standing upright or prick ears when he is a puppy.

Because Jack Russell puppies can have strangely shaped ears at their teething age from 3 months to 7 months. This condition is normal and will not remain for a long time. After the teething process is over, the ears of your Jack Russell will go down.

So, you don’t need to worry about the ears of your Jack Russell if he is a puppy. But if you see an adult Jack Russell with prick ears, the ears might not go down. Moreover, if the ears are pricked for a health issue, they will not go down until getting treatment.

When do jack russell ears stand up?

If Jack Russell is a purebred dog, the ears will stand up after 3 to 4 months. Because before 7 months, Jack Russells are at their growing stage. When the growing stage is running, the Jack Russell ears will stand up.

Moreover, if Jack Russell is not purebred, there is a possibility that the ears will remain pointy or prick. Because some Jack Russells are available with straight ears. Otherwise, they will go back to their normal ears after growing up.

But sometimes, Jack Russell might go through health problems in the ears. So, the ears of Jack Russell might stand up anytime if there is a problem in the ear. Then you need to take him to the vet for treatment. So, if the above conditions occur, the ears of Jack Russell will stand up.

How to make Jack Russell’s ears lay down? How to tape jack russell ears?

Sometimes, we want our Jack Russells will get their normal ears. So, you can help your Jack Russell to get his ears laid down. For doing this, you need to tape your Jack Russell ears. Let’s see how you can tape your Jack Russell ears for laying down them.

Ear taping:

Sometimes, taping the ear of dogs will help lay down their ears. Generally, taping is a common way for shaping a dog’s tail, ears, etc. So, you can also tape the ears of your Jack Russell to lay down them.

Medical treatment:

Sometimes, when the ears of your Jack Russell are straight up for a medical condition, you can take your Jack Russell to a vet. If you provide better treatment and the medical condition is solved, then the ears will lay down gradually.

Using glue:

Sometimes, glue is used to make the ears drop from the head. This procedure is done medically. So, you don’t need to try yourself. Take your Jack Russell to the vet and he will provide the necessary steps.

Final Thoughts

Your Jack Russell’s ears can stick up for different reasons. For example, if Jack Russell is a puppy, he might be in his teething age. So, if the puppy is 3 to 7 months old, the sticking up of ears is normal. Otherwise, the Jack Russell might be a mixed breed or going through a medical condition.