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This Adorable Pittie Pup Prefers Napping On Only The Fluffiest Daycare Buddies

There’s an art to finding the perfect napping spot, and nobody knows this better than puppies.

Small and full of boundless energy, these little bundles of joy are professionals when it comes to selecting the perfect place for a snooze.

And for one puppy in particular, the quest for the ultimate napping spot has turned into an adorable routine.

The Snooze Aficionado: Meet Edna

Edna, a delightful Pitbull pup, had a daily adventure that most dogs only dream of: attending doggy daycare in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Her days were filled with endless play, romping around with other lively pups, which, as you can imagine, is pretty tiring work for a little one.

Naturally, recharging her batteries was an essential part of her daily escapades.

But Edna wasn’t content with just any old spot for her power naps.

No, this discerning pup was all about comfort — and she found it in the most heartwarming of places: snuggled up against her furry friends at daycare.

“No Better Pillow than a Pup”

It didn’t take long for clever Edna to discover the unparalleled comfort of dozing on a warm, fluffy dog.

There was strategy in her slumber; after wearing herself out with play, she’d scout the daycare for the ultimate fluffy friend to double as a comfortable cushion.

Size? Irrelevant. Small pup or big, burly dog — it was all the same to Edna. Her sole concern was the ‘comfy factor’ of her impromptu pillow, and she was never disappointed.

And the most remarkable part? Her nap buddies didn’t just tolerate her cuddly ways — they welcomed her.

A Testament to Canine Friendship

These gentle giants and tiny comrades alike ensured Edna got her well-deserved rest, showcasing the kind of friendship that’s purely goals.

Brianna Gottfried, Edna’s human from Green Bay, shared with The Dodo, “All the dogs seemed to enjoy the snuggling company. Even the tiny wiener dogs.”

Observers thought Edna’s behavior was just a quirky puppy phase she’d eventually outgrow. But they underestimated this cuddle aficionado’s dedication to her craft.

The Snuggle Saga Continues

Edna, now larger but with a heart just as big, continues her tradition of finding the fluffiest, most welcoming dog to nap on, proving that she’s not just a snuggle-seeker but a snuggle-giver.

“When it was time to go home, I always had to peel her off of another dog,” Brianna recounted, highlighting Edna’s deep-rooted love for napping intertwined with her pals.

And her resourcefulness knows no bounds. Edna has even been known to cleverly use the fluffy tails of her larger friends as a makeshift pillow, shielding her from the cold pavement outside.

Home Is Where the Snuggle Is

Back at home, life’s a bit different but equally cozy for Edna. Though her housemates lack the fluffiness of her daycare buddies, they’ve embraced the art of reciprocal napping.

That’s right, in an amusing twist, Edna’s own non-fluffy companions now seek her out for snuggles, proving that comfort isn’t always about the fluff — it’s about the love.

Despite the lack of fluff, Edna welcomes them with open paws, happy to provide the same comfort she’s always sought. Because in the end, isn’t that what friendship’s all about?

A Fluffy Pillow, A Warm Heart

From her early days as a petite pup seeking out the coziest nap spots, to her current role as a beloved pillow for others, Edna’s journey is a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

Whether giving warmth or seeking it, it’s the closeness and care shared among friends — furry or otherwise — that truly makes a difference.

Edna’s story isn’t just about a dog’s love for sleep; it’s a testament to the power of affection, the joy found in small moments, and the unexpected places where we find comfort.

In a world that often feels complicated, there’s a beautiful simplicity in a warm nap on a friend’s side, teaching us that sometimes, love is indeed the coziest pillow.