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3 Week Old Rabbit: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Bunnies are the cutest pet anyone can own! They are easy to socialize with, so get along with its owner soon. Also, rabbits or bunnies can be trained without putting too much effort. 

So if you’re looking for some pet suggestion that’ll hardly make you run after, you should consider rabbits.

So if you have a baby rabbit that’s 3 weeks old, we’d like to share a guideline containing information about its weight, size, food, training, and more. So that you can raise the baby bunny the right way.

3 week old rabbit Size: How big is a 3 week old rabbit?

3 weeks old bunnies are most of the time 5 to 7 inches tall. Female rabbits are bigger than male ones. Also depending on the breed, the size can vary a few inches. As they grow very fast at this age, the rabbits look almost like adult rabbits except they are smaller in size.

Rabbits when they are 3 weeks old start to grow properly. Their organs and muscles develop at this stage faster. They start to grow more fur on their body, that’s why 3-week-old rabbits are fluffy and fuzzy in appearance.

Rabbits when they complete their 2nd week get taller in size. At 3 weeks of age, a rabbit will at least reach 5-inch height. And the maximum height at this age is considered 7 inches.

Female rabbits are bigger than male rabbits in almost every breed. Their height at 3 weeks old is 6 to 9 inches depending on the breed and species. So they in size look bulkier and bigger than male rabbits of 3 weeks of age.

3 week old rabbits on average are 5 to 7 inches taller and they look a lot like grown-up adults, except for the size.

3 week old rabbit Weight: How much should a 3 week old rabbit weigh?

A 3 week old rabbit will weigh 3 ounces at least. At this age, a baby bunny starts to grow fluffier furs and stronger organs. The average weight of a 3-week rabbit or baby bunny is between 3 to 5 ounces depending on their body. However, due to health issues, genetic and species weight may vary.

Rabbits at this specific week look bigger, a lot like the adult ones, but in reality, their weight isn’t the same as a developed old rabbit.

Your 3-week-old bunnies’ standard weight is 3 to 5 ounces. It will never weigh less than 3 ounces at this stage. Female rabbits weigh more than male rabbits.

However, the weight of a 3 week old rabbit is different in different breeds or species.

3 week old rabbitWeight should be
3 week old cottontail rabbit male1.5-2 pound
3 week old cottontail rabbit female1.5 – 2.5 pound
3 week old wild rabbit male2-3 pound
3 week old wild rabbit female2-3 pound
3 week old lionhead rabbit male2-3 pound
3 week old lionhead rabbit female2.5 -3.5 pound
3 week old rex rabbit male2-3 pound
3 week old rex rabbit female2- 5 pound

3 week old rabbit Food:

What to feed a 3 week old rabbit?

Being a new rabbit parent you need to learn every small detail about your baby rabbit to ensure it has a healthy and happy life. And when it comes to food, it’s normal to get confused about the menu of a 3-week rabbit. 

Rabbits are quite delicate in their fourth week as they go through different changes in their body, habits, etc. So they require enough protein to develop strongly. 

Rabbits should be given milk as the only food until they step into their fourth week. But 3 week old rabbits can be fed solid food such as Pellets, readymade rabbit food, alfalfa hay, hay, etc. along with milk.

3 week old rabbits can have green food too. Though many people assume green should not be introduced to them at this age, you can feed them green and fresh foods gradually. 

How much should a 3 week old rabbit eat?

Taking care of a baby rabbit includes its food habits and diet. To keep its appetite satisfied and the growth on point, knowing the amount of food a baby rabbit can take is important. 

At 3 weeks’ age, baby rabbits can be fed lots of pellets and hay. The amount should be limited. A 3 weeks old rabbit needs to have its meal 2 times a day. That’s what the expert recommends but depending on the rabbit it can be 3 times per day.

Baby rabbits are given food formulas through droppers or syringes. Baby rabbits that are 3 weeks old should be fed with a 30 cc syringe, each meal 15 ccs to ensure the proper amount of food.

Baby rabbits can start having fresh food at 3 weeks’ age but like a treat, once or twice a week in small bites.

3 week old rabbit Behavior

Rabbits’ behaviors change over time as it comes in contact with a social ambiance, and new food and goes through body changes. Most of all, the behavior of a rabbit is influenced a lot by its age. Let’s know the behavior of a 3 week old rabbit.

At this stage, baby rabbits start to move a bit and they often take a walk. Rabbits grow fluffier fur at this age and love to get along with other rabbits by cuddling and playing. They look for more freedom and try to be active most of the time. 

How much sleep does a 3 week old rabbit?

A 3-week-old rabbit needs sufficient sleep to thrive the rest of the time. Also since it’s their growing period, adequate sleep is important for their healthy life. Their sleep routine is quite unique compared to other animals as they sleep mostly in the daytime.

20 hours of sleep in a day is considered the ideal sleep hours for this aged baby rabbit. Depending on the rabbits’ habitat, breed, and health the duration may vary from 11 to 20 hours. Some wild rabbits sleep for less than 10 hours too.

How much exercise for a 3 week old rabbit?

Rabbits are energetic and lively by nature. But when they are hand-raised they need to get some exercise daily. 3 week old rabbits’ exercise includes jumping, free run, hoping, etc.

A baby rabbit that’s 3 weeks old needs 4 hours of exercise each day. That’s the maximum amount of time a baby bunny can invest in outdoor exercise. This duration can be split into two parts so that the young bunnies don’t get tired.

Also, you can let your 3-week-old bunny play and run half of the day without worrying.

How to take care of 3 week old rabbit?

3 week old rabbits should be kept in a dark, warm, and quiet place. For their comfort to live in you should make a cardboard house or a nest. Bunnies need a good amount of sleep so they shouldn’t be disturbed while taking a nap.

At this stage, baby rabbits require more protein to develop their body. 3 week old rabbits can be fed milk, rolled oats, hay, pellets, etc. twice a day.

To keep 3-week-old rabbits healthy and active, you should let them exercise and play outside every day.

What does a 3 week old rabbit look like?

Rabbits start to develop physically when they are 3 weeks old. Their body looks far fluffier. Rabbits at this age are 5-7 inches tall with more developed organs and stronger muscles.

3 week old rabbits look nearly like adult rabbits.

How many hours a day should a 3 week old rabbit be out of its cage?

Rabbits love to roam freely. They prefer to be surrounded by nature most of the time. If you’re raising a bunny and it’s already 3 weeks old, you should let it out of its cage for 3 hours at least every day

How to train a 3 week old rabbit?

Rabbits are active animals. They might look calm but very curious to learn new things. So you should start preparing your baby bunny from its younger age. Training is important for a 3 week old rabbit to have a healthy life as a pet. Here is how to train a 3 week old rabbit.

Potty training: 

Prepare a litter for the rabbit using hay, sawdust, or paper. Keep it in a corner of your bunnies’ living space or cage. Try to keep the rabbit in its cage for more time near the litter so that it can spot it and use the bedding. 

Place the litter in the rabbits’ playing area so that when the rabbit is out of the cage it can notice it.

Name training: 

Call your rabbit the name you choose every time you feed it or take it for a walk. Use equipment to play with it and command the baby bunny to play along using its name. Reward or treat the 3 week old rabbit with its favorite toy or food.

Gradually it will get familiar with the name and respond.

Final thoughts:

3 week old rabbits are in general 5 to 7 inches tall. Female rabbits are taller than male ones. The average weight of 3 week old rabbits is 3 -5 ounces and a bit more for female rabbits. This size and height can be different depending on the species and breeds.