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Can Baby Squirrels Eat Bananas? (Answered)

Baby squirrels are one of the most adorable pets you may come across. And it is no secret that they are very easy to take care of pets.

A squirrel is a people’s favorite; simultaneously, they are a great companion to a human. Baby squirrels are adorable, and taking care of them requires no extra hassles.

However, regardless of how little the effort is, you may always be concerned about what food you offer to your favorite pet.

Nevertheless, if you are confused about all the foods and fruits, you have in your storage, which of them can be the next meal of your squirrel; that is understandable.

Let us attempt to answer a few common doubts of the people who feel obliged to learn about what baby squirrels can or cannot be fed.

Can baby squirrels eat bananas?

Baby squirrels can eat bananas. However, what a baby squirrel can eat depends on its age. Newborn squirrels are advised not to be fed with bananas, and after they are several weeks old, they can eat bananas. Moreover, overfeeding bananas can be harmful as they contain high sugar and calories.

Baby squirrels have delicate digestion when they are born. Many foods are incompatible with their body. Their digestive system is just not prepared to digest those foods. There are many foods that can consume. One of them is banana.

Banana is an all-time favorite food for many animals, including squirrels. Nevertheless, experts and animal nutritionists advise being careful while feeding bananas to baby squirrels.

This is because banana is rich in calories, electrolytes and sugar. A baby squirrel does not have a body accustomed to burning all those calories. As a result, they may end up being overfed.

On the contrary, if you feed your baby squirrel with banana occasionally, that too in a small amount at a time, it will leave a new taste on the baby squirrel’s appetite, which is suitable for overall food habits for a baby.

 At the same time, you have to be very careful about not feeding the baby squirrels with banana peels.

Banana peels are very high on fiber, and they require a robust digestive system that a baby squirrel does not possess. As a result, eating banana peels can leave them with digestive problems and discomfort.

Furthermore, do not feed any food to newborn wildlife until you know if it will affect their body.

A lack of knowledge about which foods are bad for that animal can have various implications, including allergies, stomachaches, and more severe illnesses. When it comes to baby squirrels, you must be particularly careful when feeding them.

Are bananas bad for baby squirrels? Do squirrels like bananas?

Bananas are very nutritious fruit. In addition, they are very easy to find, and affordable sources of vitamins are minerals.

Adult squirrels can eat a banana; even the baby ones can do as well. They have the potential to fulfill the nutrition required for squirrels.

Nevertheless, banana contains more than what is required for a baby squirrel. Moreover, if baby squirrels consume bananas regularly, they will be exposed to high-calorie intake, which is eventually harmful to any living animal.

Therefore, baby squirrels can only eat a banana once in a while; in this way, they will be safe and get adequate nutrition.

Unlike many other animals, squirrels are not very choosy over food. Moreover, there is no particular sign of squirrels like or not liking bananas can be found. Although, if you give one, they will happily eat the banana.

What is the nutritional value of a banana for baby squirrels?

Banana is a good source of nutrients for baby squirrels. However, bananas should not be a regular meal for baby squirrels for a balanced food intake.


Protein is an essential nutrient for baby squirrels. Protein help squirrels with their fur, nails, bones, and muscles. Banana does not have high protein content, which is about 1.5 grams.


Carbohydrates are the most crucial nutrient for a baby squirrel’s growth.

They give the baby stamina and help to make the body. Sugar has a high carbohydrate content; thus, too much eating bananas will be unhealthy for a baby squirrel.


Fat is an essential nutrient for any animal. Although fat helps to keep the body’s warmth, too much of them can be considered unhealthy. And a middle-sized banana contains 1.5 g of fat in it.


Unripen banana has a lot of fiber, and banana peels contain much fiber. Fiber is healthy for digestion, but a baby squirrel cannot digest a lot of it.


All types of fruits have sugar and three types of sugars – sucrose, fructose, and glucose in it. Natural sugar is essential for healthy living, but excessive sugar intake is bad for health.


Banana has Vitamin C, D and E, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting powers. And B-carotene helps baby squirrels help with better vision and helps to tackle anemia.


Bananas provide minerals like Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

What baby squirrels eat?

Baby squirrels are very calm and feeding them is a very pleasing experience. As they do not have very high restrictions for food choice, they can eat almost everything.

Yet, some foods can be mentioned ahead of others, and some foods are more important than others are. Also, you may limit some food s to an extent where they do not count how much nutrition the baby squirrel requires.

Low carbohydrate vegetables:

fresh foods are part and parcel of any animal’s healthy growth. And vegetables are the leading source of fresh foods. Low carbohydrate vegetables help baby squirrels from gaining too much weight.


Nuts make an essential portion of an adult squirrel’s natural food habit. Nevertheless, it is advised not to give too many nuts to baby squirrels, as their digestive system is strong enough to process high calories.

Low sugar fruits:

Fruits are a great source of nutrition, vitamin and minerals.

However, sweet fruits contain high sugar; they are not easy to digest and harmful to the metabolism of baby squirrels. Fruits that have low sugar are still a great option to feed your squirrel.

Vitamin supplements:

As baby squirrels do not have resources like their wild brothers, they totally rely on what foods you provide them with.

Lack of vitamins is common among baby squirrels, although they are fed with all-around nutritious food. Therefore, feeding them natural vitamin supplements can be a wise step towards their healthy wellbeing.

Can baby flying squirrels eat bananas? Can baby squirrels eat banana bread?

Baby flying s quarrels are super cute animals, and they are very adorable. Petting them is a wise choice as they made a perfect pet, and their food habit is not very hard to maintain.

A baby squirrel primarily lives on milk for six to eight weeks. However, you may give the baby some solids from six weeks, including fruits like bananas.

Banana is a very commonly available, easy to afford and store food that is also has a high nutritional value. Moreover, they can be an excellent treat for baby flying squirrels’ regular food habits.

However, as we all know, banana is not their primary food choice. Therefore, you may feed bananas occasionally.

Banana bread is a very nutritious meal for humans as well as baby squirrels. Homemade banana bread does not contain any preservatives and chemical additives.

As sugar is not preferred to baby squirrels, homemade banana bread is healthier. Moreover, they are easy to make.

Hence, if you give a small slice to baby squirrel, not more than one in a day, it would be a great meal for this little animal.

What should you not feed baby squirrels?

Taking care of baby squirrels includes knowing what foods you should avoid.

Dried fruits are not something you would like to feed a squirrel. They are hard to digest at an early age, and fruits like raisin vegetables, figs, garlic, onion etc., are not compatible with the squirrel’s metabolism.

Seeds have a very high-fat content. Thus, you may not use seed at a high amount in a baby squirrel’s regular meal.

Any processed foods, including chips, pasta, and biscuits, contain many additives, so they are not suitable for squirrels. In fact, no animals should be eating such foods.

Naturally, fruits and foods contain a little bit of salt. However, any food that contains extra salt must be avoided. Any type of sugary foods or added sugars is harmful.

Baby squirrels are reactive to any type of beans- soybean, kidney bean, lentils etc.

Final Thoughts

Although baby squirrels do not possess a powerful digestive system, they can eat bananas after becoming a few weeks old. But, their regular eating habits must be maintained. Eating bananas regularly in large amounts can be harmful to baby squirrels. Thus, it should be given as a treat occasionally.