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Is Palo Santo Safe for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Other Animals?

Palo Santo is one type of wood that is used for various reasons like a remedy for pain, inflammation, stress, etc. Many people also use Palo Santo essential oil.

But if you have pets in your houses like dogs, cats, birds, and other animals, you have to know about their safety. So, you must know the details about Palo Santo to ensure whether it is safe for the animals or not.

Is Palo Santo safe for dogs?

It’s not recommended to keep Palo Santo in touch with your dog. Strong evidence is still not found about the toxicity of Palo Santo to dogs. So, diffusing Palo Santo essential oil or burning this wood might not be dangerous. But it can cause severe health issues if the dog inhales Palo Santo.

Generally, essential oils are good for dogs. But all essential oils are not safe for them. Some might be highly toxic. But it’s not still proven that Palo Santo essential oil or wood is not safe for dogs.

So, you can use them if you have dogs in your house. But you still have to limit the use of Palo Santo. Moreover, if you keep Palo Santo essential oil, wood, or other products made of Palo Santo near your dog, he might inhale or eat them.

Once your dog eats any of these products, it can be highly dangerous for him.

Is Palo Santo toxic to dogs?

Palo Santo is not completely toxic to dogs. There is no definite proof that Palo Santo can be toxic to dogs. But it’s also not proven that Palo Santo is non-toxic.

Generally, you can keep the Palo Santo product away from your dog. Because if your dog eats any Palo Santo product, it can cause digestive problems in him.

Is burning Palo Santo wood safe for dogs?

Generally, burning Palo Santo wood will create an aromatic appearance in your house. But since the toxicity of Palo Santo for dogs is not proven, you might not keep your dog near the smell for a long time.

You might burn the wood for yourself. But don’t let the dog smell it for a long time.

Is Palo Santo essential oil safe for dogs?

Though Palo Santo essential oil is not excessively toxic for dogs, you should not use it on them. Generally, essential oils are safe for dogs. But some essential oils can cause a chemical burn on your dog’s skin.

So, if you are not fully confirmed about the toxicity, you should not use Palo Santo essential oil for your dog.

Is Palo Santo safe for cats?

Palo Santo is not completely safe for cats. Generally, Palo Santo contains a compound named d-limonene. This compound is not safe for cats. So, when you burn Palo Santo and the cat smells or inhale the smoke, he might be sick. Moreover, chewing the wood might also cause health problems.

Palo Santo is usable in many ways. Even many people like to burn them for the nice smell. But if you have a pet cat in your house, you must think about your cat’s well-being.

Well, Palo Santo wood, essential oil, and other products have d-limonene in them. This compound can make your cat sick. Even smelling the smoke of Palo Santo wood is not recommended for cats.

If your cat chews or inhales any product of Palo Santo, he might go through health problems.

3 reasons why Palo Santo is not safe for cats

Palo Santo is not safe for cats. But when it comes to the well-being of your cat, you might want to know the reasons. So, let’s see why Palo Santo is not safe for cats.


D-limonene is a major constituent in several citrus oils. This compound is highly toxic for cats. Generally, Palo Santo contains this compound. So, if a cat inhales Palo Santo, he might inhale d-limonene compound that can be toxic for the cat.


When you burn Palo Santo wood, the smoke spreads around your house. If your cat inhales the smoke, it might cause chemical toxicity in your cat.

Health problems:

Sometimes, we can’t control our pets’ activities. For example, your cat might eat or chew Palo Santo wood or other products. This can lead your cat to both short and long-term health problems.

What essential oils are safe to diffuse around cats?

Essential oils are pretty safe around your cats. But some essential oils can also be toxic to cats. So, here is a list of essential oils that are safe to diffuse around cats.

Lavender oil:

Lavender oil is both safe for you and your cat. This oil will not cause any health problems to cats. Moreover, lavender oil helps reduce the anxiety of your cat. Besides, lavender oil helps to calm down your cat.


Chamomile is another safe essential oil for cats. This essential oil also helps to reduce your cat’s anxiety. But make sure to dilute the oil before diffusing. Moreover, make sure the cat doesn’t drink the oil.


