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Can a 5 Month Old Kitten Eat Cat Food? (Explained)

By a statistic, it has been determined that 25% of people in the USA, own cats. Being a cat owner is much more than just pets and playful behavior. They have their own nutritional needs which need to be fulfilled.

Especially, when it comes to kittens it isn’t that easy. You need to know what provides them the right amount of nutrition and how much to feed them. Now if you are wondering if you can feed a 5 month old kitten cat food or not, then you have reached the right window. 

Today, we are here to discuss whether you can feed your 5 month old kitten cat food or not. So, bear with us. 

Can a 5 month old kitten eat cat food?

A 5-month old kitten cannot eat cat food. However, they can be given kitten formula or cat food that is specifically made for kittens. As they do not eat much they need food that fulfills their nutrition requirement. So, feeding them adult cat food is not recommended.

The first thing to keep in mind is that their food requirements change with their growth. A five-month-old kitten will need more food than your four-month-old kitten. Age and weight are the primary conditions on whether you can feed your kittens cat food or not. 

As a five-month-old kitten, you may introduce her to wet cat food. These kittens will enjoy wet food mixed along with baby cat kibbles. Be sure to provide your kittens with food and water constantly. 

For each day you can feed your kitten up to 2 cans of wet kitten food. However, about raising a kitten the first thing you need to know is they require balanced and highly nutritional food. 

Kittens also need a change in taste. So, try to serve your cat 3-to 4 types of kitten formula. Whether they be wet or dry, be sure to feed them at least 3 times a day. Additionally, try to keep in mind that the canned leftovers must not be fed. 

Any can that has been left open for 30 minutes to an hour, throw it away.  

However, in the case of dry food, it can be kept outside almost for the entire day. But, the water bowls need to be filled every day with fresh water. Bear in mind that kittens will not drink unclean water, so be sure to change them regularly.  

When to switch from kitten food to cat food? At what age can a kitten eat cat food? 

From 12-18 and in the case of larger breeds around 2 years, is when you can switch from kitten food to cat food. At the age of a year or two kittens can be fed dry or wet cat food instead of kitten food. 

However, before you feed your kittens canned food or dry kibbles, make sure the kittens are weaned from their mother’s milk. A kitten needs completely balanced and nutritious food until they turn 1 year old. After a year, kittens are considered to be adults. 

That is when they are ready for the change in their food habits. 

Before, 12-18 months they require proper nutrients to stay healthy. Therefore, it’s good to stick with kitten formulas till they are almost 90% grown-up. However, breeds like Maine Coons, must not be given adult cat food before 18-24 months.         

Three reasons why 5-month-old kitten cannot eat cat food 

In order to keep the kittens healthy, they need the right amount of nutrition. Whereas, it is different for both kittens and adults. Therefore, kittens must not be fed adult cat food. 

Here are three reasons why 5-month-old kitten wont eat cat food: 

Due to different nutritional values:

One of the basic reasons why kittens cannot eat adult food is because they have different nutritional values. In the stage when they are kittens they need more nutrition and energy than adult cats. Therefore feeding your kitten adult hack shield may be harmful for them. 

If they are fed adult cat food they will be deprived of nutrition and balanced food. Therefore it is not recommended to feed your kitten to adult cat food. 

It can lead to obesity and other health issues: 

It is not recommended to feed your cat food because over time it can lead to various issues such as diabetes or obesity. Dry cat food can more likely lead to abnormal weight gain.

Dry cat food does not contain any sort of liquid, which is why your cat will more likely feel hungry all of the time. Therefore, providing your kitten with adult dry cat food would be a bad idea. 

Before you feed anything to your kitten, be sure to choose something of the best quality.       

The food type varies: 

Any cat under a year is considered to be a kitten. And kittens have small teeth, which means they will not be able to chew dry food well. This is why they must be fed canned food. They are wet and high in nutrients. 

Kittens need to be fed 3-4 times a day in small portions throughout the day. However, for adult cats, they can be easily introduced to dry food as their teeth have grown stronger.     

What should my 5-month-old kitten eat? 

As a kitten of 5 months, she will need more nutrition and well-balanced meals. Here are a few foods that a 5-month-old kitten should eat: 

Canned cat food: 

The very first preference is canned cat food because they are easy to feed. No cat will resist a can of wet food. However, you must ensure that the can is not kept open for more than an hour or so. 

Fresh and saltwater fish:

Fishes are high in protein, and for younger cats protein is required. You can simply boil the fish and feed your kitten 3-4 times a day. Also, make sure you remove the bones before serving it to your kitten.   

Cooked meals: 

If you don’t like to spend money on canned food, you can give your kitten cooked meals. Boiled chicken-fish, scrambled eggs, liver etc are great options. Cooked meals are healthier as you don’t have to worry about throwing out the leftovers.      

Squash and Pumpkin: 

Pumpkins are great for cats. They are highly fibrous. Simply boil the pumpkin and add 1-1 ½ teaspoon of pumpkin to their meals daily. Adding vegetables in your cat diet will help them survive constipation.       

What happens if a 5-month-old kitten eats cat food? 

If your 5-month-cat eats cat food, it can result in obesity and other health conditions. 

It is not a good idea to feed your kitten cat food. Kitten food is specifically designed for kittens. They contain certain nutrients that help your kittens live healthily.   

Kitten food contains more vitamins and minerals than cat food does. Also, kitten food has way more calories per serving. However, remember to feed your kitten at least 3-4 times a day. 

Additionally, do not only feed them dry food. Dry food or kitten kibbles do not contain any liquid. Therefore, your kittens feel thirsty over time and their nutrition demand is not fulfilled.  

What are the difference between a kitten and cat food? 

Cat food and kitten food are not the same. They are different in multiple ways.   

Here is the difference between a kitten and cat food: 

Kitten Formula

Feeding time: 

Kitten formula is first introduced after they are weaned from their mother’s milk. Kittens are fed these formulas for up to 12-24 months. Depending on the breed and size of your kitten. This is the time when kittens need more nutrition, so it’s good for them. 

Nutrition value: 

Kittens formulas are packed in calories, protein, and nutrients. The best way to provide them with the required nutrition is to give them properly balanced foods. These foods contain a large amount of amino acids and fatty acids.

The best part about kitten formula is that it is easy to digest. However, the only drawback is that they are available in only a few flavors. 

Cat food

Feeding time: 

Cats can be fed after a year from the cat’s birth. Cat food contains fewer calories so it can be fed after they have grown up. However, in the larger breeds, they should not be fed before 18-24 months. 

Nutrition value:  

The nutritional value of cat food is not as much as kitten food. This is done to avoid the issue of gaining weight or obesity. Obesity can later lead to health diseases like diabetes. 

Final Thoughts 

A 5 month old kitten wont eat cat food. However, it can be fed kitten formula or kitten kibbles. Kitten formulas are specially made for kittens to provide them with the right amount of nutrition. Additionally, feeding your kitten cat food can lead to severe health issues.