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2 Month Old Puppy Biting – How to Stop? (Complete Guide)

Do you have a 2-month-old puppy that is biting a lot? Are you wondering is it normal for 2-month-old puppies to bite every surface in sight? Are you wondering whether or not their biting behavior is a part of their development stage?

2 month old puppy biting:

2-month-old puppies always seem to show biting behavior which is a part of the development process of puppyhood or a manifestation of excitement. However, the good news is that you can control this biting behavior by using deterrence, proper socialization techniques, schooling, commands, and so on.

If you have a 2-month-old puppy, chances are that you are witnessing some biting behavior from your puppy. This is nothing to worry about as it is a part of its teething or mothing process of the development stage.

In addition, the biting behavior of a 2-month-old puppy can be due to its instinct, development stage, territorial attitude, anxiety, frustration, excitement, and so on.

Nevertheless, it is also really easy to redirect your 2-month-old puppy’s biting behavior to appropriate objects so that your puppy doesn’t hurt you or itself in the process.

Reasons of 2 month old puppy biting:

It is more than common for your 2-month-old puppy to start biting you every now and then which is just a part of the development process that comes to all dogs’ lives. 

Therefore, it is imperative to know the proper reasons for the biting behavior of a 2-month-old puppy so that you can mold your reactions accordingly. 

Feeling Overwhelmed: 

One of the most common reasons for your 2-month-old puppies to show biting behavior is due to the overwhelmed feeling that 2-month-old puppies always seem to have for things around them.

This is the very reason why you will see them start biting clothes, chairs, tables, rugs, carpets, and much more. 

They especially get super excited when they see you pulling your hand away from them as a reaction to a bite from them. Accordingly, this excites them even more, and try to be more playful by showing excessive biting behavior.

In addition, 2-month-old puppies are getting to know the world better which is why anything can excite or overwhelm them and the ultimate reflection of this will be the behavior of biting.


2-month-old puppies can start biting behavior due to the instinct they have embedded within them. In addition, they don’t bite to harm anything rather it is their instinct to explore things with their mouth as an act of getting to know the surrounding.

Therefore, you cannot really obstruct their way of exploring the world rather you can provide training for them so that they can control their biting behavior.

Teething Stage:

The teething stage is a very natural process for any puppies. It is a process when their teeth start to come out and this time can be a bit frustrating due to the pain or soreness that puppies feel around their teeth.

In such a development stage, 2-month-old puppies will start to bite everything as a way of reducing the pain that they feel in their development process of teething.


2-month-old puppies can also start showing biting behavior especially if they are frustrated, fussy, or cranky. Generally, when these puppies are tired or they lack sleep, they get cranky and their grumpiness will be manifested in biting behavior.

Anxiety and the Lack of Socializing:

It is really important to take your 2-month-old puppies to visit other puppies to enhance their socialization skill and reduce the anxiety that comes with adapting to new situations for puppies.

Accordingly, this will help in maintaining your puppy’s social skills and thus they will not be territorial because the presence of territorial tendency will result in showing biting behavior.

Being Bored:

If your puppy which is 2 months old is bored or unstimulated then it can show biting behavior as an act of keeping itself busy.

Accordingly, there should be a specified amount of games or exercise that a 2-month-old puppy should be doing because the lack of it will result in making your puppy cranky.

Is it normal for 2 month old puppies to bite?

It is actually normal for 2-month-old puppies to bite which is just a playful instinct that they have and it can also be controlled by redirecting their biting behavior to more appropriate objects.

However, there can be some scenarios where biting behavior can be a sign of aggression or frustration therefore being knowledgeable about what type of biting is normal will help you to reduce your confusion.

Biting and growling:

A 2-month-old puppy does not really start showing biting behavior along with growling just for showing aggression or its territorial nature rather the appropriate reasoning is related to the natural development that inspires it to bite and growl. 

However, things aren’t always like this because if your 2-month-old puppy has anxiety or lack of socialization skills then it can start showing biting behavior along with growling as a sign of frustration or aggregation which you need to train to correct.

Biting me:

Nothing can be more normal than having your 2-month-old puppy bite you as a way of getting your attention. 2-month-old puppies are just babies and they want ample attention which they will get by biting you.

Biting a lot:

It is totally normal for your 2-month-old puppies to bite a lot. This is because it is just a part of their development process which is called the teething process in which they like to bite everything in sight.

In addition, they also try to bite a lot because they are trying to explore their surroundings by biting everything to get to know them better.

4 tips to stop 2 month old puppy biting:

It is necessary to know about the ways to stop a 2-month-old puppy from biting because biting can be seen as a fun activity at first but it can get dangerous especially if your 2-month-old puppy does not know how to control its biting tendency.


Redirection works great in redirecting your puppies’ biting behavior to appropriate objects. These appropriate objects include soft toys, stuffed toys, rubber balls, dog chews, Kong toys, and so on.

However, you have to train your 2-month-old puppy to make sure that the redirection process works. To do that, you need to make sure to provide a very exciting situation.

The creation of an exciting situation basically includes giving the toy to a 2-month-old puppy and then making some noise and moving the toy around to make it more interesting for the puppy to chew on.

Clicker Training:

The next tip is related to the bite inhibition training called clicker training. In this training procedure, you need to put your hand or any other surfaces in front of your 2-month-old puppy and if it doesn’t bite you, you need to use a clicker sound or need to tell your puppy that it is doing a good job.

Accordingly, you also need to make sure to treat your puppy and praise it a lot whenever it doesn’t bite you or any other surfaces so that your puppy makes an association of these two things and acquires the bite inhibition training properly.

Use the “Leave It” Command:

Another way with which you can train your 2-month-old puppy to stop showing excessive biting behavior toward inappropriate objects is related to the usage of the command “leave it”.

Accordingly, you have to make sure to utter “leave it” whenever your 2-month-old puppy is biting some wrong objects thus your puppy will view this as a bad thing and will stop doing this in the long run.

Use Bitter Apple Spray:

Another way of making sure that your 2-month-old puppy does not bite every surface in sight is related to the usage of bitter apple spray.

Accordingly, to do this, you need to make sure to apply this bitter apple spray on your hands, clothes, furniture surfaces, and so on to make sure your 2-month-old puppies are negatively reinforced by this bitter taste and will stop this biting behavior altogether.

What happens if a 2 month old puppy bites you?

For the most part, the biting behavior of a 2-month-old puppy is not that dangerous especially if it is vaccinated well and bites you or other surfaces only as an act of playfulness.

However, if your 2-month-old puppy bites you out of anger, aggression, or anxiety, then it can possess some danger, and then you need to teach your 2 month old puppy to learn to control its biting tendency with appropriate techniques.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, you should always train your 2-month-old puppies’ biting behavior so that any kind of unwanted situation can’t occur. This is why you have to make sure to provide proper socialization processes, inhibition training, command, praise, and so on to deter your 2-month-old puppy from biting.