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7 Month Old Great Dane: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

The Great Dane is a giant dog breed that exhibits a gentle nature. They are referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs” or “Gentle Giants”. Contrary to their name, Great Danes are not really Danish. They were originally bred by German nobles for boar hunting. 

Their signature characteristics are their gentleness and patience with children as well as their fierce protectiveness. They have a significantly big growth cycle and hence, require a well-drafted care routine. 

This article shall contain the basic know-how of 7-months-old Great Danes, their food habits, training and more. Now, let us know about the weight, size, food, training and a lot more about a 7 month old Great Dane and also discuss some fascinating facts about this dog breed. 

7-month-old Great Dane Size: How big is a 7 month/29-week-old Great Dane?

The average size of a 7-month-old Great Dane is 27-34 inches. Mostly dictated by whether it is male or female. A typical 7-month-old male Great Dane weighs 90-110 pounds, while a typical 7-month-old female weighs 70-90 pounds. These are averages, and they might grow much more.

Great Danes have very distinct growing stages, and hence the differences in these stages can be quantified in terms of averages. 7-month-old Great Dane puppies are cute, but in terms of weight, they can be considered the larger dogs in the spectrum. 

Not differentiating by gender, an average 7-months-old Great Dane puppy is sized at around 27-34 inches. There are instances of Great Dane puppies that have really gone beyond this spectrum and are mostly aberrations. 

But the slight difference in the counts is not any matter of concern. 

In case of significant differences that do not meet the standard of this spectrum, consulting a vet and conducting a check-up might be very necessary. Anything might be a potential factor for increased or decreased growth. It might be due to the lack of exercise, or anything of this sort. 

Consulting helps in this regard by figuring the issue out. 

7-month-old Great Dane Weight: How much should a 7-month-old Great Dane weigh?

A 7-month-old Great Dane puppy weighs between 70 and 110 Ibs, or 31.7 and 49.8 kg. However, the weights of the Great Dane puppies fluctuate according to their gender. At roughly 7 months of age, male Great Dane puppies weigh almost 90-110 pounds on average. Females weigh between 70 and 90 pounds.

Compared to other dogs of similar stature, Great Danes have a significant advantage in the weight given their growth cycle. 

As already mentioned, Great Dane puppies weigh around 70-110 lbs. In counts of kilograms, that’s between 31.7-49.8 kgs., which is a lot for a 7-months-old puppy. The weight count is even more specific and different when it comes to their gender. 

Moreover, this is mainly because of the difference in their sizes. Male Great Dane puppies are larger in size and hence, weigh more on average. 

Whereas female Great Dane puppies are the comparatively smaller ones at 7-months-old and hence, weigh less on average than the male puppies. But due to variations, there might be significant aberrations to this spectrum as well. 

7-month-old Great Dane weight:

7-month-old Great DaneWeight should be 70-110 lbs.
7-month-old Male Great Dane90-110 lbs.
7-month-old Female Great Dane70-90 lbs.

7-month-old Great Dane Food

What to feed a 7-months-old Great Dane?

Diet is one of the biggest factors in the healthy growth and development of puppies. That is why carefully choosing puppy food for 7-months-old Great Danes is really necessary. 

Additionally, you have to select a puppy food that is specially formulated for giant breeds and contains a lot of nutrients and proteins. Controlling the food portion is also very important. 

While it can be tempting to feed Great Danes as much food as he/she will eat to go for massive growth, this can actually lead to health problems. It is very important to avoid using treats that are very high in fat contents. 

Instead, you should opt for high-protein treats that are very tasty as well. Such treats are freeze-dried animal protein treats like liver, tendons etc. Or pieces of their regular giant-breed-approved kibbles also work in this regard. 

In any case, excessive food that promotes obesity should be avoided. 

How much should a 7-months-old Great Dane eat?

A 7-month-old Great Dane puppy should eat around 5 to 10 cups of food. The daily total food that a 7-year-old Great Dane eat should be given to in various times of the day. 

