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Can Cats Eat Mozzarella Cheese? (All You Need to Know)

We can’t think of our burger or sandwich without cheese, particularly if you’re a cheese lover like me.

Although cheese is a mouthwatering food item, we don’t know if should feed our pets with cheese. It might damage their digestive system, and their stomach might go wrong.

In today’s world, the cat has become a friendly pet, and we offer pretty much everything to our cat, whatever we eat.

But that’s not an ideal practice to raise a pet. Instead of giving your cat cheese and other protein-based foods, you should buy regular pet food that contains all the nutrients and benefits to their health.

Can cats eat mozzarella cheese?

Cats can eat mozzarella cheese whenever you offer them. But it’s not the best pet food since it contains high amounts of fat and protein. If your cat overeats mozzarella or other cheese, it will go through a lot in the short run. Therefore, you need to offer the cheese only a minimal amount.

Cats love to eat milk and milk-made products like cheese. But it’s not their regular food to eat, but to give your cat a treat, you could offer the cheese after several days mixing with some other pet foods.

You can indirectly let your cats eat the mozzarella cheese. Maybe you can buy the protein-based pet food that contains. That means some foods are there that include cheese and milk. They might be an excellent choice for the cat’s health.

Fresh mozzarella cheese:

The cat can eat the fresh mozzarella cheese if you allow them. But the reality is different. 

If you truly love your cat and want to give it a healthy life, you should avoid giving him cheese or cheese made products.

However, the fresh mozzarella cheese would be a better choice if you want to treat your cat once a month or week. Maybe a monthly-based treating system would be an excellent choice.

Mozzarella string cheese:

You should never feed your cat with mozzarella string cheese. It is not soft and fresh like the fresh one. If your cat eats this cheese, it will face digestive problems and won’t find any solution within a while.

But the cats can indeed eat mozzarella string cheese, but it’s highly avoidable and not recommended for the pet cat anymore.

If you allow the cat to eat this cheese, it will surely damage their entire health. So, it’s better to choose the fresh mozzarella and avoid the string cheese.

Is mozzarella cheese bad for a cat? Is mozzarella poisonous to cats?

According to biological facts, Mozzarella cheese is not bad for cats to eat. It contains less lactose than other cheese, so it is safe to eat for cats.

Lactose is a chemical component that breaks down sugar into nutrients, and the enzyme helps for digestion for cats. But if a cat is regular milk sensitive, cheese of any category can be dangerous for the cat.

However, Mozzarella cheese cannot make a healthy part of a balanced food chart for cats if they’re lactose intolerant or sensitive to milk, but there are a few types of cheese you should avoid giving them.

Now cheese is not poisonous to cats. Cats do not have enzymes that help digest food containing milky sugar; instead, they take nutrition from meat-based food. So a piece of cheese might not cause an illness for your cat, but it can make more than that by creating a severe problem to the digestive system.

Why do cats love cheese? Will a small piece of mozzarella cheese hurt my cat?

Many cats love the smell of cheese and sometimes get fond of cheese as it contains structured protein and fat.

Although cheese is not a regular diet for cats, they would love to eat cheese but not too much if settled with the digestive process.

Sometimes cheese can change the mood of the daily diet for cats when it suits them very well, but it is not normal.

Cats are not made to take dairy items by their metabolism, no matter how they enjoy it. A small piece of cheese won’t hurt a cat as mozzarella is considered a soft cheese with a low salt level, whereas hard cheese with a high slat level might hurt your cat as they don’t tolerate toxicity very well.

Humans and other omnivores naturally produce the lactase enzymes as metabolism to break down lactose in dairy products, but cats don’t create this enzyme. That’s why a small piece of mozzarella cheese can hurt your cat.

What happens if a cat eats some mozzarella cheese?

If your cat eats some mozzarella cheese, nothing will happen immediately. But it will leave a long time effect. Let’s see what happens if a cat eats some mozzarella cheese.

Digestion Problem:

The first thing that your cat will face if it eats some mozzarella cheese is a digestion problem.

Cat fails to digest the direct mozzarella cheese, especially if it continues to eat it in a bulk amount. The cat’s stomach will go wrong, and it will face issues.

But it will be better to treat the cat with mozzarella cheese only once a month. And, make sure the cat is playing and burning the fat after eating the mozzarella cheese.


Cheese is a fatty food item. Therefore, if your cat eats some mozzarella cheese regularly, it will have more fat in the liver and other inner body parts.

Maybe it will gain some extra weight and become bulky. And it will become a significant loss to your cat’s health.

So, it’s better not to try with some extra cheese. All you can do is buy the cheese-made pet food and offer them to the cat.

Get Protein:

As the cheese is full of protein and your cat loves to eat milk-based, you can offer the cheese frequently. It will give the best result to increase the growth of your cat. Moreover, the cheese will also enhance the taste of your cat.

So, to give the perfect amount of protein to your cat, you should provide some cheese once or twice a month. It will not do any harm to the cat’s health. Instead, the cat’s muscle will grow and become healthy.

What to do if my cat reacts badly to mozzarella cheese?

Stop feeding your cats with the cheese if your cat reacts badly to mozzarella cheese. Otherwise, your cat will become sick soon, and it will be a danger to his health.

Stop Feeding Cheese:

It will be better to stop feeding your cheese with mozzarella cheese.

Maybe your cats find digestion problems, which will become difficult for them. In that case, you have to stop giving any cheese and cheese made pet food to your cats.

Finding out the Reason:

Find out why your cats react to the mozzarella cheese. One of the main reasons would be the digestion problem. When your cat reacts to the mozzarella cheese, it might have stomach issues.

Another reason could be the illness. If your cat is sick, it might refuse to eat mozzarella cheese. Whether it is facing fever or the liver is not in good condition.

Give Treatment:

When you get why your cat reacts to the mozzarella cheese, give proper treatment. You can consult with a pet doctor and try to identify the reason behind it. Only then can you provide appropriate treatment.

Before that, describe everything to the doctor that your cats love to eat and if there are behavioral problems. If your doctor gives any medicine feed the cat with other foods.

What cheese can cats eat?

Considering everything, goat cheese is the safest cheese for cats to eat as it has the lowest level of lactose and digests very quickly. Any cheese having a low salt level and low lactose can be OK for cats to eat.

In contrast, blue cheese like Stilton and similar moldy varieties contain high mold Penicillium, which is harmful to cats as they are full of fats and proteins.

Besides mild cheese like mozzarella, cottage cheese, and cream cheese, cats are comfortable enough to digest. Nonetheless, they should only be given on occasion and in small quantities.

If you give them a lot and frequently, they will destroy the entire digestive system of your cat. As a result, it will cause severe health damage and threaten your cat’s life. In Particular, the stomach will go wrong, and the cat will face difficulties in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Although cats eat mozzarella cheese, it’s not ideal pet food. It contains high amounts of protein and fat, which can cause severe health diseases. If you continue providing your cat the cheese, it will destroy the digestive system, and the taste. So, stop giving your cat the mozzarella cheese.