Frankincense is one of the safe essential oils for cats. The aromatic scent of this essential oil is good for your cat’s health. Even many cat medicines are also made of Frankincense essential oil.

What do I do if my cat inhaled essential oils?

If your cat inhales any essential oil, it can be dangerous to his health. Whenever you notice your cat inhaled essential oil, you have to take your cat to the vet immediately.

Otherwise, the essential oil can be potentially harmful to your cat. So, consult the vet instantly with the essential oil packaging or information.

Is Palo Santo safe for birds?

It’s not proven that Palo Santo is unsafe for birds. Contrarily, it also doesn’t have any evidence that Palo Santo is safe for birds. If you have a bird, you should keep the Palo Santo away or out of the reach of the bird. Otherwise, inhaling essential oil or wood might cause health problems.

Generally, Palo Santo comes in different forms like essential oil, wood, and other aromatic products. But all these forms contain some elements that might not be fully safe for birds.

Lack of evidence for the safety of Palo Santo for birds makes it difficult to use it in the house with birds. If you have birds in your house, you should not use directly Palo Santo in front of them. Moreover, ensure the birds don’t drink the essential oil.

Can I diffuse essential oils around my bird?

Yes, you can diffuse essential oils around your bird. Generally, essential oils are safe for your birds unless the oils are not proven toxic to birds. Some essential oils might help your bird’s anxiety and stress. So, diffusing essential oils is safe around your bird.

What scents are toxic to birds?

Most scents are safe for birds. But scents can be highly toxic to birds. So, let’s see some scents that are toxic to birds.

Perfumes and spray deodorant:

Perfumes contain chemicals that are unsafe for birds. Even bird can face breathing problem if inhales perfume.

Nail polish remover:

Generally, nail polish remover releases fumes that might be safe for humans but not for birds. So, this fume from nail polish remover is highly toxic to birds.

Hairspray and Air fresheners:

Hairspray and its propellants are toxic to birds. Like other sprays, air fresheners are also toxic to birds. Air fresheners have toxic elements that can harm birds.

Scented candles:

The fumes that come out from the scented candles contain chemicals that are toxic to birds. So, scented candles can cause breathing problems in birds.

Is Palo Santo safe for other animals?

Palo Santo is not safe for other animals. Generally, Palo Santo has a compound named d-limonene. This compound is toxic for many animals. Even some animals have allergies to essential oil and the woods of Palo Santo. So, you should use Palo Santo away from your pets.

We might have many types of pets in our houses. Moreover, different types of animals live around our houses.

Palo Santo is helpful in many ways. Even the essential oils from Palo Santo can be pretty effective to reduce anxiety in animals. But some animals might have allergies to Palo Santo. Moreover, the elements of Palo Santo are not safe for some animals.

Which pets are safe from Palo Santo?

Here is a list of pets that are safe from Palo Santo.


Generally, there is no evidence that Palo Santo is toxic for dogs. But make sure the dog doesn’t consume the Palo Santo wood or essential oils.


Like most essential oils, Palo Santo is also safe for rabbits. Generally, the elements of Palo Santo don’t cause severe problems in rabbits. But ensure that the rabbit doesn’t eat Palo Santo.


Palo Santo is pretty safe for fish. Generally, the smell and scents from Palo Santo are not extremely toxic to fish.

Is Palo Santo psychoactive?

Yes, Palo Santo is psychoactive. Many people use Palo Santo during prayer and meditation. So, people also call Palo Santo Holy wood. Generally, Palo Santo smoke creates positive energy.

Palo Santo has analgesic, aphrodisiac, and diuretic properties. So, Palo Santo results in a psychoactive environment.

Final Thoughts:

Palo Santo is not safe for all animals. For example, Palo Santo can be toxic to cats. But for other animals like dogs, rabbits, fishes, etc., there is no evidence of the toxicity of Palo Santo. But like other essential oils and scents, keep them at a distance so that pets can’t consume this.