This animal cannot eat too much at one time. Hence it is ideal to provide them their food around the day in various times.

You may give them their food 2 to 4 times a day. This proper division of food is essential for the Great Dane to adjust with their food habits. You may also increase their food amount based on their daily needs and growth.

Gender of a 7-year-old Great Dane is also important in terms of how much food that they need. 

A female 7-month-old Great Dane puppy needs less food compare with a male 7-month-old Great Dane puppy. But their monthly requirement stays the same and daily increase of food as well.

7-month-old Great Dane Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

Walk through this section to learn more about your gentle giant pups behavior –


Great Danes are known as the “Gentle Giants” due to their calmness as pets. They are usually gentle, easy-going and very appeasing canines. This is why it has a very high potential as a family dog. 

They have a very low barking tendency. The only instances when Great Danes bark aggressively are either when there is any discrepancy, or when the puppy is going through any sort of discomfort that is related to its health or regular habit. 


Due to being a very gentle breed, Great Danes have very low biting tendencies as well. In fact, there are very low instances where a Great Dane puppy actually attempts to bite.

In some cases, Great Dane puppies are trained for hunting purposes when they mature. Only such puppies seem to exhibit such biting tendencies over time. Other than that, household 7-months-old Great Dane Puppies rarely show any biting tendency.


The aggressiveness of the Great Dane can be caused due to various reasons. Lack of proper training might be one of them. Another reason might be that they cannot properly socialize with the people and animals around them. 

Another reason might be that they are frightened by meeting other dogs around them. The biggest and greatest reason can be any medical reason for which their behavior changes.

How much sleep does a 7-month-old Great Dane need?

Being such a huge creature for a puppy, 7-months-old Great Danes will probably sleep for almost eighteen to twenty hours a day. As young puppies, they will be constantly growing and hence, will consume a lot of energy on a regular basis. 

In order to restore this energy, they will need quality sleep. That is why they tend to sleep for unusually long hours like an eighteen-hour stretch. 

As they grow older, this number has a U-shaped graph given they start sleeping for longer hours again in their post-adulthood as well. But generally, for 7-months-old ones, this is an ideal count to sleep. 

How much exercise for a 7-month-old Great Dane?

A 7-months-old Great Dane puppy requires daily exercises in the form of daily walk, free play and mental stimulation. Too much exercise should be avoided at any cost given the body structure of Great Danes. 

For this age range, it is ideal to walk for around 30 minutes a day where they could walk 3-4 kilometers at best. This keeps them active and sound.

Free play in yards or the park is the best type of exercise for Great Dane puppies. Providing them with a puppy toy should aid in their mental stimulation and free play as well. 

Playing fetch is also a smart way to train and play with a Great Dane puppy. This acts as a bonding activity between the owner and the dog as well.

Letting Great Dane puppies play with other dogs also helps in this regard as it lets them polish their gentle behavior for which they are widely known in general. 

How to train a 7-month-old Great Dane?

Walk through this section and get to know how to train a 7-month-old Great Dane – 

Potty Train:

The first and foremost element of potty training a Great Dane puppy is to establish their home. Instead of giving them full reign of your house, set them a small area or boundary. It is a primary instinct to not make a mess of the area where you live, even for animals as well. 

Remaining in small areas will force them to not defecate in such places and carefully choose their defecation area as commanded and shown by the owner. 

Controlling their meal timing also helps given that Great Dane puppies are expected to defecate within 30 minutes of having a meal. 

Command Training:

There are many approaches to command training a Great Dane puppy that include crate training, house training, socialization, leash training etc.

For 7-months-old puppies, it is essential to take it easy and not force them into following every instruction.

Basic socializing is a great mode of training for them and helps them to hone their gentle and appeasing nature. 

Final Thoughts

The gender determines the size of a 7-month-old Great Dane. At 7 months of age, an average male Great Dane is about 30-34 inches tall and weighs 90-110 pounds, while an average female is 27-30 inches tall and weighs 70-90 pounds. Given their dazzling growth potential, they might expand much faster.