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Can Dogs Eat Pirate Booty? (Explained for Owners!)

Planning on giving your dog some pirate booty snacks? However, are you wondering whether they are the right option or not and whether some health hazards will result or not?

Nevertheless, you may not be the only one to contemplate this and yes, your dog can consume a little amount of pirate booty but overdoing it is not a wise option. 

Can dogs eat pirate booty?

Your dogs can eat pirate booty snacks however, it should be a minimal amount because giving an excessive amount of it will cause your dog to experience some side effects of the excessive consumption such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, sodium poisoning, and so on. 

Pirate booty offers a large number of treats and snacks for everyone with less harmful ingredients, fewer additives, and no preservatives.

However, it is not wise to give your dog an excessive amount of pirate booty as even after being the heathier snacks, it still has elements like slat, oils, corn, and so on. Consequently, these can cause some health hazards for your dog. 

In addition, these when consumed by dogs can cause them to have allergic reactions, problems with digestion, vomiting, and much more.

What is pirate booty?

Pirate booty is a brand name that manufactures different types of rice treats and puffs. Pirates booty is known for its gluten-free and vegan snacks. In addition, pirate booty is also known for its use of rice flour and cornmeal in its production of snacks.

They are known for providing options for people to choose from and another major feature of pirates booty is that they offer baked snacks not fried which is a much healthier option for people. 

In addition, pirate booty does not add excessive sugar and sodium and it also does not include any added preservatives. 

Is pirate booty bad for dogs? Will my dog get sick from eating popcorn?

Although dogs eat foods that are common to humans, however, some foods should not be consumed by a dog and one of them is pirate booty. 

In addition, pirate booty’s food has no added oils, preservatives, sugar, and is also low in sodium. If your dog accidentally consumes them, then it will not be going to be a problem, if there is no negative reaction to it in your dog.

However, pirate booty is probably not good for your dog because it still contains salt, oils, corn which can be harmful to your dog.

Eventually, your dog may also get sick from consuming excessive amounts the popcorns as they have additives like butter, sodium, and corn which may cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, temperature rise, and so on. 

What happens when dogs eat pirate booty?

Pirate booty should not be eaten in large quantities by any dog. Overdoing it can cause some serious health issues or hazards for your dogs.


Pirates booty popcorn or any other snacks which are presumably good because of the less harmful additives can still cause severe health issues in your dog like dehydration. 

In addition, pirate booty snacks although are low in sodium still have a fair amount of salt in them which can cause sodium ion poisoning. 

Moreover, consumption of salt actually makes dogs very thirsty which can eventually lead to dehydration. It can be lethal for your loving pets and lead to tremors, nauseousness, and seizures. 

Digestion Problem: 

Pirate booty’s smacks have corn in them which is a very prominent element of it. However, corn among other food is known to cause allergic reactions in dogs. Corns have fibrous kernels which can be pretty hard to digest, therefore, causing digestion issues. 

Additionally, the additives in pirate booty can lead to vomiting, gas, inflammation, diarrhea, and it can also cause burning sensation and stomachache. 

Kidney Damage and Obesity: 

There is no positive outcome of letting your dogs eat an excessive amount of pirate booty. All the salt, sodium, and dehydration will eventually result in kidney disease if pirate booty is consumed frequently by dogs. 

In addition, the additives, protein, and butter in pirate booty can cause your dog to face problems related to obesity. 

How to treat dogs that ate pirate’s booty popcorn?

One has to be aware of the treatments or the steps that may need to be followed or may come in handy if your dog shows negative reactions to eating pirate booty popcorn. Generally, a small amount of pirate booty popcorn will not hurt your dog but an excessive amount of it will. 

Treatment of Digestive Issue:

Pirate’s Booty popcorn when eaten in a higher amount can really cause your dog to have digestive issues. 

In addition, the corns in popcorn can really be hard to digest because of the fibrous kernels in corns. The digestive problems can be treated if you change the diet of your dog.

Moreover, you should also add boiled and plainer food to the diet of your dog to get your dog to detox for a bit. You should give food that is tolerable to your dog. 

Treatment of Dehydration:

Pirate’s Booty popcorn naturally has salt in them and salt is highly toxic to dogs and can cause poisoning if your dog consumes a large amount of it.

In addition, as a treatment for this problem, you need to make sure to give your dog enough fluid to eradicate the dehydration problem. 

However, you need to take your dog to the vet to diagnose the increased level of sodium due to sodium poisoning and get the treatment done accordingly. 

Consult A Veterinarian:

If the situation seems to get worse and worse and the vomiting, nauseousness, weakness, high temperature, diarrhea do not seem to wear off, then consulting a veterinarian is the most appropriate thing to do. 

What foods are toxic to dogs? 

Although dogs like to eat similar foods to humans and have a diet that is very flexible nevertheless, there are some arrays of food that are mildly or severely toxic to dogs. These foods should not be given to dogs.


Avocados have persin in them which when consumed at a higher rate can cause diarrhea and vomiting problems in dogs and the seed of avocado can be harmful to your dogs. 


Chocolate is very toxic to dogs. Chocolate has elements like methylxanthines which is highly toxic for dogs. 

This harmful element when consumed will cause your dog to vomit and will cause your dog’s metabolism to decrease.


You should keep your dog steer clear from garlic because garlic is highly toxic for dogs. Garlic can cause many side effects in dogs and can also cause anemia, weakness, breathing problems, and nausea. 


You should never give your dogs any kind of grapes or raisins. Grapes can really cause poisoning in dogs. This can cause continuous vomiting in dogs and can even cause problems to the brain.

Dairy Products:

Some dogs are lactose intolerant therefore, dairy products can cause allergic reactions, stomach issues, indigestion, and diarrhea.

Macadamia Nuts:

Macadamia nuts are highly toxic to dogs as even a simple amount of it can cause vomiting, temperature rise, and sickness in dogs. 

Raw Eggs:

You may be surprised to know that giving your dog raw eggs can cause toxicity and issues like food poising in dogs.


You should not give your dog salt because it can cause dehydration in dogs and can also cause sodium ion poisoning.

Final thoughts:

To conclude, you can give some pirate booty treats to your loving dogs if you want but you need to make sure of the amount you are giving. Digestive problems, dehydration, sodium poisoning, seizures, and vomiting are some of the things that can be caused by excessive consumption of pirate booty.