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7 Month Old Border Collie: Weight, Size, Food & More

Border collies are known as the most energetic breed among all the dog breeds. They are from originally England and Scotland and they are very intelligent which is why they have been used as sheep herding dogs.

If you are one of the owners of a 7-month-old border then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the weight, size, food and more of a 7-month-old border collie.

7-month-old border collie size: How big should a 7-month-old border collie be?

The size of the 7-month-old border collie depends on different factors. The daily food intake, diet chart as well as daily exercise can change the border collie’s size. But the regular size of a male 7-month-old border collie can be 26 inches and the size of a female border collie can be 23 inches.

Every border collie puppy’s daily activities actually decide the size of the puppy. As the daily activities fully trigger the change in the growth of the puppy. Also, the food intake and the daily diet chart play an important role in the growth of a border collie puppy.

However, the regular size of a 7-month-old border collie male puppy can be between 24 to 26 inches.

Sometimes, it can be more than that depending on the factors mentioned above that trigger the change in the growth. But at most times, the size of a 7-month-old male border collie puppy remains between 25 to 26 inches.

On the other hand, the size of a 7-month-old female border collie puppy remains between 20 to 22 inches. Unlike the male puppy, the female puppies won’t grow more than 22 inches.

Sometimes the female puppies may grow less than 20 inches and it’s not a worrying matter as it is normal when it comes to the size of female puppies.

7-month-old border collie weight: How much should a 7-month-old border collie weigh?

The weight of a 7-month-old male border collie should be between 24 to 29 pounds. Also, the weight of a 7-month-old female border collie can be 21 to 23 pounds. The weight can vary depending on the food intake and physical exercise, but the weight always remains in the average weight chart.

Well, the weight of the 7-month-old border collie fully depends on its daily food intake. As the nutrients that it intakes play a vital role in the weight gaining of the border collie.

However, most 7-month-old border collie male puppies weigh around in between 24 to 29 pounds. Sometimes the weight of the puppy can be more than that depending on their dietary plan. But most male puppies at 7 months of age weigh around 29 pounds.

When it comes to the female border collie puppies, the weight of a 7-month-old can be between 20 to 23 pounds.

As different border collie puppies have different growth rates, therefore, there is a significant difference in the weight between the male and female border collie puppies.

In addition, it is also normal for the female border collie puppies to have less weight than the male ones at the age of 7-month.

7-month-old border collie weight:

7-month-old border collieWeight should be
7-month-old border collie maleAround 24 to 29 pounds
7-month-old border collie, femaleAround 20 to 23 pounds

7 months or 30-week old border collie food:

What to feed a 7-month-old border collie?

Well, the dietary plan for your 7-month-old border collie should be selected in a proper way.

You cannot let your 30-week old border collie eat everything as it can affect its health negatively as well as you need to be careful while selecting the food because the food needs to have a high amount of nutrients.

Therefore, it will be best if you contact the vet or nutrients expert in order to ensure that your 30-week old border collie is getting proper nutrients.

However, if you want to metabolize the health of your border collie then you can go for the kibbles.

As the glucosamine and chondroitin recharge the body of the border collie, therefore, kibbles can be a great addition to the dietary plan for your 7-month-old border collie puppy.

In addition, if you want a shiny coat and if you want to avoid kidney and heart complications for your border collie then you should give food that contains high amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

How much should a 7-month-old border collie eat?

A 7-month-old border collie should eat proper food that supplies proper nutrients that is required for its body.

Also, you have to be careful with the amount of food as a high intake of food can cause obesity. Therefore, you should contact a vet in order to set dietary plans for your border collie.

As we have discussed earlier, the kibble is the proper food that you can give to your border collie as the kibble contains all types of nutrients that are really necessary for a puppy’s health.

The amount of kibble that you can offer is one to one and a half cups once or twice per day.

But make sure the food amount doesn’t cross the limit set by your vet. Also, you can give other sorts of food like veggies, chicken broth, chicken feet etc. to your border collie.

7-month-old border collie behaviour: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

There can be some behavioral traits for a 7 month old border collie. Check below to know about your pup more.


A 7-month-old border collie’s normal tendency is to bark. Whenever the puppy is alone, needs to interact with somebody, or has to protect itself from threat, therefore it barks fiercely.

Furthermore, barking might indicate the presence of anything odd or interesting inside the house, such as the advent of unfamiliar persons or perhaps an unanticipated circumstance. Training initiatives can help to lessen barking.


A 7-month-old border collie’s risky tendency is biting. At around this time, fresh teeth begin to develop. As a result, collies may strike accidentally.

Collies, in nature, want to be the focus of attention. As a result, if anything really bothers them, they bite violently. Biting may be managed with adequate training programmes.


A 7-month-old border collie also exhibits violent tendencies. Aggressiveness develops whenever a collie is really not appropriately trained within the earliest years of life.

Border collies typically express hostility to people and pets they are unfamiliar with, fearful of, or frightened of. As a result, collies must be adequately trained and disciplined.

How much sleep does a 7-month-old border collie need?

A 7-month-old border collie will need at least 16 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Sometimes it can be more than that depending on the schedule.

But the collie sleeps the most whenever the body has got tired or has done some playing which includes physical exercise.

Also, sound sleep can give high energy to your collie’s body which plays a vital role in your collie’s playing activities.

You have to make sure that you set up a proper place for your collie to sleep as well as you have also made them sleep after eating or after playing.

How much exercise does a 7-month-old border collie need?

Exercise is really important for a 7-month-old border collie as it helps to keep a perfect body shape.

Therefore, a border collie puppy should have 20 minutes of exercise per day. 20 minutes of exercise can burn all the calories as well as remove the fatigue that is caused by sleep.

In addition, physical exercises can keep the body in a good shape as well as it will brighten the mood of your puppy.

You can select different sorts of exercises for your border collie like walking, running and jogging. However, you can also let them play in the park as playing is also one kind of physical exercise.

But you should be careful with the exercises because a lot of physical exercises can cause pain to the bones. And in this age, if this kind of health complication prevails then it can make the border collie go through in the long run.

How to train a 7-month-old border collie?

Well, there are different sorts of training methods you can follow in order to train your 7-month-old border collie. Some of the training methods are explained below:

Potty training:

You may take your pup out every couple of hours to the place where you want to place their litter. That way, with time he/she can learn to know the spot and eventually go on there by habit.

Behavior Training:

After introducing a 7-month-old border collie into the household, behavior training must be completed. Border collies are bright and active. In several days, they may pick up on any kind of guidance or knowledge.

The collies should be coached and given various orders such as come, sit, and go.  These instructions will be simple for the boxers to pick up.

We must teach the collies each day and praise them. As a result, they will not be restless and would be inspired to explore.

Hygiene Training:

We must offer basic hygiene training and get a 7-month-old border collie used to it after introducing him to home.

We should take the collie to a comfy location, grab a tiny moist towel, and gently clean it from around the nose and forehead. We should also clean the skin to get rid of dust and filth.

Furthermore, we should frequently contact the head, torso, and nose so that it does not get terrified when we approach such areas while bathing.

Final Thoughts:

The size and weight of a 7-month-old border collie can be below 26 inches and 28 pounds. The food intake, sleep schedule and proper exercise also helps the collie’s body to be in good shape. In addition, proper training needs to be given in order to make the collie disciplined.