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Why Do Shiba Inus Lick So Much? (Explained!)

Shiba Inus are one of the popular breed dogs. They are known for their hunting qualities and cleanliness. Shiba Inus have some excellent features that make them good house dogs also. That’s why Shiba Inus are getting demandable day by day.

Generally, Shiba Inus clean themselves most times. Some Shiba Inus developed licking habits with their cleanliness. But you might be confused about why Shiba Inus lick so much. This article will tell you about Shiba Inu’s reasons for licking so much.

Why do Shiba Inus lick so much?

Shiba Inus have an instinct to lick like many other dogs. Sometimes, Shiba Inus lick to clean themselves. Stress, affection, boredom, etc., can also be the reasons behind licking. Moreover, Shiba Inus might lick for showing dominance. Besides, they might lick to get the salty taste of the skin.

Shiba Inus lick so much primarily for their instinct. This licking instinct is common in most dogs. Moreover, Shiba Inus are one of the cleanest breed dogs. They lick to clean themselves also.

When the Shiba Inus lick, endorphins release. Endorphins give the Shibas a soothing and therapeutic comfort. This might be a cause for licking.

Moreover, if Shiba Inus lick their owner or someone, it might be for showing affection and obedience. They also lick themselves for different feelings, like boredom or stress.

Why does my Shiba Inu lick so much?

If you have a Shiba Inu, you might have noticed that the Shiba licks so much sometimes. There might be some reasons for licking. Let’s see why your Shiba Inu licks so much.


Shiba Inus have the instinct to lick much sometimes. Like other dogs, Shiba Inus like to lick their paws and body. You need not worry if your Shiba Inu licks often.


Sometimes, Shiba Inus lick to show affection. Your Shiba Inu might lick you and your feet when he tries to show affection. This process of showing affection is common in most dogs.

Stress and boredom:

Your Shiba Inu might lick so much to release his emotions. Sometimes, Shiba Inus get stressed and bored. They lick themselves to make them busy with something.

Moreover, they do some activities to show their emotions or control emotions, like lick their paws and body.


Shiba Inus are one of the cleanest breed dogs. They always try to keep themselves clean. So, they lick their body and paws to remove dirt and dust. This way they remain clean.

Skin problem:

Shiba Inus face skin problems, like allergies or infections sometimes. The Shibas lick their bodies to get relief from pain and itchiness. Licking gives them comfort from allergies.


Shiba Inus might lick for getting comfort. When Shiba Inus lick their bodies, endorphins release. These endorphins give them a soothing and comfortable feeling.


Sometimes, Shiba Inus get sweated. Then Shiba Inus lick their bodies because they get a salty taste.

Why does my Shiba Inu lick me so much?

Shiba Inu licks you so much because Shiba loves you. Licking is a sign of showing off affection and love.

Generally, Shiba Inus show their love and affection by licking their owners. When you come inside after a while, the Shiba Inu gets excited and tries to show his affection towards you.

The reason behind the Shiba Inu licking you so much might be he is trying to show you something. Moreover, the Shiba Inu might try to get your attention. So, whenever, your Shiba Inu tries to lick you, give him attention and notice whether something is wrong or not.

Why does my Shiba Inu lick my feet & toes?

Your Shiba Inu licks your feet and toes to show honor. Generally, Shiba Inus that are house dogs love to be with their owners. They love to show respect and affection towards their owners. Shiba Inus need a medium to show their feelings, licking is one of the mediums.

Shiba Inus like to lick the owners’ feet and toes when they are with the owners. Moreover, Shiba Inus might lick your face and other parts of the body. But licking your feet and toes definitely the reason for showing affection of respect to you.

Why do Shiba Inus lick their paws?

Shiba Inus lick their paws for different reasons. None of the reasons are too harmful to them. But you need to know the reasons to be sure about whether anything is wrong or not.

  • Shiba Inus might lick their paws for their instinct of licking paws like many other dogs.
  • If the Shiba Inus have allergies in their paws, they might lick the paws.
  • When the Shiba Inus have pain or dry skin in their paws, they might lick their paws.
  • If the Shiba Inus are bored or anxious about something, they lick paws.
  • Shiba Inus might lick their paws for other health issues.

How can I get my Shiba Inu to stop licking his paws?

Licking paws might not be harmful to the Shiba Inus. Even most dogs lick their paws. But sometimes, licking paws excessively might lead to serious problems. So, you need to stop the Shiba Inu from licking his paws. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Distract the Shiba Inu with treats and toys when he licks his paws excessively.
  • Take the Shiba Inu to a walk outside to make him forget about licking his paws.
  • Play with your Shiba Inu to make active with other things.
  • Make him follow your command for stopping and give him treats if he follows the command.

Why do Shiba Inus lick their lips?

Generally, Shiba Inus lick their lips when they have fear of something. Moreover, Shiba Inus lick their lips when they are threatened, anxious, or nervous. 

Licking lips might be a sign that you must notice. Because, sometimes Shiba Inus lick their lips for health issues.

If you notice that the Shiba Inu is licking his lips excessively, you have to take the necessary steps to stop it. Notice whether something is frightening or not and try to remove the reason. If the licking is health-related, take him to the veterinarian.

Why does Shiba lick the carpet or floor?

The reasons behind the Shiba licking the carpet or floor might be both simple and complicated. Generally, Shiba Inus lick the carpet or floor when they are stressed or bored. Moreover, when the Shiba Inus are anxious or depressed, they might lick the carpet or floor.

Well, there might be serious reasons also. For example, Shiba Inus might lick the carpet or floor if they face physical discomfort.

Health issues also can be responsible for the Shiba Inus licking the carpet. Canine dementia or neurological problems can also be the reason behind licking the carpet.

Why is my Shiba Inu licking everything?

Like the other dogs, Shiba Inus also licks many things. For example, Shiba Inus lick their own bodies, paws, their owners, carpets, floors, clothes, etc. The reasons behind the licking are simple most times.

Shiba Inus generally lick their body and paws from their instinct. When they lick their body, they get comfort and relaxation. Moreover, licking can be soothing for the Shibas. Besides, they lick for their allergies and health issues sometimes.

When the Shibas lick the floor, carpet, or anything strange, it might be a reason for their medical issues. Notice if the Shiba Inus licks excessively. Licking excessively might lead to a serious problem later.

How can I make Shiba Inu stop licking everything?

When your Shiba Inu is licking everything, it might be a sign of a severe problem. So, you need to stop your Shiba Inu from licking everything. Let’s see how you can make your Shiba Inu stop licking everything.

Distract your Shiba Inu when he is licking. You can distract him in many ways. For example, give the Shiba Inu treats and toys to make his attention diverted. You can also take your Shiba Inu to walk or play outside.

Moreover, give your Shiba Inu time and attention. Play with your Shiba Inu to make him active towards other tasks.

Shiba Inus are brave and affectionate dogs. They are excellent house dogs also. If you have a Shiba Inu in your house, you might notice him licking. Shiba Inus lick different things, like their own bodies and paws.

Sometimes, they might lick you to show their love and respect. But excessive licking might be a sign of a serious issue. Take him to the vet to solve Shiba Inu’s excessive licking.

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