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Why Do Shiba Inus Scream? (And How to Stop Them!)

If you own a Shiba Inu, you are already familiar with the famed Shiba Inu scream. Your pup might even have woken you or your neighbor up a few times already.

If you’re wondering why Shibas scream so loud, you’re in the right place.

Why do Shiba inus scream?

Shiba Inus can scream for numerous reasons including fear, separation anxiety, or feelings of over excitement or alarm in unexpected situations. The breed also screams because of their basal wolf-like traits that they have inherited from their previous generations.

Why does my Shiba Inu scream?

Although it is easy to figure out why your pet is screaming, you may want to find out whether they are just being a drama queen or if there is something that needs attention.

Basal wolf traits:

What’s interesting about Shiba Inus is how they are so similar in looks when compared to wolves. Apart from looks, their unique screaming is thought to be a trait they have inherited and modified from their predecessors.

This can also be linked to why Shiba Inus are categorized as basal dogs. They are so similar and close to wolves in terms of genetics, they are actually a lot more primitive than more modern breeds.

Hence, this unique scream of Shibas is believed to be something they acquired.

Anxiety or fear issues:

Anxiety or fear can trigger Shiba Inus and other breeds to act out of their way, and screaming is one way of coping with that mental disturbance.

If you have brought up your puppy close to you, an adult Siha Inu can suffer from separation fears. If being left alone is a problem for them, they may scream to let you know that they are upset about it.

Unexpected situations:

Anxiety and consequent screams can sometimes also be triggered by unexpected social situations and very loud sudden sounds.

Too many guests home, and a cheering crowd at the park can cause the Shibas to scream their displeasure as they can be unsocial if not trained well from the start.

Over excitement:

Just as fear and displeasure can make your Shiba do the famous ear-piercing scream, being too happy can make them scream even louder. The cute “doge” can get over excited by something as little as seeing you after a long day.

If they are full of energy and engaging in activities they adore, you can expect occasional happy screams as well.

Drama queen show: 

There’s a reason Shiba Inus are popularly referred to as Drama Queens or kings. This is especially true when your pet is on the visit to the vet or having their nails trimmed.

 All Shiba owners are used to the shrill sounds when these two situations occur. Such screams are simply owning to them being the tantrum-throwing furry pets they can be sometimes, trying to let their owners know they do not like what’s going on.

Do I need to worry when my Shiba inu screams?

The famous Shiba scream is common among all dogs of the breed. There is nothing to worry about if your Shiba is letting out occasional screams along with howls and whistles once in a while.

If you know that you have put your Shiba in one of the situations like a vet visit or nail trimming sessions, you Shiba will scream.

However, if your Shiba Inu is screaming too many times a day or being too loud and incessant with the screams without possible reasons you can figure out, you may want to look into the matter.

As a Shiba Inu owner, it is considered crucial for you to know the root cause of these loud, and shriek screams. Training them early can help owners gain control of these screams as well.

How do you stop a Shiba from screaming?

Now that you know what’s causing them to scream, sometimes or often, you may want to know what you can do to stop the screaming if they are becoming too annoying.

Training as a pup:

Although there is no need to make them stop screaming, but in case they are doing it to the point it becomes an annoyance, you’d want to train them. Training a puppy Siba Inu is much easier than training an adult one.

Hence it is best to practice and make your pet get used to certain commands early on. You can command them to “stop” if they are screaming without reason.

Gradual Exposure: 

Shiba Inus always reacts to sessions with the vert, or nail and hair trimmings. They scream out of fear and anxiety. For this, don’t push them to a full-fledged nail trimming session on the first go.

Make them used to the idea by doing one step at a time. You can try to distract them during these procedures or offer them rewards for staying calm. If you are visiting the vert with your Shiba, you can take their favorite toy for distractions.

Staying calm, yourself:

Like kids, dogs acquire and mirror behaviors from their owners. One of the ways of making your Shiba Inu calm is by staying calm and confident.

Especially during nail or hair trimming when they are panicking and looking for comfort in you.

Additionally, always remember to voice out your commands and instructions to your pet in a confident and clear voice. Never scream at them or scold them as doing this can have adverse effects on your foxy friend.

Socializing your pet:

A part of training your Shiba Inu is to socialize them as much as possible. Like other training, it is best to start taking them out and making them meet others when they are young.

This way they get used to the idea of others and would understand that all strangers are not meant to be screamed at. This also familiarizes them with situations like the outside environment, sudden sounds, and crowds.

What does a shiba inu scream sound like?

A Shiba Inu scream is a unique blend of a howl, bark, and moan and is something that is unique to their breed. The “scream” is loud, and clear and can be compared to that of a wolf’s howl, mixed with other whining and huffing sounds.

More than anything, the sound of the scream is mainly dependent on the provocation and what caused them to scream in the first place, with nail or tail trimming times being the loudest.

Are Shiba Inus vocal?

Shiba Inus are not the most vocal of dogs who howl or bark all day. However, they love to vocalize a range of sounds when they feel the need to communicate or be heard. These sounds can range from howls to shrieks, to whistles, yodels, and of course the famous blaring scream.

Are Shiba Inus loud?

Although not the most vocal of dogs, Shiba Inus are often seen to be quite loud whenever they decide to make themselves heard. Whether it is their drama queen scream or a simple warning howl, their voice cord reached high pitches of sounds.

Do Shibas bark a lot?

Shibas are not excessive barkers, and only bark when necessary. Shiba Inus will bark if they are on guard and suspect any approaching “threat”, like the postman.

Sometimes, in unfamiliar situations, or due to loud sounds, they can bark if they suffer from fear, anxiety, or over excitement.

Why do Shiba Inus not bark?

Shiba Inus don’t bark because of their genetic traits. Due to their character as a dog that would rather scream and howl than bark, Shibas are the kind of breed that only bark when they absolutely need to.

Their barks are mostly a form of communication with their owners when they have to warn their human friends to let them know about something they like or dislike.

Sometimes, their frequency of barking would depend on their personality and way of being ought up. Like humans, some Shibas are quieter than others. Moreover, if you train them to be calm and never scream at them, they would learn similar behavior.

Why do Shibas cry?

The scream of the Shiba Inus can sometimes sound like they are crying. These cries are mainly linked to anxiety and fear.

 Sometimes they simply cry because they want to express themselves to their owners, whether it is a cause of distress or happiness.

If your Shiba Inu is letting out occasional screams of happiness or distress, you don’t have to worry.

However, if their ear splitting sounds are getting out of hand, you may want to train them well. But remember, training always starts early! 

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