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4 Month Old Pitbull: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

If you have a 4-month old pitbull, you must know how to raise it with proper nutrients and food. Maybe it’s a red nose or blue nose pitbull if you love the nose color. It could be possible that you have an American pit bull terrier to give you the best companion in leisure.

Whatever pitbull you have, they have some common characteristics. Specifically, their eating habits and growing features are similar. If you know their height, weight, and related info, you can better care for them.

4 month old pitbull puppy size: How big should a 4 month old pitbull be?

A 4 month old pitbull should be like a typical puppy having a 35-45 lb weight. It should be growing naturally and decreasing its sleeping time to play more. But a female 4-month old pitbull should have a smaller size than the male. You should ensure the best food to get the perfect size for both.

That size is also applicable for both red nose pitbull and blue nose pitbull. They have the normal size or the regular growing size; they will have 35-45 lb and look like premature puppies. But the growth might be a little different since they are not precisely the same.

You will get a similar growth or size from the 4-month old American pit bull terrier. It will be around 40 lb and look like a real puppy. If you wait a few months, it will be an adult puppy that you most love to play with.

Also, the 4-month old American bully pitbull should be around a normal-sized growing puppy that has already passed its early childhood stage. It will become more like a social being if you can teach him manners and train him properly.

4 month old pitbull puppy weight: How much should a 4 month old pitbull weigh?

A 4-month old pitbull weight should be 35-45 lbs. It’s not constant info; it might change depending on the puppy types. Some pitbull puppies might be around 15-25lb at the age of 4-months, whereas most puppies should be approximately 40 lbs. So, there is a huge weight difference.

It mainly occurs due to the diet plan and other natural effects. If you make a routine diet and follow it accordingly, your puppy should be around 40lbs after the age of 4-month. If you have any gaps and fail to provide enough nutrients, it will be about 25lbs.

It’s a huge weight gap between the same age. You should be careful about their eating habits and ensure that they get the right amount of food and a regular sleeping cycle.

Whenever you get any unusual weight gap between your pitbull puppy and another’s pitbull, you have to reconsider the diet chart and find the leggings.

4 month old pitbull weight:

4 month old pitbullMale weightFemale weight
4 month old American pit bull terrier35-45lbs(approximate)30-40lbs(approximate)
4 month old American bully pitbull35-45lbs(approximate)35lbs (approximate)

4 month or 16-week old pitbull puppy food:

Since a 4 month or 16-week old pitbull puppy is in a fast-growing stage, it will need some specific food. If you make any mistake here, you need to pay a big compensation by getting an underweight dog.

What to feed 4 month old pitbull?

To get the best growth, you can feed commercial dog food to your 4-month old pitbull. You will find various Kibble, wet dog food, or any cooked or raw dog food. They all are safe and contain the proper nutrients to help your pitbull grow naturally.

You can make or cook the food at home or offer raw food to your puppy. It will be fine, and the pitbull is used to taking natural foods almost regularly. So, you don’t need to worry about the health effects of offering raw foods.

If you make any mistake in choosing the wrong food source for your 4-month old puppy, you will get an underweight dog. So, make a chart or diet plan with proper care and give the best food to your pet.

How much and how often should a 4 month old pitbull eat?

A 4-month old pitbull should eat two to three cups of food daily. And you should make a routine to give these foods at two to three intervals. That means you can give one cup of food two times a day. And the ideal practice is every day.

Some people may advise you to offer one time a day, but it’s the best practice. The food amount should be enough to help your 4-month old pitbull to grow naturally and become 35-40lbs. It will also help you to avoid any underweight puppy.

If you fail to give the perfect food amount daily, your pet dog will get insufficient nutrients. As a result, it will gain a very low weight, maybe around 20-25 lbs. It is a deficient weight compared to the healthy pitbull’s weight.

4 month old pitbull puppy behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

Generally, a four-month-old pit bull puppy has the characteristics of barking, biting, and aggressiveness that indicates their growth of ripeness. The habits of this age are usually different from other ages.

So for your benefit, here is a portion of the qualities of a four-month-old pitbull puppy that might show his barking, biting, or even aggressiveness.


Contingent upon their initial educational experiences, your four-month-old pitbull puppy’s conduct will fluctuate at this age.

They do not bark unnecessarily during this period because they know when they need to bark. They are even focused on inquisitive behavior that expresses maturity.


Close to this time, the greater part of your four-month-old pitbull’s teeth will have been replaced by grown-up teeth, and if any old remains of the presence of a grown-up tooth, they should be taken out.

So they don’t want to bite too much during these times.


This is a development time for your four-month-old pitbull puppy, making them somewhat cumbersome as they investigate their surroundings.

So they try to understand the environment without being too aggressive and curious, which helps build relationships with their master.

How much sleep does a 4 month old pitbull need?

A 4-month old pitbull needs around 10-12 hours of sleep every day. It will help him take proper rest and become a healthy pitbull. Some may suggest letting your pitbull sleep for 18-19 hours a day, but it’s wrong.

11 hours is the perfect sleeping time for a 4-month old pitbull. They should play for a long time to build muscle and do some exercises. They can give company while you’re alone and have nothing to do but walk.

So, don’t push your 4-month old pitbull to sleep for 18 hours and become drowsy all day. Let him sleep for 10-12 hours, then play with you and rest in leisure time, but not sleeping. Oversleep might make him idle.

How much exercise does a 4 month old pitbull need?

A 4-month old pitbull needs 1-2 hours of daily activities. Among them, 20-30 minutes of exercise should be included. The exercise will help your pitbull build muscle quickly and become an animated pet dog.

If you avoid exercise, your pitbull will become overweight, which is not suitable for his life. It will also affect the dog’s mental condition and stop its growth. Mainly, if you want to make your pitbull a social pet, you must train it properly by exercising.

Exercise is the best way to build up the good habits of your pitbull. You can train the dogs in different ways, make them more confident, and help them become stronger pitbull every day. You will get the difference and positive change within a few weeks.

How to train a 4 month old pitbull puppy?

A four-month-old pit bull puppy needs adequate training as they are pretty fit to hold anything. At this age, your pitbull puppy is probably the cutest age and has made some fantastic progress since being only an infant little pup.

We have shared some ways that perhaps help train them in a greater way.

Potty training:

As you lay out the daily practice of taking your dog out in the wake of resting, eating, and playing, you likewise should select what to do once you are outside.

Notice a spot that will transform into the “potty spot,” and reliably take your canine to a comparative spot.

Stand unpretentiously and hang on until they are ready, and as they start, give a voice request or sign to “go potty”.

Psychological Development:

While young four-month-old pitbull puppies are out of their most memorable socialization period, they’re gleaning some significant knowledge about their general surroundings.

Along these lines, care ought to be given to keep mingling your little puppies right now while showing them how to become amenable grown-up canines.

Diet Training:

At this age, your puppy’s eating routine should explicitly comprise excellent food. They’ll, in any case, have to eat more now and again than a grown-up canine, yet not as frequently as when they were babies.

Make certain to talk about your little dog’s eating regimen and take care of the timetable with your veterinarian.

Final thoughts

The average size of a 4-month pitbull should be standard, and the weight must be around 35-45lbs. A female pit bull may be approximately 35lbs, but the male must be around 40lbs. It’s a general role, but you might get 25lbs of 4-month old pitbull. It will depend on the food habit.