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Can Iguanas Eat Tomatoes? (Answered)

As a reptile, Iguanas have specific characteristics. It is herbivorous and most of the soft foods. If you have iguanas and you’re looking for what to feed your pet, you are at the best place. Mainly, your iguanas can’t eat everything. It mostly lives on leaves and vines.

Apart from that, it also eats some fruits and flowers. Vegetables are not suitable and regular food for your pet iguanas. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t eat any vegetables. Of course, it will, but a certain amount.

Can iguanas eat tomatoes?

Iguanas can eat tomatoes. Fruits and vegetables can be fed to the iguanas only 20% of the entire diet, and they are not the best source of food for the iguanas. You can make a diet chart including fresh leaves, vines, and a small portion of fruits. A tiny amount of Tomato can be there.

Tomatoes are soft, so they are easy to eat and digest. If you have iguanas and want to feed them with tomatoes, you can do it.

But it would help if you never gave too much. It will help if you include tomatoes with 20% of the fruits. It will be an ideal diet for the pet to grow naturally.

Cherry tomatoes:

The iguanas can eat the cherry tomatoes without any problem. It is soft and small; your pet finds it easy to eat and digest. Cherry tomatoes also contain nutrients and help to grow the iguanas naturally.

If you are not sure about the nutritional value of other foods, cherry tomatoes could be a great solution.

Another reason is that the cherry tomatoes are wild-currant. That means they are attractive to pets. They are red and small, and the iguanas can eat them quickly.

Grape tomatoes:

The iguanas can eat grape tomatoes. They are smaller than the cherry tomatoes but sweet.

Therefore, your pet will find it easier to eat the entire grape tomatoes at a time and digest them soon. You can replace the fruits with grape tomatoes; it’s worth it because of the nutrients.

The grape tomatoes are full of vitamins and minerals. It will meet your iguanas’ needs and help them grow fast. But the amount needs to be minimal. You should not offer only grape tomatoes like the leaves and vines.

Can baby iguanas eat tomatoes? Can green iguanas eat tomatoes?

The baby iguanas can eat tomatoes safely. You can make a diet for him and include 20% of fruits and vegetables and the leaves. Here, tomatoes will play a vital role since they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, they will be an excellent food source.

You can feed both the cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes to your baby iguanas. But you need to slice them into small pieces so that your baby iguanas can find it easy to eat and digest.

Also, cherry tomatoes could be a great source of minerals and vitamins. And they are all safe for the baby iguanas diet.

Green iguanas are fond of eating dark green vegetables. But they can also eat tomatoes. It will be better to taste some slices of tomatoes and offer them to eat. If your green iguanas eat them happily, you can provide more. But you cannot force them to eat tomatoes.

Green iguanas have some practical issues. Food is one of them. They will eat what they think is safe; therefore, the leaves are the best food source.

Tomatoes will also become a good source of vitamins and minerals that will help them to grow fast. It would help if you built up the eating habit then offered them fruits and other vegetables.

Do iguanas like tomatoes? Are tomatoes toxic to iguanas?

Iguanas like to eat tomatoes for softness and sweetness. They mostly love leaves and find them easy to chew and digest soon. Once you introduce tomatoes, it will take some time to be friendly with your given vegetables and other fruits.

Remember, it’s an essential requirement for the iguanas’ diet to have a minimum of 29% fruits and veggies in their diet chart.

Otherwise, they will run out of vitamins and minerals. And their growth will not satisfy you. However, you can try out both the cherry and grape tomatoes and see which one is their favorite. Mostly the grape tomatoes will be their favorite since it is small and sweet.

Tomatoes are not toxic to iguanas’ health. Instead, they contain health benefits, including vitamins and minerals. But you cannot overfeed your iguanas with tomatoes. It will damage their stomach, and they will face digestion issues. So never cross the 20% limit.

“3” reasons why iguanas can eat tomatoes

There are a few reasons why iguanas can eat tomatoes. Let’s get to know about them.


Tomatoes are very soft and watery vegetables. And the grape tomatoes are like delicate grapes.

The iguana will never try to eat the hard fleshy fruits; they only eat the soft vegetables and fruits. Considering this factor, the iguanas can eat tomatoes because of their softness.


Apart from the soft flesh, the tomatoes are also sweet. Cherry and grape tomatoes are incredibly kind of sweet fruits.

And, you know that the igneous love to eat sweet fruits and vegetables. Their tasty bite can’t allow them to eat any bugs or vital insects.

Easy To Digest:

Iguanas are fond of eating leaves and vines. They are easy to digest. At the same time, tomatoes are also very easy to eat and digest if you can slice the tomatoes into different pieces and allow the iguanas to eat slowly.

What are the nutritional values of tomatoes to iguanas?

Tomatoes provide enough vitamins and minerals to iguanas. Consequently, the pet will grow naturally and never run out of nutrients. Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate, and Vitamin K are the nutritional values of tomatoes to iguanas. They help the iguanas grow naturally.

Apart from these, tomatoes also provide minerals. So, the iguanas can easily digest the fruits and veggies within a while. It is recommended to use 20% of fruits and veggies in the diet chart of the iguanas.

Tomatoes are also attractive, which helps the veggies to feed. If you cut them into small pieces, it will add more value to the iguana’s health. Therefore, they will be able to eat slowly and get all the nutrients from them.

How to feed tomatoes to iguanas?

You can feed tomatoes to iguanas in different ways. They are:

Offer Sliced Tomatoes:

The best way to feed tomatoes to iguanas is to slice them into small pieces. Then, you can offer them to eat those. It would help them to eat the entire slice and digest it soon.

You can slice the cherry tomatoes and the grape tomatoes for the child’s iguanas. They have small mouths; therefore, they can’t eat the entire tomatoes or the grape tomatoes at a time.

Mix with Leaves:

You feed tomatoes by mixing them with leaves and letting the iguanas eat them together. Since they love to eat different soft leaves, you can use them and mix the tomatoes.

You may either feed them with the leaves or use some fruits to make the mixture.

Don’t mesh them entirely.

Make some thin and small pieces. You can measure the leaf size and cut the tomatoes accordingly. It will be a great and attractive-looking meal for the iguanas.

Plant Tomatoes:

Plant tomato trees is another best way to feed the iguanas. Your iguanas can go to the trees and eat the tomatoes themselves. It will be an excellent exercise for the iguanas.

Although planting tomatoes and getting the fruit is a long process. But it’s worth it. Once the plants grow, you will have full access and allow your iguanas to eat them at their pace.

Can iguanas eat tomato leaves? Do iguanas eat tomato plants?

Iguanas can eat tomato leaves. They are safe and edible. If you have tomato plants, you are good to go. You can let your iguanas play around the garden and eat the tomatoes and leaves when they feel hungry. It will be a great help to your pet.

Moreover, the iguanas can also eat the tomato plants. It will be easy for the iguanas to eat the entire tomato plant without damaging their stomach. They are soft and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, if you plant tomato trees in your garden and have iguanas, you need to be careful because your pet will damage the entire garden or eat the tomato plants.

But if you want to grow the iguanas naturally, you can allow them to eat your tomato plants. They will be happy to eat both the leaves and plants.

Final Thoughts

Iguanas can eat tomatoes and fruits. The diet chart of your pet must include 20% of fruits and vegetables. Maybe you have already made the diet plan, including leaves and other soft fruits. You need to add the Tomato and ensure the best nutrients source to your pet’s diet.