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Can You Use E45 Cream on Dogs? (Answered)

Since 1945, Crookes Healthcare has been successfully producing the e45 cream for dry & itchy skin. They have some other products that also come with excellent quality and will come with some excellent skincare solutions. If you ever face dry or itchy skin, you should try this e45 cream.

It has paraffin, liquid paraffin, lanolin, and other essential ingredients to give you great relief from skin problems. It’s not like you will love to use these things usually, but they will give you the best solution against dry & itchy skins.

Using e45 cream on dogs

You cannot use the e45 cream on dogs since this cream is only for human skin. If your dogs face skin problems or itchy skin, you should consult a veterinarian and go for proper treatment. You can’t use any human products for your dogs & pets since they are different.

E45 is a perfect cream that can revive your skin and the entire body from different skin diseases. You must consider using this cream on your rash areas and typical skin damage. 

But it’s not a perfect cream or solution for your dogs since it contains the ingredients for human skins. If you apply it to the dog, it may react.

First off, the e45 skin care cream will contain some natural and other solutions to smooth your dry skin, but these elements will hardly work out safely on your dogs. If you apply it on damaged or dry dog skin, your dog will feel uncomfortable & will face for a long time. 

It’s not safe either for licking or eating.

When you apply this cream to dog skin, it will try to lick that cream for a natural habit. Dogs & other animals always try to lick or eat some cream or anything you apply on their back or skin.

It’s not their fault since they tend to taste everything interesting. So, if you make any mistake of using any toxic cream on your dog, it will be significant damage.

You cannot even use the e45 cream on any dry area of your dogs since it will make things complicated and be a serious concern. You must use a pet-friendly and non-toxic cream to smooth that area and get your dog’s best solution. Your dog will love to lick & get well soon.

Let’s see if you can use the e45 cream on the bum & skin since these are the most sensitive parts of your dog. You cannot use the toxic elements to solve dry or harsh skin problems. Using any dog skincare products from non-toxic natural elements will be better. 


Although the e45 cream is an excellent solution for the itchy bum, you cannot use the e45 cream on your dog’s bum. This part of your dog is susceptible & it will give the worst feeling to your dog when you apply it without any natural elements. 

You must find a perfect dog itchy cream for the bum where something is wrong.

If your dog plays too much and loves to run on dust, it will get some infection on its bum, and the consequences would be dangerous. You must consult your veterinarian and get dog-friendly cream for the bum treatment. 

Still, you cannot use the e45 best cream to solve itchy bum problems.


You cannot compare dog skin with human skin since they are different and have different requirements. Manufacturers know this difference and make their products accordingly, whereas the e45 cream is only for human skins.

Dog skin contains powerful bacteria and strong dirt through its hair that you cannot eliminate by using e45 cream. In short, you cannot use e45 cream on your dog’s skin since it contains toxic or chemical ingredients to soothe human skin.

Is e45 cream toxic to dogs?

The e45 cream is toxic to dogs since it doesn’t contain any healing properties and only works to moisturize human skins. You will find most of the smoothing solutions in e45 cream that work great on human skin. However, your dog skin is entirely different from human skin.

Applying the e45 cream on your dog’s dry skin will surely smooth that area, but the long-lasting effect will harm your dog. It will face the chemical reaction and might feel uncomfortable and react after a few times. Maybe the dog skin will get damaged due to the extra moisturizers.

For all these reasons, it’s not safe to use e45 cream on dogs, and it will become a toxic reaction to your dog’s skin. You should avoid such human skin moisturizer creams and use the best pet-friendly moisturizer or cream to heal damaged or smooth dry skin. 

How much e45 cream is safe for dogs?

The e45 cream is not safe for dogs, so you cannot use any amount of e45 cream since it contains high-quality moisturizers suited for human skin. Some people suggest you use a little e45 cream on your dog’s skin to smooth the dry & problematic skin. 

But that’s not the safest option you should go for.

If you apply a bit of e45 cream and your dog licks some portion of it, it will get sick immediately. The dog’s stomach will be wrong & it will face difficulties digesting the cream, which might create some critical health conditions.

It’s the only reason why you should not use any amount of e45 cream on your dog skin.

If you mistakenly use e45 cream on your dog, you should wipe that area with fresh water and then use dog soap to clean deeply. You cannot make any mistake, or you must pay for it by ruining your dog’s health. Using a little amount of e45 cream on dogs will be a great regret. 

“3” reasons why you cannot use e45 cream on dogs

You will find three main reasons why you cannot use e45 cream on dogs. The main reasons are the main reasons for moisturizing elements, lack of natural components, and skin compatibility. 

Moisturizing Elements:

You will find both paraffin & liquid paraffin elements as the main moisturizing elements in e45 cream. These things will help the human skin to revive from any drastic conditions & other damages. 

However, there are too many moisturizing elements that are not suitable for dog health.

Lack of Natural Elements:

Dogs & other animals don’t have the perfect skin for using those chemical solutions. They are more suitable for natural moisturizing elements, including Aveeno soap, moisturizers, and other things. 

Since most human skincare products include chemicals & other solutions, you cannot use them on your dog’s skin. The same happens for using the e45 creams on the dog. So, you cannot use this cream for lack of natural elements.


The dog & other animal skins are not compatible with using e45 cream. It will react, and there will be issues on your dog’s skin after using it. So, you cannot use the e45 cream on a dog.

What human creams can be used on dogs?

You can use the following human creams on your dogs: 

Steroid Cream:

Although it may seem surprising, you can still use steroids as cream on your dogs. Unlike steroids available by prescription, over-the-counter steroid creams contain a lower amount of active components and are typically highly safe. 

The positive aspect is that they alleviate the itching caused by hot spots and bug bites. Steroids, however, can slow down the healing process, which is especially problematic in cases where the wound is infected. 

Ointment Cream: 

Another human cream to use on your dogs is ointment cream. Neosporin is a famous antibiotic cream applied topically to treat minor wounds and scrapes. 

This ointment is reasonably safe for dogs and should be included in all emergency kits. 

Be sure that the ointment contains only antibiotics, not steroids, which can slow the healing process. Steroids can also irritate. Make sure that the wound on your dog has been meticulously cleaned before applying the antibiotic ointment to it. 

After applying the ointment, cover the lesion, so your dog doesn’t lick it off and waste the medication.

Anti-fungal Creams:

Anti-fungal creams can also be a good choice of human cream you can use on your dogs. 

Although most fungal infections are too complicated to treat with over-the-counter medicines, you may temporarily use anti-fungal creams to keep your dog comfortable until you can take him to a veterinary facility. 

It is essential to treat infections of this kind as promptly and thoroughly as possible, given the possibility that some fungal diseases can be passed from animals to humans.

Final Thoughts

Since the e45 cream contains a lack of natural elements and is for human skin, you cannot use e45 cream on your dog. You should use a pet-friendly skincare cream on the damaged dog skin or smooth it. If needed, consulting with a veterinarian would be a perfect solution for your dog.