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Can You Use Epsom Salt on Dogs? (Read This First!)

Everyone knows the benefit of using some Epsom salt to get a relaxing bath after taking a rigorous workout. It’s the best way to relieve your body’s pain and eliminate a tiresome workday. 

You can expect a perfect solution for different problems, including after-surgery recovery and healing the painful area. Since Epsom salt contains magnesium, it has become the most helpful salt in the world.

But can you apply some Epsom salt on your dog? Let’s find out – 

Using Epsom salt on dogs

You can use Epsom salt on your dogs to recover their health from different body pain & surgery effects. If your pet has pain in the shoulder and entire body joints, you should make a mixture of warm water & Epsom salt and allow the pet to be on it for 3-4 minutes, and take an Epsom bath.

Although the Epsom salt bath recovers the painful area soon through the magnesium particles, you must be careful about your pet. You cannot allow your dog to eat some Epsom salt mixed water since it might damage the digestion problem and ruin the stomach. 

So, it’s the worst part of using Epsom salt on dogs.

If you make up your mind, you should apply the Epsom salt bath carefully. Please stand before your pet bath and only allow the pet to stand in the mixture & don’t allow it to lick or try to eat some water. 

It will magically recover the painful body by helping a quick pain soothing experience. 

There is no problem with using the Epsom salt bath on dogs & other pets. You must ensure that your pets don’t drink the Epsom salt mixture. 

If your pet mistakenly eats and licks some Epsom water, you should give them some fresh water and forcefully ask them to drink it to avoid stomach issues.

Lavender Epsom salt:

You can use lavender Epsom salt on your dogs to help your pet fall asleep earlier with a painful body. 

When your pet goes through a long surgery and fails to sleep at night, you may give it a lavender Epsom salt bath every night to soothe the painful area & help your pet sleep early. 

It’s common for your pet to fail to sleep with any injured body. When you apply the lavender Epsom salt bath, the magnesium and other salt particles will soothe that area and give a warm comfort to let your pet fall asleep too early. 

So, you can use the lavender Epsom salt bath on your dog.

DR teal’s Epsom salt:

You can also use the DR teal’s Epsom salt bath on your dog since it contains high-quality Epsom salt that will lessen and soothe your dog’s pain. Once your dog becomes too weak to sleep, you must apply a DR teal’s Epsom salt bath to it.

The warm water and Epsom salt combination will go through the painful area.

It’s a reliable brand of Epsom salt that people mostly use to get reliable and high-quality Epsom salt particles enriched with other beneficial components. 

So, if you search for a reliable brand for Epsom salt, you may try DR teal’s Epsom salt mixture, mix some salt with warm water, and let your pet take a 5 minute bath.

Eucalyptus Epsom salt:

Eucalyptus is another good element that works against pain and injured areas by providing a soothing experience. 

When you buy any particular brand of Epsom salt, it might come with eucalyptus that enhances the soothing power of the Epsom salt. It can give you an instant solution & pain-free experience.

So, you can also use eucalyptus Epsom salt on your dogs. It’s better to mix some eucalyptus Epsom salt with warm water & make a perfect bath for your dogs. 

When your dog goes through a serious operation, you may use these elements and give it a warm bath to your dog. It will help to recover soon. 

Can you use Epsom salt on dogs paws, eyes and infections? Is it safe?

You can use Epsom salt on dogs’ paws if there is pain or if your dog’s paws get through surgery over there. Sometimes, the dog’s paws get damaged and infected by bacteria and viruses; therefore, it fails to play or walk normally. 

In that case, you may offer an Epsom salt bath to heal & soothe that pain safely.

You can also use Epsom salt and a lukewarm water mixture to soothe your dog’s eye. If your dogs get infected in their eyes, apply the lukewarm water & Epsom salt mixture since it will clear the dog’s eyes and soothe any pain in the eyes.

You must ensure the water is not too hot to damage your dog’s eyes.

Wherever you get infections, you can use Epsom salt and give him a bath of lukewarm water. It will not cure the entire infected area, but the pain will be gone and will shorten recovery time. And it is safe to use Epsom salt water mixture to treat your dog’s health better.

What Epsom salt is safe for dogs?

The following Epsom salts are safe for your dogs:

Tree Hut:

The invigorating aroma of Tree Hut’s Epsom Salt helps relieve aches and pains while revitalizing your dog’s skin and senses. 

Your dog’s skin will benefit from the certified organic shea butter, coconut, and lime extracts, which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. 

Meanwhile, the magnesium sulfate will relieve any discomfort your dog may be experiencing. The skin on your dog will feel nourished and cherished after being treated with this moisturizing product. No parabens. No formaldehyde donors.


Epsom salts from Solimo come in a handy bag that can be sealed repeatedly, making them ideal for treating aches and sprains. These beautiful qualities and the convenience of being contained in a single pouch. 

It is the most effective means of de-stressing and relaxing. It is scented with lavender extract, calming and invigorating effect on the senses. Magnesium sulfate, which aids in calming and smoothing your dog’s skin, has been infused into this product.

How long should you soak your dog in Epsom salt?

You should soak your dog in Epsom salt for 10 to 15 minutes. The number of feet you soak will be directly proportional to the quantity of attention you give your dog.

A ratio of approximately one tablespoon of Epsom salts for every four cups should be followed while adding the salts while the water is flowing. 

After the salts have been given time to dissolve, drop your dog’s paw in the bathwater, assuming that your dog can remain still for an extended period.

How to use Epsom salt on dogs?

You can use the Epsom salt by the following process and give it the best cure & solution accordingly. 

Lukewarm water & Epsom Salt Mixture:

You first need to make a mixture of lukewarm water & Epsom salt mixture. You can get some water in a large pan or bowl & heat it until it becomes lukewarm water that your dog can tolerate.

You cannot use the hot or boiled water with Epsom salt since it will destroy the salt particles, and your dog will fail to bear that heat. It might damage the skin tissues of your dog and make it weak by this therapy. 

So, be sure to use lukewarm water & 3-4 spoons of Epsom salt to make a perfect bath.


Once your Epsom salt & lukewarm water make a perfect bath, you should keep your dog in the mixture and be sure to soak the painful or injured areas. You should allow that area to get through the mixture for about 3-4 minutes.

It’s the perfect time for Epsom salt to get through the damaged and painful areas.

You can use your bathtub, pour the entire water mixture on there, and keep your dog there for 3-4 minutes. It will be better to use more water and allow the dog to take a proper bath using enough water. It will also allow the dog to enjoy the hot bath.

Remove & Dry:

You should take your dog from the mixture after 3-5 minutes once you’re sure about the soothing area. The first 1-2 minutes might be difficult for your dog to stand in that lukewarm water and get the heat from there. 

Once it gets the Epsom salt feelings over the painful areas, it will change the expression and enjoy the bath.But you cannot allow the dog to stand in that mixture for more than five minutes.

Final Thought

Although you can use Epsom salt on dogs, you should use lukewarm water & avoid hot & boiled water to make that mixture. Once you get a perfect bath for your dog, it will help to soothe & heal the damaged skin and pain. You may offer a regular Epsom salt bath for 5 minutes every day.